Updated 12:00 a.m., Thu February 23, 2017
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Once the chips have cooled off, arrange them in a shallow bowl for each guest.

And the award goes to ...

Win the title of Best Snack at your Oscar party

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My catering team’s biggest challenge every year is preparing the food served to more than a thousand stars at the Governors Ball following the Academy Awards, which takes place this coming Sunday. Across the nation, from here on the California coast in La La Land to Manchester by the Sea on the Massachusetts shoreline, fans will be glued to their televisions to watch the show, from the red-carpet arrival of the nominees to the final envelope-opening proclaiming Best Picture. Right after that last award is given, as Moonlight shines over Hollywood Boulevard, every box-office... READ MORE

Guilt-free indulgence: Healthy alternative to the classic sticky bun will make morning sweet By WOLFGANG PUCK

Valentine’s Day is barely over. A month and a half after the holidays, we have finished another round of indulging ourselves with too much rich or sugary food. As a result, I know many people are now trying to recommit to their New Year’s resolutions to eat more healthfully.