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Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun July 16, 2017

Sally Paine

Head teacher at Sunshine School helps students discover abilities

Sally Paine considers very few things impossible and hesitates to use the word “never.” She spends her time teaching, and learning from, children and adults with developmental disabilities at The Sunshine School in Searcy. Paine has worked at The Sunshine School since 1979, and her current position is head teacher. “In that position, I am in charge of several ongoing activities for students and staff, and act as director in her absence,” Paine said. Paine said she learns life lessons about courage and determination from the students every day. “The Sunshine School stands ou... READ MORE

Searcy artist shares passion and persistence By KAYLA BAUGH

Angela Turney has a raw passion and a talent for turning thoughts into works of art; every stroke of her paint brush brings an idea to life.