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Candidates who have filed through Monday's deadline for non-judicial races:


U.S. Senate

Mark Pryor, 45, Little Rock, U.S. senator.

U.S. House Representatives

1st District

Marion Berry, 65, Gillett, U.S. representative.

2nd District

Vic Snyder, 60, Little Rock, U.S. representative.

4th District

Mike Ross, 46, Prescott, U.S. representative.

Arkansas Senate

District 2

Randy Laverty, 54, Jasper, state senator.

District 7

Sue Madison, 60, Fayetteville, state senator.

District 12

David Wyatt, 58, Batesville, farmer, rancher and state representative.

District 17

Jim Luker, 66, Wynne, state senator.

Denny Sumpter, 29, West Memphis, state representative.

District 20

Scott Sullivan, 46, De Queen, rancher/farmer and state representative.

Larry Teague, 49, Nashville, insurance agent.

District 23

Jerry Taylor, 70, Pine Bluff, state senator.

District 24

Jimmy Jeffress, 60, Crossett, retired school teacher, state senator.

District 25

Gene Jeffress, 59, Louann, retired teacher, state senator.

District 26

Percy Malone, 65, Arkadelphia, pharmacist, businessman, state senator.

District 30

Joe White, 64, Conway, business owner.

District 31

Mary Anne Salmon, 68, North Little Rock, consultant and state senator.

District 32

David Johnson, 39, Little Rock, attorney and state representative.

District 33

Irma Hunter Brown, 69, Little Rock, state senator.

Joyce Elliott, 56, Little Rock, director of legislative outreach.

Arkansas House Representatives

District 1

Steve Harrelson, 44, Texarkana, attorney, state representative.

District 2

Larry Cowling, 55, Foreman, farmer, business owner and state representative.

District 3

David "Bubba" Powers, 53, Hope, juvenile court officer, state representative.

District 4

Bruce Maloch, 50, of Magnolia, banker, attorney, rancher, state representative.

District 5

Willie R. Hardy, 55, Camden, state representative.

District 6

John Lowery, El Dorado.

District 7

Yancey Kyle, 28, Smackover, director of emergency management.

James McMenis, 59, Smackover, attorney.

Garry L. Smith, 56, Camden, justice of the peace.

District 8

Gregg Reep, 53, Warren, consultant and state representative.

District 9

Eddie L. Cheatham, 60, Crossett, retired educator, state representative.

District 10

Allen Maxwell, 64, Monticello, retired.

District 11

David Rainey, 62, Dumas, educator and state representative.

District 12

Robert S. Moore Jr., 63, Arkansas City, farmer/attorney and state representative.

District 13

Clark M. Hall, 60, Marvell, farmer, state representative.

District 14

Jerry Lee Bogard, Stuttgart.

Tiffany Rogers, 44, Stuttgart, director Department of Continuing Education, Phillips Community College of the U of A-Stuttgart.

District 15

Walls McCrary, 64, Lonoke, retired.

District 16

Donald E. Warren Sr., 43, Pine Bluff, attorney.

James L. Word, 54, Pine Bluff, housing director.

Delton Wright, 52, Pine Bluff, self-employed.

District 17

Stephanie Flowers, 54, of Pine bluff, attorney and state representative.

District 18

Toni Bradford, 65, Pine Bluff, state representative.

District 19

Bobby J. Pierce, 57, Sheridan, state representative.

District 20

Johnnie J. Roebuck, 65, Arkadelphia, state representative.

District 21

Steve Cole, 44, Lockesburg, educator.

George A. Hallman, 68, Ben Lomond, retired truck driver.

J. Frank Scott, 63, of De Queen, co-op director.

District 22

Bill Abernathy, 73, Mena, retired college administrator, state representative.

District 23

Randy Stewart, 56, Kirby, retired teacher, cattle farmer.

District 24

R.D. "Rick" Saunders, 65, Hot Springs, state representative.

District 25

Gene Shelby, 57, Hot Springs, physician and state representative.

District 26

Mike Burris, 61, of Malvern, state representative.

District 27

Dawn Creekmore, 43, of Hensley, state representative.

District 28

Lamont B. Cornwell, 60, Benton, state representative.

Barbara Nix, 58, Benton, teacher.

District 29

Mike Beckwith, 47, Benton, sales.

Scott Smith, 34, Bryant, business owner.

District 33

Fred Allen, 54, Little Rock, state representative.

District 34

Wilhelmina Lewellen, 70, Little Rock, state representative.

District 35

Pam Adcock, 46, Little Rock, state representative.

