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Monday, January 26, 2015, 4:38 p.m.
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John Brummett

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On common ground

posted: 01/25/2015 2:03 a.m. Comment 1

Liberal tax policy surely hadn't enjoyed a better 16 hours in a couple of decades.

The hard choices

posted: 01/22/2015 3:12 a.m. Comments 3

In six days, the state Education Board will meet to make a difficult and potentially historic decision on whether to take over the running of the Little Rock School District.

COMMENTARY: Logical considerations

posted: 01/21/2015 5 a.m. Comments 47

Let’s get logical, shall we?

The duality of war

posted: 01/20/2015 2:59 a.m. Comments 5

"The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas ... at the same time."--F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Conservative cuts

posted: 01/18/2015 1:49 a.m. Comments 4

As a candidate for governor this time, Asa Hutchinson got asked in a debate to name the first thing he'd do in office if elected.

A history with Hutchinson

posted: 01/15/2015 3:01 a.m. Comment 1

You watch a man get sworn in as the governor of the state and you naturally think about your history with him.

COMMENTARY: Watch the session begin

posted: 01/14/2015 5 a.m. Comments 11

Join me for a stalking of the state Capitol corridors as the historic new Legislature, about two-thirds Republican, gets sworn in: I don’t recognize a lot of these people wearing House of Representatives name tags.

Columnists: Legislative assumptions

posted: 01/13/2015 3:10 a.m. Comments 10

The Legislature convening historically this week for a dominant Republican takeover will start out doing easy right-wing things. That's what y'all voted for.

What freedom means

posted: 01/11/2015 1:44 a.m. Comments 2

In Paris on Tuesday evening, hundreds gathered in a public square and held pens and pencils aloft.

Children in balance

posted: 01/08/2015 3:10 a.m. Comments 13

Today is a big day, perhaps long inevitable.

COMMENTARY: It’s the math, stupid

posted: 01/07/2015 5 a.m. Comments 16

We near a session of the newly and historically Republicanized state Legislature.

See Mike run ... maybe

posted: 01/06/2015 3:08 a.m. Comments 3

Mike Huckabee made big news Saturday night. He announced he was giving up a major media gig providing big bucks.

Hey, it could happen

posted: 01/04/2015 3:03 a.m. Discuss

You find yourself desperate for predictions for the new year in Arkansas. I know you do. So here are one man's.

Repackaged reform

posted: 01/01/2015 3:14 a.m. Comments 6

The state's leading legislative advocate of the private option says he wouldn't favor the ballyhooed Arkansas Medicaid expansion plan unless it was an ever-changing piece of broader conservative reforms.

COMMENTARY: Fun and folly in the court

posted: 12/31/2014 5 a.m. Comments 8

You hear a lot of chatter in the lawyer community about the Arkansas Supreme Court, an array of seven supposed eminences presuming to be august, but perhaps actually neither very eminent nor august.


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