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Sunday, June 26, 2016, 12:27 p.m.
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Paul Greenberg

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COLUMN ONE: The big losers

posted: 06/26/2016 2:06 a.m. Comments 3

The competition for a place on the dishonor roll of bad ideas, past and present, is fierce. But here goes:

Column: Best of both worlds

posted: 06/22/2016 3:06 a.m. Discuss

Who says folks aren't interested in technical subjects like traffic control? The good news out of central Arkansas is that some 1,400 comments had been submitted about the latest plan to disrupt traffic--and life--in the very center of the state.

Column One: Cultural inequality

posted: 06/19/2016 1:58 a.m. Comments 12

In all the talk about income inequality, a more important kind tends to be forgotten: cultural inequality.

Column: The great unifier

posted: 06/15/2016 2:50 a.m. Discuss

Who'd a-thought it? This governor has somehow managed to bring Arkansas' ever feudin' and fightin' Republicans under one big tent the way the Great Communicator himself, Ronald Reagan, once did. And what a motley crew it remains: advance and rear guards both, Trumpians and Trumpettes, marching bands and cheerleaders . . . the whole out-of-sync menagerie. There hasn't been anything seen like it since old Noah marched the animals, or most of them anyway, aboard his capacious ark. For there always a few stragglers who never get the word. This presidential election year you've got your RINOs, or Republicans in Name Only, your new Republicans and old, all 57 varieties if not more. You've even got the Republican wing of the Republican Party somewhere in the mix.

Column One: Surprise!

posted: 06/12/2016 2:13 a.m. Discuss

Wasn't there a time when the state's motto was Regnat Populus, or The People Rule? If so, it's now in the process of being replaced by The Lawyers Rule--only it's not being put so frankly. Plain English would not sufficiently disguise its meaning. Instead it is being called Merit Selection, a Fair and Impartial Judiciary, or anything but what it is: a power grab by the state's legal establishment. There's no telling how long the bar is going to go on playing these word-games. Probably forever, if not longer. Lawyers are experts at avoiding self-incrimination. It's nothing personal, for as professional advocates it's their bound duty to defend their clients whatever they themselves may believe or disbelieve.

Column: Targets of opportunity

posted: 06/08/2016 3:02 a.m. Comment 1

Don't forget to send in your After Action report like the good Forward Observer you are, noting the good, bad and ugly:

Column One: A modest proposal

posted: 06/05/2016 2:05 a.m. Comments 9

(With apologies to the Rev. Jonathan Swift)

Columnists: No doubt about it

posted: 06/01/2016 3:15 a.m. Comments 4

Only after everybody and his cousin here in Arkansas raised a royal ruckus about it in January were a couple of employees of the Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System assigned to other jobs. Not fired on the spot, not sacked at once, not sent home and told not to return without a doctor's excuse, or anything else. Only given the lightest tap on the wrist, not even admonished never to let anything like this happen again. Both had their paychecks raised after the whistle was blown on 'em. And went on collecting hefty salaries from the state, aka you and me, brother.

Column One: Optimist vs. pessimist

posted: 05/29/2016 2:16 a.m. Comments 6

"Relax, it's always darkest before dawn," soothed Mr. Optimist.

Column: Last American in Damascus

posted: 05/25/2016 3:02 a.m. Comments 2

To many of us, Syrians are only the latest problem of the day, and the same goes for Europeans as they try to deal with the Syrians trying to get around the barriers put up at every crossing point on the continent. Their futile hope: to somehow make it to some port that will afford them access to the ocean wide, and from there to America, America, which still beckons like a torch held aloft.




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