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Pedestrian critical after being hit by police vehicle in Little Rock

Tuesday, January 17, 2017, 10:12 p.m.


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Arkansas congressman renews push so state taxes can tap online sales

posted: 01/17/2017 5:45 a.m. Comments 12

WASHINGTON -- U.S. Rep. Steve Womack says legislation will be introduced this year to make it easier for states to collect taxes on Internet sales that are owed by consumers but typically go unpaid.

On King day, Trump, icon's son have talk

posted: 01/17/2017 5:45 a.m. Discuss

WASHINGTON -- President-elect Donald Trump on Monday met with the eldest son of Martin Luther King Jr. on the holiday devoted to the civil-rights icon, moving to reach out to members of the black community who have been alarmed by his rhetoric and his policy positions.

EU leaders study options after Trump alarms bloc

posted: 01/17/2017 5:45 a.m. Comment 1

BRUSSELS -- European leaders said Monday that they may have to stand alone without the United States once Donald Trump enters office, raising the prospect of an unprecedented breach in trans-Atlantic relations after Trump's comments that the European Union is bound for a breakup and that NATO is obsolete.

10 at Guantanamo sent to Oman

updated: 01/17/2017 2:38 a.m. Discuss

WASHINGTON -- With days left in President Barack Obama's administration, the United States has sent 10 more lower-level detainees from the wartime prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to Oman, and lawyers for two more who are on a list of those recommended for transfer are urgently asking a court to send them home, as well.

Cartels reactivate known border tunnels

posted: 01/17/2017 2:37 a.m. Discuss

SAN DIEGO -- Mexican drug cartels have burrowed dozens of tunnels in the past decade, outfitted them with rail and cart systems to whisk drugs under the U.S. border and, after being discovered by authorities, abandoned them.

Agriculture chief resigns; no Trump nominee yet

updated: 01/17/2017 2:36 a.m. Discuss

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has left his post a week early with no immediate replacement in sight.

Interior pick fudges Seal episode, 2 say

posted: 01/17/2017 2:35 a.m. Discuss

In his successful runs for state senator in Montana and then for Congress, Rep. Ryan Zinke has promoted his 23-year career in the Navy SEALs as one of his main credentials, going so far as to put the SEALs' Trident symbol on his campaign bus.

Obama to grant final wave of drug clemencies

updated: 01/17/2017 2:34 a.m. Discuss

Justice Department officials have completed their review of more than 16,000 clemency petitions filed by federal prisoners over the past two years and sent their last recommendations to President Barack Obama, who is set to grant hundreds more commutations to nonviolent drug offenders during his final days in office.

D.C. abuzz for inaugural, next-day rally

updated: 01/17/2017 2:30 a.m. Discuss

WASHINGTON -- Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to clog the nation's capital for Donald Trump's inauguration and a major demonstration the day after. How many will actually arrive to party or protest is an open question.

The nation in brief

updated: 01/17/2017 4:18 a.m. Discuss

Orlando shooter’s wife detained by FBI

Justices to take up offensive trademarks

updated: 01/17/2017 3:46 a.m. Discuss

WASHINGTON -- The Slants aren't exactly a household name when it comes to music, but the rock band has certainly made its mark in the legal world.

CIA director blasts Trump over Russians; president-elect’s impulsivity dangerous, Brennan warns

posted: 01/16/2017 5:45 a.m. Comments 23

NEW YORK -- The outgoing CIA director said Sunday that Donald Trump lacks a full understanding of the threat Moscow poses to the United States, delivering a public lecture to the president-elect that further highlighted the state of Trump's relations with American intelligence agencies.

Trump's inaugural draws big donors

posted: 01/16/2017 5:45 a.m. Comments 10

WASHINGTON -- When Donald Trump strides onto the inaugural ballroom floor this week after his swearing-in as president, he will have corporate America and many of its titans to thank for the festive greeting.

AG Lynch says 'We still face head winds'

posted: 01/16/2017 5:45 a.m. Comments 2

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- Attorney General Loretta Lynch, in her final speech as head of the Justice Department, praised the work of the Obama administration to advance the dream of justice and said worries of difficult days ahead should be a call for action, not despair.

Cubans at U.S. border weigh detention risk

posted: 01/16/2017 2:50 a.m. Discuss

LAREDO, Texas -- Alberto Rafael Ramirez, a former bus driver, put a cigarette in his mouth and passed two others to friends as they paced, pondering whether they should surrender to U.S. immigration agents and risk months of detention for the chance of winning asylum in the United States.






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