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Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun July 15, 2018

Cicada sounds are the love songs of summer

Have you ever collected cicada shells? Fifty years ago, my childhood friends and I did. We would be outdoors playing tag or hide-and-seek, or digging worms for fish bait, and someone would issue the challenge: “Let’s see how many locust shells we can find.” Then off we’d go to search the trunk of every tree for the shed skins of cicadas, or locusts, as we knew them. It was rare to actually see one of the big bugs shedding its hard outer... READ MORE

Fish around cypress trees for hot summer bass action By KEITH SUTTON

Cypress trees and largemouth bass go together like crappie and brush piles. It is fortunate for the thousands of us who love bass fishing, then, that the bald cypress, a beautiful tree of sometimes immense proportions, grows in lakes, rivers and bayous throughout much of Arkansas.