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Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun October 15, 2017

Time to fall for plethora of pumpkins

Anyone who has read this column for any length of time knows I have a slight obsession with pumpkins. I don’t collect them year-round or anything, but I go crazy in October. I love the taste of pumpkin, the smell of pumpkins, the look of pumpkins, all colors. But not the warty ones. I am a purist. I have a shirt that says, “I like pumpkin spice a latte.” I’ve had a few this year, but they are fattening. So is pumpkin pie, but this is the only time of year I make them. I haven’t started, but I will. As much as I am tempted, I do not buy every pumpkin-flavored item on the mar... READ MORE

Reflecting on 30 years of wedded bliss By TAMMY KEITH

When it gets close to the deadline to write my column, I often look to see if a significant date or event is happening that would give me fodder.