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Tuesday, September 02, 2014, 4:23 p.m.
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posted: 08/30/2014 2:11 a.m. Discuss

Q I have three miniature gardenia bushes that are blooming for the second time. I have been around gardenias all my life and have never known gardenias to bloom twice. We have had these shrubs for about five years, and they have never done this before. Do you suppose the weird weather we have been having has caused this? Or is it that there are some varieties of miniature gardenias that bloom twice?

Happy, hardy houseplants

posted: 08/30/2014 1:58 a.m. Discuss

So you've heard all the good things about the benefits of houseplants -- increased oxygen and humidity levels, improved air quality, stress reduction, improved aesthetics -- and you think you'd like to finally ditch your dusty silk plants and give their real counterparts a try.

Otus the Head Cat: 'Louie, Louie' lyrics safe for 14-year-old to learn

posted: 08/30/2014 1:56 a.m. Discuss

Dear Otus, Our 14-year-old recently spent his summer lawn mowing money on a used electric guitar, which is a good thing because it keeps him away from the Internet, the devil's playground.

Click & Clack's Car Talk

posted: 08/30/2014 1:55 a.m. Discuss

DEAR TOM AND RAY: I have a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica Touring with 39,000 miles on it. The car apparently uses oil without smoking or leaking. What could it be?

House won't crumble if space is repurposed

posted: 08/30/2014 1:55 a.m. Discuss

How would you use your home if you didn't know what the rooms were designed to be? Some would be easy to figure out, but what about all those other boxes?

Experts give advice to buy, place, water

posted: 08/30/2014 1:54 a.m. Discuss

A few tips for new houseplant owners:

Novices should avoid houseplant divas

posted: 08/30/2014 1:53 a.m. Discuss

As with some people, good looks can come with higher maintenance requirements in the plant world. So what are the plants you, as a beginner, might want to save for Houseplants 201?

Excess this, lack of that are plants' worst foes

posted: 08/30/2014 1:53 a.m. Discuss

A myth embraced here, a common mistake made there, can make houseplant cultivation a short-lived pastime for the inexperienced.

Super Quiz: "F" people

posted: 08/30/2014 1:51 a.m. Discuss

She wrote a famous diary.

Personal Space

posted: 08/30/2014 1:51 a.m. Discuss

Denise Hanson

Tools and Toys

posted: 08/30/2014 1:50 a.m. Discuss

Kitty Connection

Horoscopes by Holiday

posted: 08/30/2014 1:49 a.m. Discuss

Happy birthday. Excitement will build over the next two months to an epic event in November. Next month you'll solve a financial problem once and for all. October opens a new chapter in your love life. The children in your family make you proud in January. Explore new talents in April -- you're a natural.

Helpful Hints

posted: 08/30/2014 1:48 a.m. Discuss

DEAR HELOISE: Do you have any hints for drying flowers? My daughter's wedding is coming up, and I would love to save her bouquet for her.

On Christianity

posted: 08/30/2014 1:48 a.m. Discuss

DEAR REV. GRAHAM: How much money does God expect us to give to our church and to other groups that are doing good things? We aren't wealthy by any measure, and frankly I can't imagine that the little amount we give does much good.

Ask the Expert

posted: 08/30/2014 1:47 a.m. Discuss

I want to keep my home safe and remove hazards but I'm not sure what I may be overlooking. Apart from the obvious precautions of keeping matches, lighters and poisonous household cleaners out of the reach of children, making sure the stairs are well lighted and having working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, what else should I do?


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