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Friday, August 18, 2017, 3:09 p.m.


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DEAR ABBY: Man questions his dating style after being cheated on twice

posted: 08/18/2017 1 a.m. Discuss

DEAR ABBY: I have been in two relationships. The first was with a girl a couple of years older than I am. We were together for several years before she cheated on me and dumped me. I was crushed. The next girl was a few years younger. She did the same thing after we were together a year.

Dear Abby: With twins on the way, man still refuses to buy a ring

posted: 08/17/2017 1 a.m. Discuss

Dear Abby: I have been with my boyfriend for three years. I am pregnant with twins, and we already have a son together. His daughter lives with us as well.

DEAR ABBY: Unapologetic mother continues affair with married boyfriend

posted: 08/16/2017 1 a.m. Discuss

DEAR ABBY: My mother is dating a married man, and this is not the first time. While I love her, I don't think what she's doing is right.

DEAR ABBY: Husband gives up smoking, but his drinking persists

posted: 08/14/2017 1 a.m. Discuss

DEAR ABBY: I am married to a great guy. We've been together 27 years, so I know him well. He recently stopped smoking after 30 years of nicotine addiction. He did it cold turkey, and he's been smoke-free for three months now. I'm proud of him and tell him so.

Dear Abby: 'Geezer' has 91 years of life and lessons to offer young

posted: 08/13/2017 2:02 a.m. Discuss

DEAR ABBY: I'm 91. I have outlived many of my longtime friends. In my address book I counted 22 pals whose names I have crossed out after they died. These were people we danced, dined and traveled with. Only five members of the old gang are left, but they've all dispersed. Making new friends is difficult for people our age because we are not out and about as much.

DEAR ABBY: Plans for happy future are upset by return of old rival

posted: 08/12/2017 1 a.m. Discuss

DEAR ABBY: I had a baby girl with my longtime best friend, "Adam." "April" is now 3 weeks old. I thought everything would be OK as co-parents because, even though we're not together, we get along and almost never fight.

DEAR ABBY: Mom wants daughter to focus on school, not dad's tattoos

posted: 08/10/2017 1 a.m. Discuss

DEAR ABBY: My 22-year-old son is going to visit his father and get his third tattoo. I don't like it, but I can't control my son. He's an adult. His father is retired and lives on his wife's pension. It is my understanding that they are wealthy.

DEAR ABBY: Woman's dangerous dating habits frighten her friend

posted: 08/09/2017 1 a.m. Discuss

DEAR ABBY: I'm worried about a close friend I have known for about 10 years. She's well-educated, independent and family-oriented. She has been online dating for quite a while and continually meets guys who have criminal backgrounds.

DEAR ABBY: Gym client vents her anger at bad-mouthing by trainer

posted: 08/08/2017 1 a.m. Discuss

DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend and I work out at the same gym. Over the past several months it has gotten back to me that one of the trainers, "Bob," has been talking negatively about me to some of the other members.

DEAR ABBY: Man seems to be a friend only when he needs a hand

posted: 08/07/2017 1 a.m. Discuss

DEAR ABBY: My husband has been so-called friends with a man I'll call "Roy" for almost 30 years. During the 23 years I have been in the picture, I have noticed their friendship seems one-sided.

DEAR ABBY: Teen draws fire from mom for tossing out 'keepsakes'

posted: 08/06/2017 1:59 a.m. Discuss

DEAR ABBY: I've been trying to declutter and get rid of things, but my mother scolds me for getting rid of sentimental items and sends them back to my room. There are clothes that haven't fit me for years, old trinkets, even gift boxes she won't let me dispose of or donate. I would just take care of it myself, but she works from home and analyzes my every move.

DEAR ABBY: Abusive adoptive mother has no right to daughter's money

posted: 08/05/2017 1 a.m. Discuss

DEAR ABBY: I need your advice. I am 41 years old and was adopted at birth. I was raised by an unloving woman who was emotionally, verbally and physically abusive. I persevered, worked hard, and now have a loving husband and a beautiful son. We live a comfortable and peaceful life.

DEAR ABBY: Woman feels steamrollered by in-laws in her own home

posted: 08/04/2017 1 a.m. Discuss

DEAR ABBY: My in-laws live in an apartment above our garage. It wasn't my idea. It was a compromise with my husband.

DEAR ABBY: Man's silence about past therapy distances fiancee

posted: 08/03/2017 1 a.m. Discuss

DEAR ABBY: My fiance and I have been together for four years. We live together. Recently, I was talking to him about mental health and the benefits of therapy, which I firmly support. He said he thinks it's a waste of time. When I asked why, he replied that it hadn't worked for him. I asked what he meant by that (I wasn't aware that he had ever even been in therapy), and he said he went when he was 12 or 13.

DEAR ABBY: Wife decries kissing cousin's return to family gatherings

posted: 08/02/2017 1 a.m. Discuss

DEAR ABBY: When my husband and I were dating, he told me that he'd had a consensual sexual relationship with his cousin, "Irma." He said they were in their early 20s and very immature. They parted ways because they both knew it was wrong, and Irma moved to another state. He told me so one day I wouldn't be blindsided should we ever be married.






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