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Sunday, November 29, 2015, 5:06 p.m.
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Hillary Rodham Clinton
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Ex-president hits fundraising trail

posted: 11/27/2015 3:22 a.m. Comment 1

Former President Bill Clinton is going on a fundraising swing reminiscent of his presidential campaigns of the 1990s.

U.S. troops in Syria get no from Clinton

posted: 11/20/2015 3:43 a.m. Comment 1

Hillary Rodham Clinton vowed Thursday to keep U.S. troops out of Syria, saying in a foreign-policy address that she would resist sending forces to fight Islamic State militants even if there were an attack within the U.S.

Clinton Foundation amends tax returns to reflect government payments

posted: 11/18/2015 2 p.m. Comment 1

The Little Rock-based Clinton Foundation has released four years of amended tax returns now showing how much money the charity received in payments from governments.

Clinton camp defends reference to 9/11

posted: 11/16/2015 5:45 a.m. Comment 1

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign on Sunday defended her donations from Wall Street by saying she worked to help the financial sector rebuild after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and sought to address the abuses that led to an economic crisis.

Nominees put on hold in Clinton email dispute

posted: 11/12/2015 4:09 a.m. Discuss

A Republican committee chairman is using one of the tools of the Senate to try to extract information from the State Department related to Hillary Rodham Clinton's email practices, prompting complaints from Senate Democrats.

Clinton proposes reclassifying 'pot' for medical study

posted: 11/08/2015 3:41 a.m. Discuss

ORANGEBURG, S.C. -- Hillary Rodham Clinton has long declined to endorse legalized medical or recreational marijuana at the federal level, but on Saturday she added more specifics to her proposal to increase research into medical marijuana.

Clinton fans a wide-ranging group, new emails show

updated: 10/31/2015 3:43 a.m. Comments 3

WASHINGTON -- A new batch of Hillary Rodham Clinton's emails released Friday presented a glimpse into the breadth of her personal network -- a Rolodex of celebrities, chief executive officers, political advisers and politicians.

New batch of Hillary Clinton's emails released

posted: 10/30/2015 5:52 p.m. Discuss

WASHINGTON — A new batch of Hillary Rodham Clinton's emails released Friday presented a glimpse into the breadth of her personal network — a Rolodex of celebrities, CEOs, political advisers and politicians that she's now tapping for her presidential campaign.

Boosters' new site talks up Clinton

posted: 10/26/2015 5:45 a.m. Comments 2

WASHINGTON -- A pro-Hillary Rodham Clinton website being launched today highlights the Democratic presidential candidate's time in Arkansas and will be using dozens of state residents to help tell the story.

Benghazi panel's Democrats stay

updated: 10/24/2015 3:10 a.m. Comments 7

WASHINGTON -- Democrats on the House Benghazi committee said Friday that they are staying -- for now -- on the Republican-led panel, despite calling it a "fishing expedition to derail" Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential bid.

Clinton, GOP clash in day on Benghazi

posted: 10/23/2015 5:45 a.m. Gallery Comments 24

WASHINGTON -- Hillary Rodham Clinton on Thursday defended her actions as secretary of state during the 2012 terrorists attacks in Benghazi, Libya, as she testified for a special House committee hearing that lasted 11 hours.

Clinton defends herself on Benghazi as GOP probes her record

updated: 10/22/2015 1:07 p.m. Comments 13

WASHINGTON — Hillary Rodham Clinton defended her record before, during and after the Benghazi attacks as she came face-to-face Thursday with the Republican-led special investigation of the 2012 violence in Libya.

Panel to query Clinton today

posted: 10/22/2015 3:44 a.m. Discuss

As the House Select Committee on Benghazi prepares to question former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today on the 2012 attacks in Libya, Republicans say they plan to focus on facts and new information during what is expected to be a lengthy testimony.

Clinton well ahead in race for donations

updated: 10/17/2015 3:12 a.m. Discuss

WASHINGTON -- Hillary Rodham Clinton has outraised her fellow Democratic candidates in the 2016 campaign and has collected more big-dollar contributions than any other candidate in either party in 26 states.

Clinton debate showing gnaws at GOP

updated: 10/15/2015 3:38 a.m. Comment 1

Hillary Rodham Clinton's performance in the first Democratic debate is seen as serving as a warning to the Republican field about her strength in a general election.




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