Updated 12:00 a.m., Thu February 16, 2017
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Seedless raisins were added atop the cinnamon sugar before the dough was rolled up.

Guilt-free indulgence

Healthy alternative to the classic sticky bun will make morning sweet

Valentine’s Day is barely over. A month and a half after the holidays, we have finished another round of indulging ourselves with too much rich or sugary food. As a result, I know many people are now trying to recommit to their New Year’s resolutions to eat more healthfully. And yet, here comes one more of what sometimes seems to be an endless parade of temptations: The food industry has declared Feb. 21 as National Sticky Bun Day, as i... READ MORE

Creme of the crop: Impress your sweetheart with the ultimate chocolate ‘pudding’ By WOLFGANG PUCK

In recent years, many fans of fine restaurants have become familiar with the French-style dessert known as a pot de creme — literally a little “pot of cream.” You may sometimes hear this sweet treat described as a kind of chocolate pudding, but to me there is no comparison.