Updated 12:00 a.m., Thu August 17, 2017
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Sweet biscuits provide a perfect canvas for the strawberries.

Berry well

Enjoy the final days of strawberry season making this classic shortcake

We professional chefs can sometimes feel the pressure of having to come up with new, delicious dishes that will get people talking and make them excited about returning to our restaurants. After all, if we served just the same old familiar recipes, their attention might turn elsewhere. But sometimes, as the saying goes, the oldies are the goodies. Especially when you want to show off a main ingredient that is at its peak of season, the simplest, most classic treatment can be the best way of all to prepare it — and your guests will rave about the results. Take strawberries, ... READ MORE

Building blocks: A ‘high-rise’ approach to a summertime favorite By WOLFGANG PUCK

As I often like to say, we eat with our eyes first. Food that looks beautiful without being too fussy starts your mouth watering in anticipation. And by contrast, if good ingredients have been well prepared, only to be presented in a way that looks unexciting, you may get less pleasure from the whole experience.