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Projects Withdrawn from 2015 Bid Openings

Projects Withdrawn from 2015 Bid Openings  
CountyRouteProject Name
Ashley & Drew165Drew Co. Line-North & South (Mill & Inlay) (S)
Benton59Sulphur Springs-Spavinaw Creek (Overlay) (S)
Benton12Springtown-Hwy. 279 (Overlay & Shoulders) (S)
Boone- - -Main St./Rush Ave. Signal Rehab. (Harrison) (S)
BradleyCR 2Co. Rd. 4-Co. Rd. 134 (Surfacing) (S)
Carroll62Co. Rd. 704-West of Hwy. 103 South (S)
Carroll21Hwy. 62-Indian Creek (Overlay) (S)
Chicot144Hwy. 65-Hwy. 257 (Overlay) (S)
Clay90Boydsville-East (Sel. Sec.) (Overlay) (S)
Cleburne25Hwy. 25 Spur-Locust Grove (Passing Lanes) (S)
Columbia79Louisiana State Line-Hwy. 98 (Overlay) (S)
Craighead49Old Bridger Rd.-Paragould Dr. (Jonesboro) (Overlay) (S)
Crittenden77Hwy. 61-Hwy. 42 (Overlay) (S)
Cross42Gum Slough-Wolfpen Slough (Overlay & Shoulders) (S)
Dallas8Hwy. 9-West (Overlay) (S)
Desha1So. of Watson-Hwy. 165 (Overlay) (S)
Faulkner107Pulaski Co. Line-Hwy. 64B (Overlay) (S)
Franklin23Hwy. 352-Rock Creek (Sel. Sec.) (Overlay) (S)
Grant35Saline Co. Line-Hwy. 167B (Sel. Secs.) (Overlay) (S)
Hempstead67Red River-Peavine Creek (Overlay) (S)
Hempstead278No. of Hwy. 32-Hope (Overlay) (S)
Hot Spring67Hwy. 270B-North (Sel. Secs.) (Overlay) (S)
Hot Spring84Social Hill-Hwy. 171 (Overlay) (S)
Independence167CR 80 (Antioch Road)-South City Limits Cave City (F)
Independence394Hwy. 69-West (Overlay) (S)
Izard & Fulton289Hwy. 56-Hwy. 62 (Overlay) (S)
Jackson18Hwy. 17-Hwy. 367 (Overlay) (S)
Johnson359Hwy. 315-South (Overlay) (S)
Lawrence25Lake Charles State Park-Powhatan (Overlay) (S)
Lee243Hwy. 79-Hwy. 1 (Overlay & Shoulders) (S)
Lee & Phillips1Walnut Corner-Cypress Corner (S)
Little River32 & 32YHwy. 32/Hwy. 32Y Signal (Ashdown) (S)
Little River41C.R. 114-Foreman (Overlay) (S)
Logan22West of Hwy. 393-Yell Co. Line (Overlay) (S)
Lonoke89 & 236Furlow-North (Overlay) (S)
Madison16Washington Co. Line-East (Overlay) (S)
Mississippi18BNSF RR-End State Maint. (Armorel) (Overlay) (S)
Monroe302Clarendon-No. of Hwy. 241 (Overlay & Shoulders) (S)
Montgomery88Polk Co. Line-Franklin Creek (Overlay) (S)
Ouachita278Nevada Co. Line-East (Overlay) (S)
Perry155Hwy. 10-North (Overlay) (S)
Phillips44Bee Bayou Str. & Apprs. (S)
Phillips44Lakeview City Limits-Hwy. 85 (Overlay) (S)
Pike27 & 301Murfreesboro (Sel. Secs.) (Overlay) (S)
Poinsett63Terrel Rd. Overpass-St. Francis River (Overlay) (S)
Polk88Mena-East (Overlay) (S)
Pope326Hwy. 64-Skyline Dr. (Russellville) (Overlay) (S)
Pulaski30 & 430I-30/I-430 Interchange Impvt. (L.R.) (Ph. II) (S)
Pulaski & Saline111I-30-South (Overlay) (S)
Randolph115So. of Maynard-Hwy. 166 (Overlay) (S)
Saline5Hwy. 9-North (Overlay) (S)
Scott71Polk Co. Line-North (Hwy. 71) (Overlay) (S)
Sebastian96Hwy. 10-Flat Rock Creek (Overlay) (S)
St. Francis40Fishing Lake Str. & Apprs. (S)
St. Francis70S. Powell St.-Crow Creek (Mill & Inlay) (S)
Stone66South Sylamore Creek-East (Passing Lane) (S)
Stone5Sylamore Creek-White River (Overlay) (S)
Union167Hwy. 7-North & South (Overlay) (S)
Washington112Razorback Rd.-Garland Ave. (Hwy. 112) (Fayetteville) (S)
Woodruff64Hwy. 145-Hwy. 64 (Overlay) (S)
Yell7Hwy. 28-No. of Centerville (Overlay) (S)