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Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun August 17, 2014
PHOTO BY: James K. Joslin

David “Mountain Man” Mitchell hoists a pair of keeper largemouth bass caught while shooting an episode of Outdoors on the Little Red.

Outdoors on the Little Red

Hunting, fishing show latest project for lifelong outdoorsman

On a late-July afternoon, a longtime fishing and hunting guide is testing the crystalline waters of the Little Red River below the Greers Ferry Dam at John F. Kennedy Park. He hopes to hook a hefty “slot fish” or maybe something even larger — a trophy rainbow trout would do, but a big German brown is his ultimate prize. Many of his more-recent days afield have seen the guide trailed by a cameraman and fitted with a wireless microphone. His is the life of an outdoor enthusiast turned TV-show host. And while he is a half century removed from his first outdoor escapades, the o... READ MORE

Slaying the goliath: Crossing off bucket-list fish requires huge hooks, big bait — not stones KEITH SUTTON/CONTRIBUTING WRITER

When I was a teenager fishing Arkansas farm ponds and rivers, I started keeping a list of fish I dreamed of catching someday. Call it my “bucket list” if you will — a list of fish I want to catch before I “kick the bucket.”