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Friday, February 24, 2017, 1:38 p.m.


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Bryan Hendricks

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ARKANSAS SPORTSMAN: Rose off to hot start in FLW

posted: 02/23/2017 2:28 a.m. Discuss

This year's FLW Tour is reminiscent of the 1973 Triple Crown season, when Secretariat and Sham ran three of the most memorable races in thoroughbred history.

Arkansas Sportsman: Winchester 20-gauge does well with modern loads

posted: 02/19/2017 2:08 a.m. Discuss

With the right choke and shot combination, a 20-gauge shoots some mighty tight turkey hunting patterns.

Carpenter's greatest hits

posted: 02/19/2017 2:08 a.m. Discuss

HOT SPRINGS -- During the winter, you can catch trout in streams and tailwaters without traveling to northern Arkansas.

Arkansas Sportsman: AGFC gets earful on mud motors

posted: 02/16/2017 2:33 a.m. Comments 5

Two duck hunting groups addressed the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission on Wednesday to talk about overcrowding at WMAs and surface-drive outboard motors.

Arkansas Outdoors: Subtle changes define a small creek's evolution

posted: 02/12/2017 2:07 a.m. Discuss

Unharnessed waters seem changeless, but they change all the time.

River medicine

posted: 02/12/2017 2:06 a.m. Discuss

Fishing works magic on a soul.

Arkansas Sportsman: Hulking pastor attacked by doe

posted: 02/09/2017 2:28 a.m. Discuss

Glen Rose Missionary Baptist Church pastor Tony Williams is a big guy who once played college football, but a runner less than half his size put him in the dirt.

Arkansas Sportsman: LBXR turkey loads excel in SX3-Carlson's combo

posted: 02/05/2017 2:19 a.m. Discuss

This is why you should pattern your shotguns.

February frenzy

posted: 02/05/2017 2:19 a.m. Discuss

February isn't what it used to be in the Natural State.

Stream-time fishing fun in February

posted: 02/05/2017 2:18 a.m. Discuss

We don't associate mid winter with float fishing, but right now is an excellent time to catch smallmouth bass, walleyes and even stripers on our mid-size rivers and streams.

Arkansas Sportsman: John 3:16 Ministry banquet set

posted: 02/02/2017 2:43 a.m. Discuss

Wild game feasts are late-winter traditions for churches and other organizations in Arkansas, including John 3:16 Ministries in Charlotte.

Quick shot delivers non-typical trophy

posted: 01/30/2017 3:41 a.m. Discuss

With help from an accomplished accomplice, Alan Schales of Cave City won the Arkansas Big Buck Classic with a magnificent non-typical rack that scored 205 1/8 points on the Boone and Crockett scale on Sunday at Barton Coliseum.

Arkansas Sportsman: Lamenting guns that got away over the years

posted: 01/29/2017 2:16 a.m. Discuss

We're taking requests, and this one comes from Don Barksdale, who asked what guns I wish I still owned.

'Classic' conversations

posted: 01/29/2017 2:16 a.m. Discuss

Strolling through the Arkansas Big Buck Classic, one can visit vendors selling rattlesnake belt buckles, ATVs, guided hunts here and abroad, and all manner of hunting equipment.

Arkansas Sportsman: Hunting, fishing alive on social media

posted: 01/26/2017 2:45 a.m. Discuss

I really appreciate the internet for its diverse communities of outdoors enthusiasts.






Top Picks - Capture Arkansas
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