Text of Prewett letters released

Read the full text of emails from Teresa Prewett On Dec. 7, 2006. The first was sent to Mitch Mustain, former quarterback of the Arkansas Razorbacks. The second was sent to Athletic Director Frank Broyles.

Editor's note: The following texts were taken from emails sent to Wally Hall, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Assistant Managing Editor/Sports.

Text of Email from Teresa Prewett sent to Mitch Mustain Dec. 7, 2006

From: "Teresa Prewett" [tppt@swbell.net]

Date: December 7, 2006 11:28:09 AM CST

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Subject: FW:

From: Teresa Prewett [mailto:tppt@swbell.net]

Sent: Thursday, December 07, 2006 11:09 AM

To: 'mmustain@uark.edu'


Hello Mr. Interception King:

Are you having a good morning? I'm sure you are since your precious name is in the paper again. Why in the hell did you come to Arkansas? I've been a Hog fan since birth, and a season ticket holder since 1985, and my parents were before that. Who in the hell do you think you are? Do you really think because you just walked onto campus that you need to be the starting QB? Competition scares the shit out of you doesn't it little boy? This is the SEC for goodness sakes, and by watching you attempting to read defenses in the SEC, it is beyond evident that you were nowhere ready. Your completion to interception ratio was a joke, and you have zero leadership abilities. This isn't Springdale High School anymore, and you need to take your letter jacket off and realize that. This is the real world. Yes, you did win 8 games as a starter, but you were only starting at that point because Casey Dick was hurt. In winning those 8 games, you need to go back to the film room and see that the main reason those games were won was because of McFadden, Jones, the offensive line, and the play of the defense. You did hand the ball off pretty well. You also need to buy Marcus Monk some lunch for saving you another interception against Auburn since the ball was so underthrown. Every once in a blue moon you would throw a touchdown pass, but usually after 3 interceptions. I'm sure you have the talent to become an outstanding QB on the collegiate level, but I hope that it's not at Arkansas. You can win the Heisman for all I care, but please not as a Hog. Please transfer. All you've been since you walked onto campus is a cancer, and your mother is no exception.

You called Coach Nutt a "dork" in your article. Amazing. You know, I was sitting with a large group of people watching your interview that was aired on Game Day before the Tennessee game, you know, the interview where you had on those glasses that made you look like a fag? I'm sure you remember. Anyhow, everyone in that room started laughing, calling you the dork. Why is it that you came to Arkansas again? Was it so your mommie could be close by to change your diaper, or was it because you thought having your lover Gus on the sideline would make playing in the SEC easier? What a joke! Gus can't even adjust to the speed of the game in the SEC. Do you think Charlie Weiss at Notre Dame would be putting up with your bull shit? God, do I ever wish you would have gone to Notre Dame. Too bad I'm not Coach Nutt today. If so, I'd be having Tim Cheney sew lace around your jock straps, but that would be after I let you hang out face to face in a private meeting with the offensive and defensive lineman I think I'd even throw Butu in for the meeting. Did I mention that I want you to transfer? Helen Keller could read defenses in the SEC better than you.

Well, I've wasted enough time on you today. I'm sure it's time for your breast feeding. Did I mention that I want you to transfer. The next time you think you and your girls are bigger than any one program you better think again. I would love for you to be able to have a lengthy conversation with Chris Simms, former QB with the Texas Longhorns. He arrived on campus his freshman year in a limo thinking he was the next All Everything, was a smart ass to his coaches, was selfish, pouty, and the prime example of what a "team" player is not. His teammates couldn't stand him, the fans grew to hate him, and he never won a championship. He was finally benched for a QB that had won the Big 12 player of the year award the year before. You see, he walked onto campus thinking the starting position should be handed to him without competition, and it was. He didn't bring it to practice everyday, he was quoted in newspapers showing his lack of character, he blamed everyone else when HE had a bad game:.Sound familiar? He never EARNED the respect of his teammates, coaches, fans, etc:He too was a spoiled brat. He was nicknamed by everyone "The Golden Child" because that's what HE thought he was. Funny how the smaller, more competitive QB named Major Applewhite, with less credentials, came to lead them to a Big 12 Championship. Funny how that works isn't it?

Grow up little boy. Oh, by the way, did I mention that I want you to transfer?


Text of Email from Teresa Prewett sent To Athletic Director Frank Broyles Dec. 7, 2006

From: "Teresa Prewett" [tppt@swbell.net]

Date: December 7, 2006 1:14:39 PM CST

To: [ddunn@fwdunnins.com], [hdnx6@aol.com], [anuttycrew@cox.net], [cathynutt@cox.net], [dprewett@3wco.com], [wendy.l.johnson@usdoj.gov], [whall@arkansasonline.com], [jfinton@onr-inc.com]

Subject: FW: Coach Broyles

From: Teresa Prewett [mailto:tppt@swbell.net]

Sent: Thursday, December 07, 2006 1:13 PM

To: 'dhubbard@mail.uark.edu'

Subject: Coach Broyles

Coach Broyles:

I hope this finds you doing well. I'm writing to you today to express to you my deep disgust with what is transpiring at the University of Arkansas in the football department. As you know, I have been a season ticket holder since 1985 in football, I am a Wild Hog donor to the foundation since 2000, and I was a Tush Hog donor from 1998 to 2000. I became a donor to the foundation before I came to know of the Nutt family personally. I began contributing the year Houston was hired because I was so excited that the program was headed in such a wonderful direction. I then increased my donation in 2000. I am also a season ticket holder in basketball and baseball. If I could afford to give even more money to the program I would, and I'm not even an alumni. With all of that being said, I believe that I have some small "right" to voice my opinion to you.

