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Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun November 22, 2015

Brian Leonard

Mathematics educator receives Presidential Award for teaching

Carol Rolf/Contributing Writer

When Brian Leonard, 35, first headed off to college, he thought he might become a dentist. “I loved the fact that my dentist made a lot of money and took a half day off on Friday,” he said. “To a kid of 18, that sounded like the dream job. I wanted that kind of life. “But when I starting reflecting on why I wanted to be a dentist, I realized the only reason was the money. By my sophomore year, I started asking myself, ‘What could I do t... READ MORE

Miguel C. Hernandez III: Hot Springs superintendent wants what’s best for students CAROL ROLF/CONTRIBUTING WRITER

Miguel C. Hernandez III has come full circle. Hernandez, who goes by “Mike,” graduated from Fountain Lake High School in Garland County in 1997. In July, he returned to his educational roots in the county, this time as superintendent of the Hot Springs School District.