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Friday, March 23, 2018, 10:12 a.m.


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Special Events: Six ways Arkansans can make the most of dwindling spring break

posted: 03/22/2018 4:30 a.m. Discuss

Spring break is winding down and that may leave many parents thinking: "What in the world are we going to do with the last few days before school starts again?"

REVIEW: Abbi's in Hillcrest perfect spot for tea

posted: 03/22/2018 4:30 a.m. Discuss

You walk through the door, step on a creaky floorboard and hear a bright "Hi! Can I make you a cup of tea?"

Are We There Yet?: ARKANSAS TRAVEL: Stop the car! There's an Auto Museum in Texarkana

posted: 03/22/2018 4:30 a.m. Discuss

The 222 million Americans with a driver's license operate roughly 269 million motor vehicles. Those high-octane statistics reflect our love affair with automobiles, in Arkansas and across the nation, since the earliest motoring days in the 1890s.


posted: 03/22/2018 1:57 a.m. Discuss


Fast Forward

posted: 03/22/2018 1:50 a.m. Discuss


The TV Column: Friends take on high school, cancer in new show

posted: 03/22/2018 1:49 a.m. Discuss

If you ever wondered what the kids are watching these days, just check Netflix. Here's your chance to be the cool aunt or uncle by getting in on the ground floor of a promising new series.


posted: 03/22/2018 1:48 a.m. Discuss

Events are free unless otherwise noted.

MercyMe, Godsmack tickets on sale Friday

posted: 03/22/2018 1:48 a.m. Discuss

Tickets -- $23-$68 plus service charges -- go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday for MercyMe's "The Imagine Nation Tour" concert, with Tenth Avenue North, 6 p.m. Oct. 28 at North Little Rock's Verizon Arena. There is an eight-ticket limit per household. The tour is tied to the current film I Can Only Imagine, based on the life of MercyMe frontman Bart Millard, who wrote the song of that title after his father's death from cancer.

Artbeat: Backbending work went into artist Strause's 'New Rules'

posted: 03/22/2018 1:46 a.m. Discuss

Little Rock artist Katherine Strause takes viewers of her new solo exhibition, "New Rules," at Central Library's Cox Center, through myriad emotions -- the gleeful abandon of girls and women doing backbends, the exhaustion of marathon dancers, the nostalgic glow of the fair and friendship, and the fear and outrage that inhabit the powerful, charged Arrest.

Music Scene: N.C. singer-songwriter Caleb Caudle plays LR

posted: 03/22/2018 1:46 a.m. Discuss

Caleb Caudle will perform at 9 p.m. today at White Water Tavern in Little Rock. Admission is $7.

Tell Me About It: Practice kindness, avoid generalities to find nice dates

posted: 03/22/2018 1:44 a.m. Discuss

Carolyn Hax is away. The following first appeared on Nov. 13, 2003.

Helpful Hints

posted: 03/22/2018 1:44 a.m. Discuss

DEAR READERS: Just wondering: Do you wash your dishes by hand, or do you use your dishwasher? Here are some hints about dishwashing:

Horoscopes by Holiday

posted: 03/22/2018 1:43 a.m. Discuss

Happy birthday. Your popularity surges this solar return. People feel your genuine interest in them and will move in closer to your warmth. This favorably affects your personal life and business life, too. Your family will grow in June. One particular talent comes to the fore, and you'll cash in handsomely with it in September.

Super Quiz: Rock

posted: 03/22/2018 1:43 a.m. Discuss

1. Traditional site of the Mayflower Pilgrims' landing

REVIEW + PHOTOS: Jon Bon Jovi charmed sold out crowd at Verizon

updated: 03/21/2018 12:10 p.m. Discuss

“We’ve got a lot of catching up to do,” singer Jon Bon Jovi told Tuesday night’s sell-out crowd of 13,399 at North Little Rock’s Verizon Arena, where he last performed in 2013.






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