Updated 12:00 a.m., Thu April 17, 2014
PHOTO BY: Adrienne Freeman/Contributing Photographer

Grilled cheese sandwiches are widely known as comfort food everywhere. In the South, some people combine the best of both worlds and indulge in a grilled pimento-cheese sandwich. The crunchy, buttery bread contrasted with flavorful pimento cheese is truly a Southern comfort.

Grilled Cheese

The greatest thing since sliced bread

Adrienne Freeman/Contributing Writer

One of the most comforting and simple foods had a foggy beginning. An investigation on the Internet revealed the first reports of the grilled cheese sandwich surfaced in the 1920s, shortly after Otto Rohwedder, an Iowa native, invented a machine to uniformly slice bread. A short time before that, a gentleman by the name of James L. Kraft figured out how to pasteurize cheese so it could be sliced and transported long distances without sp... READ MORE

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Most foods are made exponentially more tasty once deep-fried (witness: state fair food), but I feel that this is especially true for tofu.

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Even as spring approaches, 16 percent of all dinners made in America tonight will be from the frozen-food aisle of the supermarket.