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Updated 9:38 a.m., Mon January 16, 2017

Stanley Russ was friend, encourager

We lost one of the good guys when Stanley Russ died earlier this month. Whether you knew the former state senator, longtime life-insurance salesman and cattle farmer, he made the world a better place. A lot of wonderful, important people die, and I don’t write about most of them, but Stanley was one of my favorite people in the world. Every time he saw me or would call me, the first thing he would always say was, ‘How’s my favorite journalist?” I probably wasn’t the only one he said that to, but I have to admit it made me smile. Some former politicians would say it to gain ... READ MORE

Memories of Christmas in the bag By TAMMY KEITH

The holidays are almost a blur, but I have a few lingering memories — some good, some bad.