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Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun August 23, 2015

A round of theatrics in Keith household

(Editor’s note: Tammy Keith is on leave. The following column ran on May 4, 2008.) I’ve decided my family is weird enough for us to have our own reality TV show. When I say family, I’m referring to my husband and two sons — not my mom, dad and brother, although they can be entertaining, too. The other night, I was engrossed in a TV show (some reality trash, I’m sure), and my husband came into the living room. He was dressed in a dreadlocks wig, a Scottish tam, a sweater, a scarf, shorts and long socks. He whispered for me to tell our 18-year-old that the door was for him wh... READ MORE

Don’t forget to pick kids up from camp By TAMMY KEITH

Editor’s note: Tammy Keith is on leave, and her sons are now too old for camp, unless they were to go as counselors. This column originally ran in May 2007. My younger son is on the waiting list for camp this summer. He should get used to it. In our family, waiting and camp go together.