Updated 12:00 a.m., Thu August 25, 2016

Saucy summer

Recipes for the height of tomato season

Wolfgang Puck/Tribune Content Agency

Now is the time of summer when, everywhere you turn, it seems that fresh sun-ripened tomatoes are plentifully in sight. Farmers-market stands are piled high with them, from big beefsteak tomatoes to all sizes, shapes and colors of heirloom varieties to tiny cherry tomatoes. Home gardens, too, are filled with tomato plants supported by cages or trellises and heavily weighted down with crops just begging to be picked. So, what do you do ... READ MORE

Make this dinner with less than 10 minutes of stove time By WOLFGANG PUCK

Even people who love to cook may find themselves shying away from the stove in mid-August. When temperatures soar, and humidity isn’t far behind, who wants to put up with the heat of the kitchen?