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Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun April 26, 2015

Madeline Brindley

Father’s drowning prompts teen to educate others

Madeline Brindley of Conway was 6 years old when her father died after trying to rescue a drowning man at the beach, and when she grew up, water safety became her passion. The 18-year-old made water safety her platform two years ago when she entered — and won — her first pageant. She won the Miss Outstanding Teen pageant, and she’s the reigning Miss Teen Conway International. A week ago, she was second runner-up in the Miss Teen Arkansa... READ MORE

Jean Beisenstein: Lakefront allure brings snowbird south to life of quilting, gardening

Wisconsin native Jean Beisenstein said her husband jokes that they ended up in Tumbling Shoals 19 years ago because she saw a little quilt shop up the road.