Updated 12:00 a.m., Thu November 26, 2015
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Every spoonful of this butternut squash soup looks and tastes incredibly rich, velvety and creamy without a trace of cream.

Start the Thanksgiving feast with a delicious, healthy soup

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Time and time again, I hear home cooks saying something along the lines of, “I forgot all about my Thanksgiving dinner first course!” Fortunately, I have a perfect solution in the form of what may be my all-time-favorite soup — one that guests in my restaurants ask for again and again: butternut squash soup. And once you’ve looked over the following recipe, you will probably be surprised to see that it’s incredibly easy to make. This version is easy, thanks to an automatic electric pressure cooker, an appliance more and more home cooks keep on hand. Unlike the stovetop pres... READ MORE

Austrian-style crepes for holiday breakfast or dessert WOLFGANG PUCK/TRIBUNE CONTENT AGENCY

Whenever I think of special occasions from my childhood, one of the dishes that always comes to mind is the palatschinken, literally “pancakes with filling” in the Austrian dialect, that my mother or grandmother made as a special dessert or even a breakfast dish for my sisters, brother and me. Of course, the time of year during which I ate my largest share of them seemed to be during the holiday season. It felt like I could never get e...

A trio of cranberry sauces for a Thanksgiving table DIANE ROSSEN WORTHINGTON/TRIBUNE CONTENT AGENCY

Cranberry sauce is one of the traditional dishes essential for any Thanksgiving menu. For me, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without at least one of the following recipes. The range of cranberry possibilities can be as simple as the back-of-the-package cranberry sauce to uncooked relish to sweet-and-spicy chutney. Here are three of my favorite recipes for you to try this holiday season. Make one or all three, and see how a side condiment c...