You are a smart man, and you have done a great deal for the University of Arkansas. Our facilities are the best in the country by far, and I appreciate all you have done. You know that I have not always agreed with some of your decisions, and I have voiced those to you in the past. Today I come to you hoping that you will hear my plea. I have never seen such turmoil that has occurred over a group of athletes (Springdale kids), their parents, and Gus. The entire program is being affected because of this child-like behavior by all of them. Since when does a Division I program let a group of 18 year olds, their parents, and their former high school coach dictate what occurs on the field? I have never seen anything like this in my life, and it is so embarrassing. I'm sure that you brought in Gus partly due to the Springdale kids wavering on their commitments, but it wasn't worth it. If they didn't really want to be a Hog then they should have gone elsewhere. Why in the world would you want to run the hurry up no huddle offense when you have McFadden, Jones, and one powerful offensive line that dominated most games? I understand that you have to have some sort of passing game for everything to work, but my goodness, why try to change things so drastically? The few college teams that run the hurry up no huddle offense in Division I seem to run out of gas by the fourth quarter because their own defenses are on the field so much, exp:Texas Tech. They may score tons of points, and in a hurry, buy they cannot stop anyone else from scoring in the second half. Unless your defense is about 3 deep in all positions, good luck. The Hogs had two 1000 yd. rushers this year, the best tandem in the country, and we will be watching on national T.V. tonight as McFadden most likely accepts the Doak Walker Award, and again watching Sat. as the first Razorback is sitting on stage for the Heisman Trophy Award. What great national attention the Hogs will be getting, and what a plug for recruiting it could be. However, we are sitting here in Arkansas today reading an article in the state-wide newspaper about Mitch Mustain blasting Houston Nutt. That is awful! I wish with all that I have that none of the Springdale bunch would have ever stepped on campus. None of them, except Andrew Norman, wanted to be a Hog in the first place. I cannot believe any of this is being tolerated, and hopefully you must know that Gus has his hand in some of this mess. The Hogs just finished a 10-3 season, SEC Western Division Champion, currently ranked 12
in the nation, Houston named SEC Coach of the Year by the AP and his peers, Regional Coach of the Year, and is being mentioned as National Coach of the Year. He has been named SEC Coach of the year 3 times in 9 seasons, won 3 divisional championships, and taken us to 7 bowls in 9 years. Houston has assisted in raising millions and millions of dollars for the foundation, and it was Houston that brought back life to high school football in Arkansas. Danny Ford had managed to destroy relationships with all high school coaches in the state. It was so important that Houston was able to do this, my case in point being our entire defensive line, McFadden, etc: Houston has his Hog's graduating unless they leave early for the NFL, attendance is out of the roof, and he gathered this young group off of the turf after losing 50-15 at home to win 10 straight. Houston has done all of this occurring in the toughest conference in the country. All of this occurring with the Hogs being investigated and /or on probation for three of those years. Houston has accomplished this while being at one of the smallest schools in the SEC, where recruiting is a constant war, thanks in part to Nolan being a racist himself with his previous comments. While some of the bigger SEC schools such as Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Auburn, LSU, etc.. have enough depth at each position to afford injuries at key positions, Arkansas does not have the same pleasure. My case in point is losing Fairchild, Grant, and then Hewitt and Butu having significant injuries. This is the way it is at Arkansas, and the way it always has been, but with that being said, look at what Houston has done! Now, he is being crucified by not playing the Springdale punks as much as they and their parents seem warranted. Was I watching the same football season as they were? Houston is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. We are going to lose him over all of this, and at that point, I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with my Hog loyalty. If a good play occurs, it has to be Gus making the call, and a play doesn't work, it has to be Houston's fault. You've created a monster with this Springdale mess, and we are going to be losing someone very special because of it. No amount of money is worth having to put up with a group of young men and their parents being able to dictate what occurs on the football field, and I know that no where else in this country does this occur.

All of this brings a black cloud over a tremendous year a year where we were not picked to do anything. I hope, as athletic director at the University of Arkansas, you put a stop to this childish behavior, and please, I beg you, before you make a decision to hire a coordinator on either side of the ball, please make sure that coach has left his high school whistle, letter jacket, championship ring, and resume at home. This is the SEC, and this is where the big boys play. Gus was not ready mentally, physically, nor it appears, emotionally.