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Updated 9:05 a.m., Mon September 22, 2014
PHOTO BY: Keith Sutton/Contributing Photographer

Heavyweight longnose gar like this one caught by Lewis Peeler of Vanndale are common and enjoyable to catch.

Toothy, terrible terrors

Fishing for Arkansas gar — disrespected, but formidable, opponents

Despite their stupendous fighting ability, gar fish have earned little respect from Arkansas anglers. In fact, that’s probably a bit of an understatement. Venomous snakes and rabid skunks get as much respect as gar, and when one of these toothy terrors is brought alongside a boat, the typical reaction is to smash its head with a paddle and toss it back for the cannibals. Most fishermen despise gar. No one can deny, however, that gar are... READ MORE

Conway artist creates interactive sculpture exhibit

CONWAY — It has been a long time coming, but Conway ceramicist Barbara Satterfield, 63, is finally creating an art project she has wanted to work on since graduate school.

Delicious doves for dinner By KEITH SUTTON

Arkansas’ mourning-dove season got underway Sept. 6, and those skillful enough to hit these plentiful, fast-flying game birds are now faced with a pleasant dilemma: How shall I cook these delicious morsels of meat?