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Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun June 17, 2018

Popular pink minnows originated in Arkansas

Keith Sutton/Contributing Writer

On a recent visit to Saul’s Minnow Farm in DeValls Bluff, I watched as workers in waders pulled long seines through the facility’s ponds to catch some rather unusual baitfish. Often called pink minnows, or rosy reds, these little fish glow with a shiny, almost-fluorescent, reddish-orange hue. Their coloration resembles that of goldfish, while regular minnows — shiners — are largely silver. With each sweep of a seine, the men pulled in hundreds of thousands of the colorful baitfish. The minnows were then scooped up in buckets and loaded into storage tanks on a fish truck. Af... READ MORE

Fun facts you might not know about box turtles By KEITH SUTTON

I found my first one of 2018 in early April — a three-toed box turtle trying to make its way across a busy rural highway. The poor reptile was having a difficult time. Frightened by the vehicles buzzing past it, it had pulled its head and legs entirely into its protective shell.