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Wednesday, October 26, 2016, 2:58 a.m.
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Black Plague

posted: 10/23/2016 2:08 a.m. Discuss

Imagine that half to three-fourths of everyone you know--including members of your family--has died. This was life in Middle Ages Europe during the dark times of the Black Plague.

Column One: Clean up your language

posted: 10/23/2016 2:06 a.m. Comments 4

It seems so long ago now that Kingsley Amis said, "If there's one word that sums up everything that's gone wrong since the war, it's Workshop. After Youth, that is." How many dispiriting pairings of words have come along since Workshop? Now, instead of artists and makers, we have creative types. As if any 3-year-old weren't naturally creative. Once, we believed we had souls at the core of our being; now we are offered sexual identity. Once, we sought to conserve natural resources and curb pollution; now we ponder schemes to arrest climate change. And in place of good international relations, we seek world peace.

Populists unlikely to win

posted: 10/23/2016 2:05 a.m. Discuss

In a democracy, the people are the supreme arbiters, and their wisdom speaks through the electoral process. Such is the assumption on which the modern world has been built since God and monarchs began to fade from the scene. Lately, however, the wisdom of the people has felt a bit off-key. In one country after another, from the Philippines to the U.S., Hungary to India, the people have chosen to boost demagogues, not to mention serial gropers.

Be wary of Brexit optimism

posted: 10/23/2016 2:04 a.m. Discuss

Many of the prominent Conservative Party politicians who led the "leave" campaign in Britain's referendum on the European Union did so with good intentions. They argued that leaving the EU would allow Britain to escape growth-shackling European policies, freeing markets both internally and externally.

Why ranked-choice voting makes sense

posted: 10/23/2016 2:03 a.m. Discuss

Hillary Clinton campaigned recently in Florida with former Vice President Al Gore. The Clinton camp is hoping that showcasing the apostle of climate change will help Hillary persuade millennials to think cosmically on Nov. 8. It wants disaffected voters, particularly young progressive-minded Americans, to resist their inclination to vote for a third party or independent candidate.

Government non-management of wild horses

posted: 10/23/2016 2:03 a.m. Discuss

By law, the federal government is supposed to manage the wild horse population in the West. But what happens if, despite an overabundance of the beautiful beasts, the government does nothing about it? The official answer is not much, according to a federal appeals court that turned down Wyoming's challenge to federal inaction. The decision follows familiar principles of deference to agency action (or, in this case, inaction). But it leaves farmers or others negatively affected by the over-population with essentially no recourse, a result that seems at odds with the intent of the law.

No love lost

posted: 10/23/2016 2:02 a.m. Discuss

Forty-one years ago, 14 people gathered in a small room on California Boulevard in Fayetteville, Ark., for the wedding of an aspiring local politician and his law school sweetheart from up north. The bride was wearing a $53 dress bought at a local mall, the bridegroom the same suit in which he'd been seen in TV commercials when he ran unsuccessfully for U.S. Congress. He only owned one other suit.


posted: 10/23/2016 2:01 a.m. Discuss

1. TWO BY TWO by Nicholas Sparks. A man who became a single father when his marriage and business collapsed learns to take a chance on a new love.

Don't view Muslims as security risks

posted: 10/23/2016 2 a.m. Discuss

When Aliou Niasse, a Muslim immigrant from Senegal, noticed and reported smoke coming from a car parked in Times Square in May 2010, he prevented a terrorist attack and saved lives. Police were able to disarm a car bomb before it caused any casualties. Niasse was working as a street vendor, not an unusual job for a new immigrant in our country. "If I see a terrorist," he said then, "I am going to catch him before he runs away."

How to upgrade America's airports

posted: 10/23/2016 1:59 a.m. Discuss

It's the one opinion that Donald Trump and his opponents seem to share: America's airports are so bad, it's like "they're from a Third World country," as Trump said in the first debate. Vice President Joe Biden used the same phrase to describe New York's LaGuardia two years ago.

Social media in a nasty political season

posted: 10/23/2016 1:57 a.m. Comments 2

Somewhat against my better judgment, I have become fairly active on social media.

Editorial: Today's news quiz

posted: 10/23/2016 1:57 a.m. Discuss

Our thanks to less than alert readers who may have let some of these gems of rhetoric, both genuine and synthetic, get past them this election year. For instance, who said:

Columnists: Mule power

posted: 10/23/2016 1:56 a.m. Discuss

The good folks of Sulphur Rock in Independence County recently celebrated Trolley Car Days, a festival honoring America's last mule-powered streetcar service. Operating until 1926, the "bobtail street car" was a link to an earlier time and vivid testimony to the impact of rail transport in the development of Arkansas.

Kamikaze history

posted: 10/23/2016 1:56 a.m. Discuss

THE YOUNG men, and they were always young men, were brainwashed into thinking they had nothing to lose, nothing to live for, by their betters up the chain of command. Suicide, they were told, was honorable. As long as they took out as many Allies as possible. America and her uneasy and perhaps not always trustworthy friends were winning battle after battle, and maybe one day the war—and who would want to live to see that happen?

Columnists: Stop the hand-wringing

posted: 10/23/2016 1:55 a.m. Comments 7

Horrifying. A disqualifier. Political suicide.




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