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Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun July 5, 2015
PHOTO BY: Keith Sutton/Contributing Photographer

When landscaping your yard, use plants that provide food sources and cover for wildlife such as butterflies and birds. Doing this helps counter the loss of natural habitat.

21 questions? How about 25 answers?

Outdoorsmen, others have plenty of ways they can help the environment

Keith Sutton/Contributing Writer

Would you like to make our world a better place in which to live? Certainly, all of us who love the outdoors would answer that question with a resounding “yes!” There are many ways to attain such a lofty goal, including the following simple things you can do at home and afield to help our environment. Most cost almost nothing to implement. Many will actually save you money. All, no matter how inconsequential they appear, help combat specific environmental problems. So why not get started? Let’s all do our part to help the environment. Tips for anglers and boaters Recycle ... READ MORE

Bluegill bonanza: How to catch panfish as big as dinner plates KEITH SUTTON/CONTRIBUTING WRITER

Catching bluegills isn’t difficult. These scrappy panfish are not especially wary, and small ones will forgive even the most slipshod angling techniques.