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Sunday, April 19, 2015, 4:11 p.m.
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An unhateful act

posted: 04/19/2015 1:48 a.m. Comments 3

Remember the New Mexico photographer who got sued after declining to photograph a lesbian couple's wedding, citing religious objections to same-sex marriage? Her name is Elaine Huguenin. In Slate, Mark Joseph Stern has branded her a "homophobe" and an "anti-gay bigot" whose actions sprung from hatred. (In fact, this is his blanket characterization of entrepreneurs in three cases, "a florist, a photographer, and a baker, who claimed their Christianity required that they deny service to gay couples." I focus on the photographer here because I have the most information on her case.)

Column One: The flood of 2016

posted: 04/19/2015 1:46 a.m. Comments 6

As a storm center moved through these Southern latitudes the other evening, it provided quite a light show. The firmament above overflowed, the rain gushed, zig-zags streaked the sky. And a bright metaphor struck, too--a description of an American presidential campaign coined by a French visitor to these shores back when the contending parties weren't called Republicans and Democrats but Whigs and Jacksonians.


posted: 04/18/2015 2:08 a.m. Comments 2

Let us call writers out

Return to paradise

posted: 04/18/2015 2:06 a.m. Comment 1

At more than 30 people, It was the largest gathering of print, broadcast and Internet journalists to attend the annual reunion of writers at Gaston's White River Resort since the event began in 2007.

Guest writer: Press reset button

posted: 04/18/2015 2:06 a.m. Discuss

This past week, as they struggled to meet the Tax Day deadline to submit their taxes, millions of hardworking Americans were reminded of the burden of the United States' madly complex federal tax code. This, combined with the public's lack of faith and distrust in the Internal Revenue Service, served as a stark reminder that our tax system is broken and that the need for relief from its maze is now.

Columnists: Psst... Wanna know a secret?

posted: 04/18/2015 2:06 a.m. Discuss

The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza deserves a lot of points for 'fessing up: He wrongly predicted that Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio would not both run for president in 2016. "That conclusion was based on the idea, explained to me by many Republicans seemingly in the know, that the duo were too close personally to ever go against one another in any sort of election."

Columnists: The death of Capt. Waskow

posted: 04/18/2015 2:05 a.m. Discuss

Pulitzer Prize-winning war correspondent Ernie Pyle was killed by a Japanese machine gun bullet on the tiny Pacific island of Ie Shima on April 18, 1945. He wrote the following column, which was published Jan. 10, 1944.

Others say: Disasters to come?

posted: 04/18/2015 2:04 a.m. Discuss

On April 16, 2014, more than 300 people died when a passenger ferry carrying mostly high-school students sank off the coast of South Korea. Sadly, inexcusably, the country has done too little in the year since to prevent another such tragedy.

Editorials: Dept. of Ho-Hum

posted: 04/18/2015 2:02 a.m. Comment 1

Secret emails? What secret emails? It turns out that congressional investigators asked Hillary Clinton a few years ago (in 2012) if she had used a private email account as secretary of state. But she never answered the question, and neither did the State Department, which responded with one of those form letters that has no bearing on the question asked.

Editorials: Hear, hear!

posted: 04/18/2015 2:02 a.m. Discuss

David Cameron, the British prime minister, is trying to make amends for the sordid treatment of a long persecuted minority in his country: If his Conservatives win the coming elections, he's promised to grant posthumous pardons to all those convicted of homosexual behavior ("indecent acts") in the past. It's been their treatment by the law, not their behavior, that's been indecent.

Editorials: Doing the best he can

posted: 04/18/2015 1:58 a.m. Comment 1

The news about Arkansas' highest court gets curiouser and curiouser. Now our well-meaning governor has had to start appointing new members of the state's Supreme Court because a couple of the old and more respected ones have accused their colleagues of obstructing the judicial process.

Editorials: Lights, camera, inaction

posted: 04/17/2015 1:59 a.m. Comment 1

At some point, one begins to wonder how many last straws does it take? How many times are Americans going to be outraged by watching a video of some police officer using deadly force when deadly force might not be needed? And, just as infuriating, how many times are Americans going to have to go through the Ferguson, Missouri, case when, for weeks and weeks, a police officer was assumed to have done the worst, only to have an investigation clear him?

Columnists: Another Clinton saga

posted: 04/17/2015 1:59 a.m. Discuss

If we Americans were not participants in our democracy, not people deeply affected by political outcomes, just spectators taking in the show, you could not ask for anything much more fascinating than the Clinton saga.

Editorials: Color it hopeful

posted: 04/17/2015 1:58 a.m. Discuss

Wasn't that a beautiful portrait in purple and hope by our own Stephen B. Thornton on the front page of Wednesday's B section? It showed row on row--five in all--of graduating seniors at El Dorado High filling out their letters of intent for colleges across the country. All thanks to a $50-million scholarship program begun in 2007 by Murphy Oil, the city's signature industry. And here was this year's happy result: Some 300 young people decked out in purple gowns, El Dorado Promise caps, and the right attitude.

Others say: Cuba's off the list

posted: 04/17/2015 1:57 a.m. Comments 2

As politically unpalatable as it may seem, the Obama administration's decision to remove Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism is an inevitable bow to reality.


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