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Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun November 19, 2017
PHOTO BY: Keith Sutton/Contributing Photographer

Jim Spencer of Calico Rock shows a season’s haul of raccoon, mink and otter furs. He realized a profit of hundreds of dollars from the sale of his pelts but spent hundreds of hours and incurred many expenses while trapping all these animals.

Trapping can be a fulfilling pastime, despite low fur prices

Fall is here, and furbearer trapping season has begun in Arkansas. The period for trapping beavers, muskrats and nutrias started at sunrise Nov. 11 and runs through sunset March 31. Coyote trapping season started at sunrise Aug. 1 and continues through sunset March 31. The trapping season for all remaining furbearers in the state — including mink, raccoons, skunks, opossums and other species — began at sunrise Nov. 11 and ends at sunset Feb. 28. There is no daily limit or possession limit on any furbearers trapped during these seasons. The global fur market isn’t very good ... READ MORE

Coots: Don’t knock ’em till you’ve tried ’em By KEITH SUTTON

Of all the common game birds in Arkansas, perhaps none is less hunted than the American coot. This black waterbird with the white beak frequents flooded crop fields, lakes, ponds, marshes and other watery habitats throughout The Natural State. Some know it as the mud hen, marsh hen or whitebill. Folks in southern Louisiana call it poule d’eau, or “hen of the water.” Although it is often seen swimming with ducks, the coot is a member of ...