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Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun May 24, 2015

One more secret revealed

My mother said after my cat-confessional column last week that now I have no secrets. Au contraire. I have confessed in this column to many things — cussing occasionally, not cooking a lick, being a shopaholic and, the worst, my husband says, owning a Michael Bolton CD. I’ve shared some of my family secrets, too, much to their chagrin. My brother has forgiven me for talking about his back hair (which he no longer has, thanks to the miracle of lasers). Still, I don’t know that I’ve shared the extent of my disorganization problem. It has begun to really get on my nerves after... READ MORE

Life B.C. less hairy, not happier By TAMMY KEITH

I sometimes think about how different my life was B.C.