Updated 12:00 a.m., Thu January 22, 2015
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Fresh orange segments and orange zest add zing and color to this recipe.

Stir-fry lean beef, winter fruit for a light, bright main dish

As all the fun and excitement of the holiday season begin to fade, January can seem like a bleak month. Not only can the cold weather and long, dark nights make you feel like you’re under siege, but the challenges of sticking to tough New Year’s resolutions — like those to eat more healthfully and drop a few pounds — can quite literally weigh you down. So now is the moment to aim for more fun with your healthy cooking. The recipe I share with you here for Stir-Fried Orange-Pineapple Beef does exactly that in two very distinctive ways. First of all is the cooking method. Asi... READ MORE

Making healthy food delicious: Spices plus steam equal a main dish low in fat and high in flavor WOLFGANG PUCK/TRIBUNE CONTENT AGENCY

“Who wants steamed chicken for dinner?” If you asked that question in a room full of hungry people, it’s a pretty good bet that nobody would speak up or even timidly raise their hands.