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Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun March 19, 2017

Babies can’t be spoiled, only loved

One thing a pregnant woman can be sure to get — besides stretch marks — is a lot of advice. From the second a woman finds out she’s pregnant, it begins: Take your prenatal vitamins; don’t gain too much weight; don’t get an epidural; an epidural’s the only way to go …. My daughter-in-law has had two wonderful baby showers, and Kennedy’s room overfloweth. The tiny outfits, with ruffles, roses and rabbits, even ones with a Red Wolf and with a Razorback, are adorable. She received beautiful blankets, books and bibs — even a couple of bathing suits. We had a wonderful time at bo... READ MORE

Babies and books go together By TAMMY KEITH

Because I thrive on guilt, I like to make a mental list of what I did right and wrong raising my children.