District 36

Charles King, 51, Little Rock, self-employed.

Darrin Williams, 39, Little Rock, attorney.

District 37

Kathy Webb, 58, Little Rock, small business owner, state representative.

District 38

Jeff Dailey, 36, Little Rock, Acxiom.

John C. Edwards, 47, Little Rock, attorney.

District 39

Roosevelt H. Dwayne Dobbins, 44, North Little Rock, consultant, former state representative.

District 40

Barry Hyde, 51, of North Little Rock, builder and state representative.

District 42

Val Yagos, 43, Jacksonville, business owner.

District 43

Jim Nickels, 60, Sherwood, educator.

District 44

Mark Perry, 46, Jacksonville, insurance and financial services.

District 45

Terry Fiddler, 59, Conway, dentist.

Linda S. Tyler, 59, Conway.

District 46

Robbie Wills, 39, Conway, attorney and state representative.

District 47

Eddie C. Hawkins, 57, Vilonia, state representative.

District 49

Johnny Wheetley, 47, Judsonia, crop consultant.

Kieth Williams, 60, Beebe, associate professor.

District 50

Monty Betts, Searcy, school superintendent.

District 51

David K. Dunn, 43, Forrest City, executive director the Forrest City Chamber Commerce and state representative.

District 52

Nancy Duffy Blount, 59, Marianna, businessman, state representative.

District 53

Keith M. Ingram, 52, West Memphis, businessman.

District 54

Otis Davis, 52, Earle, pastor, state representative.

District 55

Tommy Lee Baker, 64, Osceola, state representative.

District 56

Buddy Lovell, 63, Marked Tree, consultant and state representative.

District 57

Jerry Brown, 61, Wynne, state representative.

District 58

L.J. Bryant, 21, Newport, self-employed.

Jerry Carlew, 73, Newport, retired.

Jamie Darling, 35, Tuckerman, business owner.

Jody Dickinson, 67, Newport, retired.

District 59

Lance Reynolds, 38, Quitman state representative.

District 60

Johnny Hoyt, 56, Morrilton, state representative.

District 61

Nathan George, 53, Dardanelle, state representative.

District 62

Bill Walters, 64, of Greenwood, attorney and former state senator.

District 64

Mike Bock, 61, Fort Smith.

District 65

Mark Horada, Fort Smith.

Tracy Pennartz, 59, Fort Smith, state representative.

District 67

Steve Breedlove, 47, Greenwood, state representative.

District 68

Thomas Akin, 54, Russellville, self-employed.

District 69

George Overbey, Jr., 59, Lamar, retired and state representative.

District 70

J. Patrick Bewley, 32, Russellville, marketing.

District 71

Eddie Cooper, 42, Melbourne, state representative.

District 72

Vickie Critcher, Batesville.

James McLean, 38, Batesville, funeral director.

District 74

Jason L. Whitley, 30, Jonesboro, manager for The Mall at Turtle Creek in Jonesboro.

Butch Wilkins, 61, of Bono, retired.

District 75

Joan Cash, Jonesboro, state representative.

District 76

Ray Kidd, 65, Jonesboro, state representative.

District 77

Charolette Wagner, 61, Manila, state representative.

District 78

Dr. Billy W. Gaskill, 78, Paragould, retired and state representative.

District 79

Mike Patterson, 54, Piggott, real-estate developer and state representative.

District 80

David Ray Cook, 58, Williford, state representative.

District 81

Danny K. Rowe, 45, Mountain Home, businessman.

District 82

Curren Everett, 59, of Salem, businessman and state representative.

District 84

John Paul Wells, 53, Paris, state representative,

District 85

Mark Steven Fowler, 48, Harrison, architect.

Bill Witty, 45, Harrison, used car dealer.

District 86

Monty Davenport, 59, Yellville, state representative.

District 87

Earl J. Hunton, 41, Prairie Grove, farmer.

District 88

Uvalde Lindsey, 67, Fayetteville.

District 89

Jim House, 59, Fayetteville, state representative.

District 91

David A. Stoppel, 50, Eureka Springs, retired fire chief.

District 92

Lindsley Smith, 44, Fayetteville, state representative.


U.S. House Representatives

3rd District

John Boozman, 57, Rogers, U.S. representative.

Arkansas Senate

District 1

Johnny Key, 39, Mountain Home, state representative.

District 3

Ruth Whitaker, 71, of Cedarville, state senator.

District 4

Sharon Trusty, 62, Russellville, state senator.

