Updated 12:00 a.m., Thu May 19, 2016
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Tart Meyer lemons balance the sweetness of this chiffon cake.

Cosmic cake

Sweet success could start the great chiffon revolution

By Tami Weiser/TheKitchn.com

Chiffon cakes are, as the originator Harry Baker opined, “something cosmic.” A chiffon cake is in the family of aerated, egg-based foam cakes — like sponges and angel food cakes — all sky-high and light. With the addition of oil, a chiffon cake bakes up into one of the most versatile cakes in the baking repertoire. They’re great with a simple glaze; they can be cut in half and filled with flavored whipped cream, mascarpone or custard; o... READ MORE

Cod fillets convenient for family dinner, entertaining By WOLFGANG PUCK

When people hear the term “convenience food,” all too often, their minds turn to something you probably shouldn’t be eating but have to because of limited time. It could be frozen or canned food, or maybe something picked up from the prepared foods section of your supermarket, like a whole rotisserie chicken or some sort of soup that has been kept hot for hours in a big vat. Or maybe it’s take-out burgers or other fast food.