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Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun February 26, 2017

Phillip Robinson

Cabot fire chief takes pride in department

While living in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1993, Phillip Robinson often passed a volunteer fire department on his way to and from work. One day, its “Help Wanted” sign caught his eye. “So I stopped in and said, ‘What kind of help do you guys need?’” said Robinson, who was stationed at Charleston Air Force Base at the time. Robinson learned the department was looking for a volunteer firefighter, so he applied that day and received a call the next day about starting the six-month training. “It gave me a sense of it’s great to know what to do, and not very many people do,”... READ MORE

Michael Kumiyama: Airman advocates for veterans through fitness By SYD HAYMAN

Michael Kumiyama was into running like every other airman. Then something sparked.