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Updated 12:00 a.m., Thu October 12, 2017
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Aside from Parmesan, roll the breadsticks in sesame seeds for a different flavor.

No table should be without these oven-made breadsticks

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After five decades of cooking professionally, one of the most important secrets I’ve learned for making people feel a meal is memorable — whether it is eaten in a restaurant or at home — is to add special little touches. Garnish a pasta dish with fresh herbs, quickly saute fresh fruit compote to serve over ice cream or alongside cake, or offer flavored butter instead of a plain spread, and your guests will be blown away by your creativity and generosity. I think every home cook could benefit from that lesson as the busiest time of year for entertaining quickly approaches. J... READ MORE

Taste of Italy: Try this easy pasta recipe for a satisfying autumnal meal WOLFGANG PUCK/TRIBUNE CONTENT AGENCY

Having grown up in a town in southern Austria that was less than an hour’s drive from the Italian border, I sometimes feel like I’m almost as Italian as I am Austrian. That may certainly help explain why I love to include pizzas and pastas on the menus in many of my restaurants, including my flagship Spago and even two Italian-style restaurants in Las Vegas: Lupo (which means wolf) and Cucina (kitchen).