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Friday, November 27, 2015, 11:15 a.m.
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Columnists: JUSTIN FOX: On your marks ... .

posted: 11/26/2015 2:40 a.m. Discuss

Going shopping tomorrow? That's still okay, I think. But Black Friday sure seems to have become unfashionable.

Columnists: GISSELA SANTACRUZ: No thanks, I'll pass

posted: 11/26/2015 2:39 a.m. Discuss

I'm a huge bargain hunter. Years as a single mom on a journalist's salary made me an expert at chasing good deals.

Guest writer: RANDY ZOOK: Leading from front

posted: 11/26/2015 2:39 a.m. Discuss

It isn't easy running a business. Markets go up and down, good people are hard to find, and competition is fierce in every sector. In a globalized world, American businesses are also fighting against foreign rivals, often paying pennies to their workers and propped up by government subsidies and worse.

JOHN BRUMMETT: Split the difference

posted: 11/26/2015 2:38 a.m. Comments 3

Conner Eldridge, 38 and a Davidson College graduate who is maybe a smidgen on the preppy side, visited with me for more than an hour Monday afternoon.


posted: 11/26/2015 2:38 a.m. Comment 1

Evil exists in world Re college students: So your concept of evil is somebody calling you a name. It seems you hate this country because you have been taught to do so. You probably would scoff at the idea of sacrificing to protect this evil country.


posted: 11/25/2015 2:54 a.m. Comments 3

The story got much clearer in the days after the attacks in Paris. As the story always seems to do as the days go by. In the first chaotic minutes of any attack, it's hard to know for certain what's happened, much less who's responsible and who's still at large. Who can make sense of things in the smoke with sirens, and people, wailing? We remember during the morning of one particular Tuesday in September back in the year of 2001, word spread that a car bomb had gone off at State in Washington, D.C., adding to the horrible news coming out of New York and Pennsylvania. And that particular story turned out not to be true at all.

Column: PAUL GREENBERG: The most American holiday

posted: 11/25/2015 2:53 a.m. Comment 1

As every well-trained Southerner knows, the first Thanksgiving was held in Virginia in 1619--at Berkeley Plantation outside Williamsburg, to be specific.

A broader terror battle

posted: 11/25/2015 2:52 a.m. Discuss

The attack and hostage-taking in Mali on Friday offer a grim reminder that terrorism is often rooted in local grievance. That's why fighting it requires not just military action, but broader efforts to bolster the legitimacy and effectiveness of weak states under siege.

JENNY WITTNER: Workers on Thanksgiving

posted: 11/25/2015 2:50 a.m. Comment 1

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may mean great deals for shoppers, but they can be a terrible deal for the millions of retail and warehouse workers who work long, unpredictable hours. Many stores even stay open on Thanksgiving, preventing workers from spending the holiday with families and friends.

BRENDA LOOPER: Lost in translation

posted: 11/25/2015 2:49 a.m. Comments 9

t's been a little while since the Word Nerd has taken over, and she gets a little testy when she doesn't get to pontificate. Since tomorrow's Thanksgiving, it's better to let her have the floor now so I can have a somewhat peaceful holiday.

REX NELSON: Thankful for Arkansas

posted: 11/25/2015 2:48 a.m. Discuss

As another Thanksgiving approaches, I'm thankful to live in a state like Arkansas. I'm thankful to live in a place where I can eat a turkey sandwich at the original Burge's in Lewisville, grab a plate lunch at the Pickens Store in Desha County, consume some buffalo ribs at the Lassis Inn in Little Rock, pig out at Jones Bar-B-Q in Marianna and have a Friday night catfish dinner at The Whippet in Prattsville.


posted: 11/25/2015 2:48 a.m. Comments 18

Will miss the paper I have been a faithful subscriber for over 30 years, but now I am in the process of moving to another state. How I will miss sections of the paper--and especially Brenda Looper's weekly columns! I always leave it to read last--to savor.

EDITORIAL: A disturbing poll

updated: 11/24/2015 4:26 a.m. Comments 12

What a shocking poll. And it has nothing at all to do with The Donald, Dr. Carson, or any of the other presidential hopefuls crowding your television sets.

PHILIP MARTIN: Explaining the campaign

posted: 11/24/2015 4:25 a.m. Comments 9

My mother doesn't like Donald Trump.

Editorial: Into the woods

posted: 11/24/2015 4:25 a.m. Discuss

The opening day of deer season, technically modern-gun deer season here in Arkansas, isn't just an annual holiday in these parts but so much more:




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