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Updated 12:00 a.m., Thu November 26, 2015
PHOTO BY: Keith Sutton/Contributing Photographer

Sometimes the simplest things create joyful memories, like a snow-white catfish caught on a snowy Thanksgiving Day.

A catfish for Thanksgiving

One snowflake reminds angler of reasons to be grateful

I can only remember a few times during my 59 years that it has snowed in Arkansas on Thanksgiving Day. One day in particular sticks in my mind. It was freezing outside, and when I awoke and walked outdoors, snowflakes were falling. Such an event normally would have excited me, but not this time. Despite it being a holiday, despite the beautiful snowfall that soon covered the landscape, I was feeling down in the dumps. I had recently got... READ MORE

Wading away from the beaten path: Duck hunting as it was meant to be — away from the crowds

Arkansas’ duck season opened Saturday, and contemplating the season ahead has led to me reminiscing about a place a friend and I often hunted when we were teenagers.

Autumn acclimations: Catching crappie when lakes turn over KEITH SUTTON/CONTRIBUTING WRITER

Autumn fishing frustrates many Arkansas crappie anglers. During fall, these beloved panfish are often scattered and hard to find. Crappie may be deep one day, shallow the next and suspended at middepths the next. Fish may feed ravenously in the morning and get a bad case of lockjaw in the afternoon.