That's Life

Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun August 20, 2017

Rudy versus possum causes commotion

The other night, I heard our little dog, Rudy, barking incessantly in the backyard. Normally quiet until nighttime, it’s not unusual for him to be losing his mind over a beetle or toad in the dark. I got my high-powered flashlight that my daddy gave me to use in emergencies, and I went to investigate. I was barefoot, and I walked in the dark through spider webs on the path from the patio to the yard, which freaked me out. I hate spiders. I shined the light on Rudy and saw he had a good reason to bark this time — a small possum was hissing at Rudy as he ran around it and tow... READ MORE

Talking to cool kids on career day

I broke my moratorium on speaking to school classes about my job. I must admit, it was fun. These were third-graders — a really smart, well-behaved group of third-graders at Woodrow