District 8

Cecile Bledsoe, 63, Rogers, retired, a state representative in 1999-2004.

District 9

Kim Hendren, 70, of Gravette, engineer, businessman and state senator.

District 30

Gilbert Baker, 51, Conway, retired educator, state senator.

Arkansas House Representatives

District 3

Evelyn Joyce Bradford, 41, Nashville.

District 15

Doug Hatcher, 57, Ward, railroad engineer.

District 28

David McCoy, 43, Benton, attorney.

District 29

Ann Clemmer, 49, Bryant, UALR professor.

J. Brett Hooton, 25, Bryant, Acxiom.

Bud Lidzy, 44, of Bryant.

District 30

Bill Sample, 61, of Hot Springs, business owner and state representative.

District 31

Daniel Greenberg, 42, of Little Rock, businessman and state representative.

District 32

Allen Kerr, 51, Little Rock, Insurance and financial services agent.

District 34

Herbert Broadway, Little Rock.

District 38

Kelly Eichler, 43, Little Rock, attorney.

Ed Linck, Little Rock.

District 41

Ed Garner, 50, Maumelle, state representative.

District 42

Jane English, 67, North Little Rock, retired.

District 43

Steven Meckfessel, 40, Sherwood, builder.

Tom Raley, 49, Sherwood, manager.

District 45

Bill Fechtelkotter cq, 32, Conway, sales and marketing.

District 48

Randy Minton, 56, Ward, businessman, farmer, former state representative.

Davy Carter, 32, of Cabot, attorney.

District 49

Jonathan Dismang, 38, Beebe, chief financial officer.

District 50

Kyle Reeves, 43, Searcy, television consultant.

District 62

Terry Rice, 53, Waldron, business owner.

District 63

Frank Glidewell, 63, of Fort Smith, contractor and state representative.

District 64

Stephanie Malone, 29, Fort Smith, advertising.

Brandon Woodrome , 20, Fort Smith, construction.

District 66

Rick Green, 51, Van Buren, state representative.

District 67

John Van Gorder, 39, Greenwood, contractor.

District 68

Andrea Lea , 51, Russellville, a political consultant.

District 70

Robert E. Dale, 61, Dover, banker.

District 73

Chad Moseley, 34, Walnut Ridge, teacher.

District 81

Karen Hopper, Lakeview.

Gary D. Hunter, 59, Mountain Home, fast food owner.

District 83

Beverly Pyle, 56, Cedarville, state representative.

District 85

John Burris, Harrison.

District 87

Mark Martin, 40, Prairie Grove, engineer, state representative.

District 89

Gene Long, 56, Springdale, insurance sales.

District 90

Roy Ragland, 41, Marshall, pastor, farmer, state representative.

District 91

Bryan B. King, 39, Berryville, poultry/cattle farmer, state representative.

District 93

Jon Woods, 30, Springdale, insurance/real-estate and state representative.

District 94

Les "Skip" Carnine, Rogers.

District 95

Duncan Baird, Lowell, securities trader.

Linda Bisbee, 54, Rogers.

District 96

Debra Hobbs, 52, Rogers, executive director of Students of Arkansas Voter Education.

District 97

Jonathan Barnett, 53, Siloam Springs, general contractor.

District 98

Donna Hutchinson, 58, Bella Vista, state representative.

District 99

Vickey Boozman, 61, Cave Springs, homemaker.

Tim Summers, 63, Bentonville, executive director of a nonprofit organization.

District 100

Byron Warren, 35, Gravette, a firefighter.

Mary L. Slinkard, 64, Gravette, county clerk.

Prosecuting Attorney

12th Judicial District

Daniel Shue, 49, Fort Smith, chief deputy prosecuting attorney.


The following candidates filed a notice to run as independents. They won't be official candidates until they submit petitions to get on the ballot. Filing deadline for the petitions is by noon on May 1, and candidates have to submit signatures totaling 3 percent of the votes in the previous governor's race cast in the district, or 10,000 signatures.

U.S. Senate

Don Hamrick, Wilburn.

Richard D. Percefull, Bismark.

Arkansas House of Representatives

District 13

Mal Stokes, Jr., Barton.

District 15

Trent Eilts , 36, Cabot, engineer for Eastman Kodak.

District 34

Robert C. Webb, Little Rock.

District 48

John Wayne Harty, 44, Cabot, telecom engineer.

District 54

Robert "Bob" Philyaw, Earle.

District 70

Jeff Hall, Clinton

Marjorie LeClair, Shirley

District 81

Bonnie B. Brown, Mountain Home.


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