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Saturday, February 25, 2017, 5:11 p.m.


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Opinion and Letters*

OPINION — Editorial: Beauty on the border

posted: 02/23/2017 3 a.m. Discuss

WHAT A timely topic. It's as if Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art anticipated the current political uproar along the U.S.-Mexican border and arranged to show an exhibit that reveals how contemporary art is capable of handling contemporary issues.

OPINION: Nothing's free

posted: 02/23/2017 2:59 a.m. Comment 1

It was Nobel laureate economist Milton Friedman who made famous the adage, "There's no such thing as a free lunch." Professor Friedman could have added that there is a difference between something being free and something having a zero price. For example, people say that there's free public education and there are free libraries, but public education and libraries cost money. Proof that they have costs is the fact that somebody has to have less of something by giving up tax money so that schools and libraries can be produced and operated. A much more accurate statement is that we have zero-price public education and libraries.

OPINION — Editorial: NATO's free riders

posted: 02/23/2017 2:57 a.m. Discuss

NATO is a 28-nation alliance built on the premise that an attack on one member is an attack on every member. That's a healthy dose of reassurance in a world where terrorism and Russia pose menacing threats. Yet 23 of those countries don't pay their fair share for that NATO protection.

OPINION: The pushback

posted: 02/23/2017 2:56 a.m. Discuss

Is this my lot in life for the next four (or more) years? The night Donald Trump won the White House, I strapped in for an expected journey of defending his administration when I wished, and criticizing it when warranted, following the pattern I had set during the campaign.

OPINION - Guest writer: Beyond post-truth

posted: 02/23/2017 2:55 a.m. Comment 1

I shuddered when Donald Trump's senior adviser Kellyanne Conway presented the Trump administration's false claims as "alternative facts" in a Jan. 22 interview. Many share my perspective. Prominent columnists are condemning Conway for appealing to "alternative facts," and Internet memes featuring "alternative facts" are spreading quickly.


posted: 02/23/2017 2:53 a.m. Discuss

Move past the parties


posted: 02/22/2017 4:30 a.m. Discuss

Before I began working for a newspaper as a high school student, there was radio. When I was 13, Henderson State University faculty member Don Pennington allowed two friends and me to have our own show on the school's radio station, KSWH-FM.


posted: 02/22/2017 4:30 a.m. Comments 11

While some in the media were horrified (horrified, I tells ya!) by the president's press conference/therapy session/77-minute gripe Thursday, I've mostly been bemused. My cat was horrified, but mostly because it ate into his 23 hours of sleep.

OPINION: PAUL GREENBERG: Sound of distant music

posted: 02/22/2017 4:30 a.m. Comments 2

On this his birthday, George Washington remains the most admired but remote of American presidents, more portrait than person. He intended it that way.

OPINION — Editorial: Washington emerges

posted: 02/22/2017 3:15 a.m. Discuss

"If a good bleeding can bring those Bible-faced Yankees to their senses, the fever of independency should soon abate."

From the Farewell Address

posted: 02/22/2017 3:12 a.m. Discuss

September 17, 1796


posted: 02/22/2017 3:09 a.m. Discuss

Roll under, not over

OPINION: JOHN BRUMMETT: Don't count for much

posted: 02/21/2017 4:30 a.m. Comments 9

That column two weeks ago seems insufficient in decrying the proposed constitutional amendment the state Senate intends to refer to the general election ballot in 2018.

OPINION: PHILIP MARTIN: A leader, not a ruler

posted: 02/21/2017 4:30 a.m. Comments 6

George Washington looms large over this nation's creation story, an impossibly remote and fabulous figure. He is the American Moses delivering a chosen people from the tyranny of the Imperial British. Washington is the father of his country, the cardinal personification of the United States, the First Hero. We carry his portrait in our wallets. Our capital city, a state, and at least 33 counties and seven mountains are named for him.

OPINION — Editorial : The odyssey of Ulysses

posted: 02/21/2017 2:05 a.m. Comments 8

Once upon a time it was a popular if partisan game to rate presidents of the United States on the basis of their greatness or lack of same. Washington and Lincoln could be counted on as the headliners each Presidents' Day while James Buchanan usually brought up the rear, for he did little to save the Union but stand by as it dissolved. Followers of this sport once could count on Ulysses S. Grant's winding up among the bottom-dwellers. But the more one thinks about his life and times and career, the higher he rises. And should.






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