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Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun November 27, 2016

Taking notes

An outdoor journal preserves memories

It doesn’t look like much of a book. The tattered pages are dog-eared and yellow. The scribbling inside is hard to read beneath streaks of dirt and faded ink. The stories the book contains are pretty drab stuff. Nevertheless, it is the most precious book in my library. It is a book of travel and adventure, a book of love, joy and sadness. Inside are treasured memories, a chronicle of triumphs and disappointments, a recital of feelings a... READ MORE

Waterfowl hunting: It’s more than just mallards in Arkansas By KEITH SUTTON

If you listen to some waterfowlers, you might get the idea that mallards are the only ducks found in Arkansas. There’s no disputing the fact that these beautiful birds, which winter by the millions in our state, are the favorites of Natural State hunters. Most ducks killed here each year are this species, and many hunters never pursue other types of waterfowl.