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Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun April 15, 2018
PHOTO BY: Keith Sutton

Since 1990, tournament anglers like Mark Davis of Columbia, S.C., have been providing information on the bass they catch for the Game and Fish Commission’s Arkansas Tournament Information Program.

AGFC bass programs provide valuable information

It’s tough trying to forecast where Arkansas’ best bass fishing will be this year. It’s tough because Arkansas has so many blue-ribbon bass waters, tough because the term “best” means different things to different anglers and tough because, for the most part, this is just an objective exercise. There are few good yardsticks by which we can measure the indicators of success. There is one such yardstick, however: the Arkansas Tournament Information Program, a voluntary program initiated in 1990 by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. ATIP is designed to gather statewide bas... READ MORE

These strange-but-true fishing tales will amaze you By KEITH SUTTON

Anglers are well-known for exaggerating the facts about their catches. They might fudge a bit when describing a fish’s length and weight. Occasionally, they will tell a little white lie about the bait or lure they used. Some will protect favored fishing holes by saying they caught a big bass or catfish somewhere else.