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Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun September 14, 2014
PHOTO BY: Keith Sutton/Contributing Photographer

Bacon-wrapped dove breasts are favorites of many hunters who pursue mourning doves each year in Arkansas.

Delicious doves for dinner

Arkansas’ mourning-dove season got underway Sept. 6, and those skillful enough to hit these plentiful, fast-flying game birds are now faced with a pleasant dilemma: How shall I cook these delicious morsels of meat? My favorite method of preparation was learned years ago while visiting Lake Chicot in southeast Arkansas. I was with a group of outdoor writers at Lake Chicot State Park for a weekend conference, and at the invitation of the local chamber of commerce, we spent the afternoon shooting at doves zipping around an enormous field of sunflowers. I say shooting “at” beca... READ MORE

Up to the challenge?: September hunting for early-season teal By KEITH SUTTON

The first week of September last year, I drove through 200 miles of eastern Arkansas scouting for ducks. The temperature hit 84 degrees by midafternoon — not the type of day one might consider ideal when looking for Arkansas waterfowl. But I had no trouble finding teal flocks that sometimes numbered in the thousands.