Updated 12:00 a.m., Thu July 31, 2014
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A small tabletop electric grill is ideal for making paninis in your kitchen.

It’s too darn hot

Move grilled sandwiches indoors on the hottest summer days

Just like that, summer’s heat can go from hot to too darn hot. The time of year we’re now entering is known as the “dog days,” a name that originated with the ancient Romans, paying tribute to Sirius, the “dog star,” which shines brightly at this time of year. But most people, I think, associate the name today with days when the weather is just so sultry that even the most active dogs lie panting in whatever shade they can find. Dedicat... READ MORE

Grilled salmon sandwiches: Perfect for a casual midsummer lunch By WOLFGANG PUCK

Around about now — a good month into summer — many people feel like they’re running short of grilling inspiration. They’ve cooked and eaten their fill of burgers, sausages, steaks and chops, accompanied by all sorts of grilled vegetables. Of course, they’ve grilled some of their favorite seafood, too. And all of these are delicious.