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Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun November 22, 2015

Dessert moratorium abated for holidays

My husband had the bright idea that he and I would quit eating desserts of any kind at night after dinner. Why he included me in his heinous plan, I have no idea. We often have a little ice cream after supper, sometimes with peanuts and chocolate sauce. Besides the dark chocolate that I eat every day, which has health benefits, that’s really the only sweets I allow myself. Then I got our Southern Living magazine. While I was on the couch with my iPad, looking at news websites and getting mad at myself for clicking on ridiculous stories, he was perusing the magazine and talk... READ MORE

The real Santa — through the eyes of a child By TAMMY KEITH

If you want to know if there really is a Santa Claus, just ask my nephew Seb. He’ll tell you, or anybody who will listen.