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Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun December 14, 2014

Pat Downs

Woman giving back through United Way of White County

It can be easy for some people to get caught up in the often hectic schedule of life, going from home to work to extracurricular activities, attempting to fill the days with productivity and positive relationships. While there is nothing wrong with a busy lifestyle, sometimes the full schedules and busy lives act as blinders to the needs in a community. For Pat Downs, knowing about and working to meet the needs of people in White County is always a priority. As executive director of the United Way of White County, Downs’ mission is to raise support for the 16 agencies under... READ MORE

Amber Carson: The Rented Christmas director aims to empower, inspire children By ANGELA SPENCER

In community theater, few people have just one role in order to make a production succeed. The lead actor might help make costumes. The youngest cast member might find props at home to contribute to the show. Backstage, actors and actresses might help others fix their hair or finish their stage makeup before they step into the limelight.