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Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun October 16, 2016
PHOTO BY: Courtesy of the Arkansas History Commission

This is a passenger-pigeon illustration from Historic Arkansas. In the early 1800s, passenger pigeons probably were the most common birds in Arkansas, numbering in the millions. By 1914, the species was extinct, a victim of unregulated hunting.

And then there were none

The sad story of the passenger pigeon

Keith Sutton/Contributing Writer

In the early 1800s, passenger pigeons were the most common birds on Earth, numbering in the billions. They were beautiful, streamlined creatures with slate-blue heads and wine-colored breasts, as large as crows and incredibly swift and graceful flyers. They nested from the Canadian provinces to Kansas, Kentucky and New York, and wintered in several Southern states, including Arkansas. The stories told about the once vast numbers of thes... READ MORE

Twice-barrel shotguns: Why double-barrels are the favorites of many hunters KEITH SUTTON/CONTRIBUTING WRITER

Some bird hunters and small-game enthusiasts view shotguns as nothing more than tools. For them, a gun is made to load, shoot and kill game — nothing more, nothing less. As long as the gun functions mechanically, it will serve its purpose.