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Friday, July 11, 2014, 3:29 p.m.
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Officials spar over deporting children July 11, 2014 at 10:25 a.m.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. "Let them have their face-saver." The most powerful person on the D side in the House resorts to childish rhetoric, and people wonder why the two sides cannot get along. Such condescending and arrogant discourse has no place in a debate where compromise is the key.
Hey 23Cal - Hmmm, where was this immigration reform when the D's had control of the House and Senate for 2 years? Why wasn't it addressed then? Obama is to blame because it all comes down to leadership, and he has the leadership skills of a petulant teenager. Do you not remember Obama touting himself as someone who could "work across the aisle" to make things happen? Was he lying then, 23, or is he lying now? Your blame of Republicans is laughable, considering the facts. So tell us, 23, what is the "Christian" thing to do with all these illegal alien kids? At this point and in this specific regard it doesn't matter that Obama created the problem; now it must be addressed. Providing these kids with basic needs (food, water, shelter, basic medical care) until they can be deported seems to be about as "Christian" as possible. Do you have a better idea?

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Obama seeks $3.7 billion to deal with border kids July 11, 2014 at 10:12 a.m.

Hey dontsuffer - I guess you missed the part where I SPECIFICALLY noted the law and some of its component parts. My arguments are strong because they are based on solid evidence supported by fact and critical thought. Sorry if it overwhelms your mental capacity, but it is what it is.
Hey FSM - Are those elements of DACA you listed either/or, or all-inclusive? For example, how does a 12-year old attain a GED? Since DACA was not passed by Congress, as with Simpson-Mazzoli, the administration of DACA is at the whim of the Obama Administration. As I said, comparing DACA to Simpson-Mazzoli is simply foolish. Again, the reason for the influx of illegal aliens under BH Obama is due to Obama's policies and attitude about illegals and the rule of law. DACA, Obamcare, the DREAM Act, and his refusal to even use the term "illegal alien" have created a perception (real and otherwise) that America welcomes illegals. Community organizers in Central America are using Obama's words and policies to spur the illegal migration. Why does BH Obama refuse to use the term "illegal alien"? The answer to that question alone illustrates why the influx is taking place under Obama's reign.

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Shots fired as teens removed from Harry Potter screening July 11, 2014 at 9:49 a.m.

Hey Populist - Wrong again, liberal breath. The problem at its root is failed liberal social policies that have decimated the black community with crime, poverty, low educational attainment, and cradle to grave government dependence. The "baby" momma" culture sums it all up. Odds are most of the kids involved in the melee were born to unwed moms. Odds are their moms have more than one bastard kid. Odds are mom had her first child before the age of 21. Odds are mom and the kids receive various forms of direct "government aid". Odds are mom voted for Obama. You voted for Obama, Pop, you own the very situation of which you complain. Are you Democrats ashamed yet?

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Obama seeks $3.7 billion to deal with border kids July 10, 2014 at 2:51 p.m.

Hey FSM - U talking about the Simpson-Mazzoli Act? If so, I must ask a question before answering the question you asked: Are you incapable of critical thought, or just fence post dumb?
This didn't happen after Simpson-Mazzoli because Simpson-Mazzoli applied to people ALREADY in America. The cutoff date was 1-1-82. Illegals arriving after that date were unceremoniously deported regardless of age. Now, BH Obama has sent the message in no uncertain terms that illegals, especially children, are welcome anytime under the DREAM Act and DACA. Ever heard of DACA, FSM? BH unilaterally enacted this amnesty for kids law a couple of years back and some 500,000 illegals have been taken under Obama's wing (read taxpayer's wing) since its enactment. Again, Obama did this UNILATERALLY. You should also know Simpson-Mazzoli set the bar very high for the granting of citizenship, including a fine and admission of guilt for breaking immigration laws, payment of back taxes, minimum continuous residency requirements, tests on knowledge of US History and Government, and demonstrated proficiency using the English language. To compare what Obama has done and continues to do (DREAM Act, Obamacare, DACA) with Simpson-Mazzoli is a fool's errand. Would that make you a fool, FSM?

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Obama pressed on religious exemption July 10, 2014 at 9:50 a.m.

Hey 23Cal - The government subsidizes bigotry all the time. Go to pretty much any major college campus that receives public funds and you will find any sort of "bigoted" organization on campus the relies on public funds to exist including those that are bigoted against Christians, bigoted against gun owners, bigoted against pro-lifers, bigoted against white people, and bigoted against free speech.

