Updated 12:00 a.m., Thu September 21, 2017
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Core and peel the apples before making the pies.

Fall into apples

Welcome autumn with my recipe for individual apple pies

We’re just days away from the beginning of autumn on the calendar, even though the warm days of Indian summer that arrive with fall and often stay through October can sometimes make us feel like the season hasn’t changed yet. Still, I don’t usually rely on the calendar or the weather to tell me what season it is. One stroll through the farmers market, and I know fall is here. Apples are beginning to fill the stalls. And that means my ch... READ MORE

Asian flavors and Western cooking techniques join forces WOLFGANG PUCK/TRIBUNE CONTENT AGENCY

In 1983, after opening my restaurant Chinois on Main in Santa Monica, California, I was proud to play a part in the culinary revolution known as Asian fusion. That term refers to combining traditional Asian ingredients, recipes and cooking techniques with those of other cuisines, particularly Western ones. At Chinois, our Asian fusion naturally placed a special emphasis on California cuisine, with its celebration of local in-season ingr...