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Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun May 22, 2016
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Always properly clean, drain and dry your boat to protect it — and Arkansas’ ecosystems — from invasive species.

Clean, drain, dry

Angler efforts still vital to stem the spread of invasive species

Keith Sutton/Contributing Writer

Across the nation, invasive species are threatening aquatic habitats. Many lakes, rivers, ponds and streams are threatened by species such as Asian carp, zebra and quagga mussels, sea lampreys, hydrilla and spiny water fleas. These invasives can devastate ecosystems and damage equipment. One way anglers with boats can help is participating in the Clean Drain Dry Initiative to reduce the risk of transporting plants, animals and diseases. We may not be able to eradicate species once they are introduced, but we can work together to stop them from spreading into new areas. The ... READ MORE

Mosquitoes, mud, mayhem: Hunters will brave almost anything for a meal of delicious frog legs KEITH SUTTON/CONTRIBUTING WRITER

On April 15, frog season opened in Arkansas. Until midnight on Dec. 31, you can use hands, hand nets, hook and line, gig, spear or bow and arrow to capture up to 18 bullfrogs daily. That’s 36 delicious frog legs you’ll have to eat each time you’re successful. So perhaps you’ve been considering a nighttime sojourn along some Natural State swamp, bayou, pond or river where you can capture some bullfrogs to cook for family and friends.