The real issue here is equating a lifestyle choice as some sort of civil right and then balancing this false assumption with a fundamental right specifically noted in the US Constitution. How do you know if someone is GBLTQ? Answer this, 23: A racist, sexist, homophobe is interviewing three people for a job - a black heterosexual male, a heterosexual Asian female, and a white gay male. Who gets the job and why, 23?
Hey Vickie - You really need to read the Hobby Lobby ruling. It was extremely narrow in scope and all this hand-wringing by the left is nothing more than an attempt to energize the liberal female vote for the fall elections. The ruling was very clear and specific. Does it traverse a slippery slope regarding religious beliefs and the rule of law? Not if you read the opinion.

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Obama seeks $3.7 billion to deal with border kids July 10, 2014 at 9:32 a.m.

Hey dontsuffer - How easy it is to dismiss a winning argument as "rhetoric" when you have nothing in return. What's driving Hispanic votes to Democrats is the lure of "free" government stuff handed out like candy by socialist/liberal Democrats. But not all Hispanics feel that way - you need to keep that in mind. Your stereotyping of Hispanics is quite telling of your own bigotry. And the DREAM Act is not THE problem. The problem is the message BH Obama sends to the world about America being a safe haven for illegal aliens. Did I mention Obamacare as part of that message? "Also, I don't see how 50,000 detained kids is a crisis for a country with our resources." Of course you don't. You are a liberal that has no problem spending other people's money. And until those kids learn to speak English, their classroom experience will be tragic.
Hey 3rdWorld - "It's bad people taking advantage of desperate people." Are you talking about ACORN or those coyotes in Central America? What's funny (no, actually it is very sad) is the way liberals refuse to acknowledge the real problem. If America welcomes these kids with open arms and provides them health care, shelter, education, and whatever sort of government assistance the liberal do-gooders can imagine, what is the incentive NOT to continue the stream of illegal aliens headed for America?

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Medical marijuana falls short on signatures July 9, 2014 at 9:36 p.m.

Hey NoUser - My contention is simply that this nation has a system in place to approve medications, a system with which you seem to agree having admitted the FDA exists for that specific purpose. Again, is THC the only chemical found in cannabis? Once cannabis reaches a certain temperature and is inhaled in the body, are all of those chemicals and chemical reactions approved as well? Didn't think so, NoUser.
Hey FSM - Even though it's comical to think of "The Nation" as an objective source, what you report is irrelevant to the question of influencing the operations of the FDA. MADD is against legalized dope smoking too. You have something bad to say about MADD?

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Obama seeks $3.7 billion to deal with border kids July 9, 2014 at 9:22 p.m.

Hey dontsuffer - My source is critical thought and common sense. I know original ideas among libs is rare but they are actually quite common among conservatives. The fact is these illegal aliens are actively seeking to get "caught". These illegals are standing along heavily used roads and clearings literally waiting on the authorities. Don't take my word for it, do your own research and check out the first hand accounts from people that are there. Local (border town) news outlets are a great place to start. The "coyotes" organizing the illegal migration from Central America are the American version of ACORN. Same intent, different tactics. Pat yourself on the back for recognizing the similarities.
Hey 23Cal - BH Obama has used the bully pulpit of POTUS for quite some time to tell the world about the DREAM Act and his support of immigration reform that includes a fast track to citizenship. He's spent much time and effort throwing out the proverbial welcome mat to illegal aliens. Want more proof (aside from his tireless touting the DREAM Act and immigration reform/Amnesty Made Easy)? Obama and his administration refuse to use the term "illegal alien" and prefer to use the sanitized language of an illegal immigration friendly tone. Instead of using true, plain language, the Obama administration says things like "immigrants to this country that don't have a legal basis for remaining here". Bull$hit! They are not immigrants. They are illegal aliens breaking the law. True immigrants play by the rules. This uniquely crafted language is more evidence of Obama being at fault for the current flood of illegal aliens. Perhaps if BH would just start using the term "illegal aliens" the welcome mat wouldn't seem quite so welcome, don't you think?

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Slippery sources July 9, 2014 at 3:07 p.m.

Excellent article! Ms. Looper highlights the need for critical thought and questioning anything we are told to be true.

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Footage in ad will be cut, says Pryor campaign July 9, 2014 at 2:59 p.m.

Hey Populist -Tom Cotton did not vote against aid to the needy. He voted against the obscene political practice of adding pork to otherwise worthy bills. You should be proud of a man like Tom Cotton who bucks the Washington establishment in favor of what is best for taxpayers. Instead, you deride and mischaracterize his votes. What's your opinion, Populist, about Mark Pryor shamelessly and abhorrently using the devastation wrought by a tornado for political gain?

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