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  1. Cherished, fawn: D

  2. Naked, ursine: B

  3. Expire, tint: D

  4. Expected, water drops: D

  5. False, enemy: F

  6. Abandon, pie: D

  7. Liberal, hairpiece: W

  8. Attractive, carriage: H

  9. Repulsive, small bottle: V


  1. Dear, deer

  2. Bare, bear

  3. Die, dye

  4. Due, dew

  5. Faux, foe

  6. Desert, dessert

  7. Whig, wig

  8. Handsome, hansom

  9. Vile, vial

Weekend on 03/16/2017

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Homophones


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