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Thursday, August 27, 2015, 4:30 p.m.
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The big brass

posted: 08/22/2015 1:52 a.m. Discuss

Brass is back.

Personal Space

posted: 08/22/2015 1:50 a.m. Discuss

Bev Foster Where I live: downtown Little Rock.

In the Garden

posted: 08/22/2015 1:48 a.m. Discuss

Q About 10 years ago, I planted nearly 100 surprise lilies in my yard, and they have bloomed beautifully every year since -- until this year. In the spring, the leaves came up and grew quite well. They were taller and fuller than ever before. But now, I've only got about 10 blooms total. Where did the flowers go? Are the plants dead, or will they come up next year (and, hopefully, bloom)?

Ask the Expert

posted: 08/22/2015 1:47 a.m. Discuss

I am ready to start shopping for a house. I was wondering if there were some things, financially speaking, that I should avoid doing during this time period.

Tools & Toys

posted: 08/22/2015 1:47 a.m. Discuss

iHome Power Clip CT4012 What's to love: A compact, portable backup battery you can clip to a backpack or purse or carry in a pocket.

Otus the Head Cat: Lawn green with envy? The ‘doctor’ must be in

posted: 08/22/2015 1:46 a.m. Discuss

Dear Otus, I'm so distraught, I don't know what to do. I want desperately to be a good citizen and neighbor, but I'm now afraid to go out of my house.

Car Talk

posted: 08/22/2015 1:44 a.m. Discuss

DEAR CAR TALK: With all these things we are plugging into our lighter sockets these days -- phone charger, GPS, radar detector, you name it -- we end up with these lighter-socket plugs sitting there all the time with glowing LEDs on them. My question is: Do these LEDs draw enough current to pose a threat to my battery's life? Should I be pulling them out every time I leave the car overnight? I do that now, but it is a pain for sure. What do you think?

Make guest room more inviting

posted: 08/22/2015 1:43 a.m. Discuss

Guest bedrooms in many homes are discarded spaces. Sometimes they are filled with clutter and only cleared just hours before a guest arrives, while in other instances, guest bedrooms are left dark and empty, a shrine to the guest who shows up once or twice a year. Guest bedrooms serve as a welcome message to your guests and should be treated as an opportunity to welcome your guests in style.

Mixing metals easy with tips

posted: 08/22/2015 1:43 a.m. Discuss

Want to incorporate brass or other gold metal pieces into your decor, but feeling timid? Here are some tips.

Four things to think about before using gravel

posted: 08/22/2015 1:42 a.m. Discuss

There was a time when the only gravel gardens were in the desert. In lands of little rain where soils are porous and well drained, this surfacing material has proved highly successful. Problems arise when this solution is applied to other locations and climates that are not as compatible with the technique. With gravel proving popular in contemporary landscape design, there are a few caveats to consider before you select it as a lawn substitute.

Helpful Hints

posted: 08/22/2015 1:41 a.m. Discuss

DEAR HELOISE: I've fostered dogs and cats, and it's so rewarding! It's a commitment, but is worth it to save a deserving animal that otherwise might be euthanized.

Horoscopes by Holiday

posted: 08/22/2015 1:40 a.m. Discuss

Happy birthday. The beauty you bring to your home will transcend it. A secret aspiration for your personal life will come to be in September. You'll adventure with a special someone in October. Loyalty matters to you. When friends go through changes in 2016, you'll be right alongside them. Bonus money will come in May. Aries and Gemini people adore you.

On Christianity

posted: 08/22/2015 1:40 a.m. Discuss

DEAR REV. GRAHAM: I used to believe that if we just worked hard enough and tried to understand each other, we'd make the world a peaceful place, but I'm not so sure anymore. Does the Bible give us any hope for a better world?

Super Quiz: U.S. Magazines

posted: 08/22/2015 1:39 a.m. Comment 1

1. It waits for no man

Personal Space Northwest Arkansas

posted: 08/22/2015 1 a.m. Discuss

Suzanne Slinkard Lentz Where I live: My house is on a hill in a small neighborhood in Prairie Grove. I am just a few blocks from the historic Prairie Grove Battlefield Park and the quaint downtown shopping district.




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