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Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun August 12, 2018
PHOTO BY: Keith Sutton/Contributing Photographer

Visitors take aim with handguns under the watchful guidance of Arkansas Game and Fish Commission personnel at the Dr. James E. Moore Jr. Firing Range near Mayflower.

Time to practice at a Game and Fish shooting range

Keith Sutton/Contributing Writer

It’s that time of year when many Arkansas hunting enthusiasts begin thinking about the mourning dove season that will begin throughout the state on Sept. 1. It’s also when we start wondering whether our shooting skills will be good enough to hit those fast-flying little game birds. To prevent embarrassment from poor marksmanship skills, we know we better find a place to practice shooting so we’ll be on target when the time comes. Many of us are also eager just to enjoy some shooting again after several months with no hunting action. Late summer and early fall are good times... READ MORE

Three feeding patterns you should know for catfish By KEITH SUTTON

To target catfish successfully, especially trophy-size cats, anglers must acquire an in-depth understanding of the primary feeding patterns specific to each species during each season. What are catfish likely to be eating? When? Where? Armed with the answers to these questions, the angler can have reasonable expectations of finding and hooking catfish. Without these answers, luck alone determines the outcome.