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Second thoughts

by Tim Cooper | November 21, 2010 at 4:30 a.m.

— Different directions to victory

NFL Films has recently produced separate documentaries of Tom Landry and Bill Parcells.

In his dealings and research of both coaches, NFL Films president Steve Sabol said he found “absolutely” no similarities between the two coaches, although both were winning coaches.

“Landry was always the same in dealing with players,” Sabol said. “Parcells could joke with a player one minute and in the next minute challenge the same player’s manhood.

“Landry never understood us. All he knew of us was that we invented the term ‘America’s Team,’ and he hated it. He thought all that did was motivate teams to play harder against the Cowboys.

“Parcells had no problem letting us in, but he would make us sweat to get through the door.

Every time we asked, he delayedcalling us back, and then he had to establish what he called ‘the rules of engagement.’ Then when we got there, he’d pick on us, accuse of getting in the way and ride the cameramen from start to finish. But we always got more stuff from him in one practice than we could get in three days with any other coach.”Keller vs. Keller

Dustin Keller is making a deal with Dustin Keller.

The New York Jets tight end has been in the process of launching hispersonal website and recently researched URL names he could use.

“Obviously, the ideal thing would be www.


com,” Keller said

Of course.

But there’s only one problem: Another Dustin Keller is already using it. That one is the director of the Council on Children’s Mental Health in Tennessee.

“It was weird to see that there’s another Dustin Keller out there,” the Jets player said.

“The guy’s a fan and we share the same name. It’s pretty cool.”

Keller’s publicists reached out to the other Keller and wanted to see if they could buy the URL from him. The counselor said he’d like to go to a Jets game and see the team’s facility in exchange.

“I said, ‘Cool, I’m definitelydown for that,’ ” the player said.

“It’ll also probably be a little cheaper in the long run.”

Keller and the Jets were scheduled to host the Keller from Tennessee and his family Friday at the team’s facility, and provide them with tickets to the game against Houston today.

“I’ve never been to New York, and I’m very excited about going and meeting a professional athlete who has similar interests as me,” Keller, the counselor, said. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.” Double duty

Ron Artest of the Los AngelesLakers has said after he retires from the NBA, he wants to play for an NFL team.

“Is he nuts?” wrote Janice Hough of leftcoastsportsbabe.

com. “While Artest is a great athlete, there’sno way the guy is ready to play professional football. Which means he’s already received an invitation to try out for the Buffalo Bills.”Quote of the day “These guys talk about

wanting to play at the

next level and earn money doing this. Now

they’re going to get a taste of what it’s really like.” Arkansas Coach John Pelphrey on an upcoming schedule similar to the NBA with three games in five days

Sports, Pages 26 on 11/21/2010

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