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Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun April 12, 2015

Dairy Queen, just one rite of passage for spring

Editor’s note: Tammy Keith is on vacation. This column was originally published in 2006. One of my co-workers mentioned Dairy Queen yesterday, and we all practically started drooling on cue. This co-worker said she’s hot now that spring has arrived, and she’s thinking about ice cream. Plus, she used to work at a Dairy Queen, and she still needs a fix once in a while. A friend of mine who lives in Michigan said there are two sure ways to tell spring has arrived there. The Dairy Queen opens, and the peeper frogs come out. She’s originally from Conway. When she moved to Michig... READ MORE

Hubby gets B-day present in comment By TAMMY KEITH

My husband showed his age on his 55th birthday last week.