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Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun August 21, 2016
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Common carp can reach exceptional sizes, like this 43-pounder caught by Texas angler Al St. Cyr. Arkansas’ state-record carp, from Lake Hamilton, weighed a whopping 53 pounds.

Consider the carp

Abundant fish in state highly valued in other parts of the world

Keith Sutton/Contributing Writer

Have you ever intentionally caught a carp? That may seem like a ridiculous question to an angler in Arkansas, where carp are considered “trash fish.” In much of Europe and Asia, however, carp are highly prized sport and table fish. Why do anglers look down on a fish valued by millions of anglers across the ocean? Why do fishermen grimace at the thought of eating a fish still meticulously prepared by chefs in the finest European restaura... READ MORE

Summertime walleye: Five tips for having success in Arkansas By KEITH SUTTON

Relatively few Arkansas anglers fish for them, but walleyes are quite abundant in many Natural State lakes and streams. Lakes with healthy populations include Greers Ferry, Norfork, Bull Shoals, Ouachita, Beaver, DeGray, Catherine, Hamilton, Blue Mountain, Hinkle, Greeson, Dierks and Gillham. Good river fishing can be found in the Arkansas and upper White rivers, along with the Eleven Point, Fourche la Fave, Strawberry, Petit Jean, Cad...