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Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun April 26, 2015

Feelin’ froggy?

Nightime is the right time for frogging adventures

It’s a sport that jangles your senses. A bezillion mosquitoes buzz in your ears. The pungent odors of swamp water and insect repellent permeate the humid air. It feels like a sauna outside. Your lips taste salty from the sweat running off your brow. A spotlight beam sweeps through the darkness, and you squint your eyes, searching for a white belly or glowing golden eyes on the muddy banks. Just upstream, you hear the distinctive, sonoro... READ MORE

Reasons to fish: Reasons to quit should never outnumber all the reasons why By JAMES K. JOSLIN

Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson recorded a tune in 1983 that was penned by Haggard and titled “Reasons to Quit.” The pair of so-called country outlaws sang of a vice or two they shared and lamented on their inability to stop. While Merle and Willie wanted to cease the smoking and drinking, I definitely don’t want to find an anglers’ rehab program.