Updated 12:00 a.m., Thu September 22, 2016
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Browning the chicken skin-down results in a nice golden color after finishing it in the oven skin-up.

Getting better

Pan-roasted chicken shows how recipes can evolve with time

It seems to me sometimes that too many people treat recipes like scientific formulas to be followed precisely. But that isn’t how I love to cook, or how I hope fans of my cookbooks or online cooking school will treat my recipes. Great recipes are living things. Most of them can be changed in an instant, based on what’s in season or good in the market, how ingredients are responding as you cook them, and whatever whim might strike you. T... READ MORE

Shrimp starter: Autumn app rich in flavor, light on calories By WOLFGANG PUCK

The first day of autumn is a week away, and the thoughts of many enthusiastic home cooks are beginning to shift from outdoor to indoor entertaining. It’s a great time of year for dinner parties, too, with the evenings closing in while the frenzy of holiday parties is still mercifully more than two months away.