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Updated 8:31 a.m., Mon March 23, 2015

Ethan Edwards

Greenbrier Student of the Year makes the grade

As the only child of two educators, Greenbrier High School senior Ethan Edwards didn’t have much choice but to be a good student, and he’s thankful for that now. “Having a B was not good. I couldn’t really comprehend that when I was growing up, and it kind of hit me in ninth or 10th grade: ‘Oh, I’m glad they’ve been like that all this time — it’s really going to help me out with future things.’” He’s got a great start on that future. Ed... READ MORE

Alan Roberson: Newly appointed sheriff: ‘It’s an honor’ By TAMMY KEITH

Cleburne County Sheriff Alan Roberson has killed two men during his 26-year tenure in law enforcement. He’s neither ashamed nor proud — it’s a somber possibility that comes with the job, he said.