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Updated 2:25 a.m., Sun August 23, 2015
PHOTO BY: Keith Sutton/Contributing Photographer

Many people go fishing with one primary thought in mind: to catch a mess of fresh fish for the dinner table.

Fish? For many outdoorsmen, it’s what’s for supper

Keith Sutton/Contributing Writer

Many people go fishing for the thrill of the catch or a peaceful escape. That’s true for me and my family, too. But the main reason we go fishing is because we like to eat fish. And the fish we prefer are those we’ve caught ourselves, fresh from our favorite fishing holes. Many physicians recommend eating fish at least twice a week. Those species we catch in Arkansas are a lean, healthy source of protein, and oily kinds, such as trout, ... READ MORE

Shhh, listen up: I’ve got some summertime fishing secrets for you By KEITH SUTTON

Everyone has secrets. But good anglers, it seems, keep more than their fair share. The friendly competitive nature of fishing makes it so. Every fisherman wants to “one-up” his buddies in the catching department, so when a great fish-catching tactic is discovered, the angler keeps it confidential.