Mysterious holy tones

— Some call them the “holy tones.” Others refer to these distinctive sounds by their proper name: The Solfeggio frequencies.

But whatever you call the strains of ancient Gregorian chants used in the Catholic church in the centuries following Christ’s crucifixion, many believe these six unique frequencies can affect everything from our health to fragile psyches.

And that sort of, well, sets the tone (sorry) for today’s thoughts gleaned largely from an exhaustive article titled “Forgotten in Time: The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies.”

First understand that I’m not touting these sounds for anything other than the distinct tones they are: Vibrational frequencies detectable by our physical bodies.

However, quantum physics (basically the study of the smallest possible observable evidence of matter and energy) over the decades has proved how this experience of life that feels so solid and real is, at its most fundamental level, only vibrations of energy.

These are set to rhythms and frequencies in everything we sense, even our own bodies and the earth itself.

The late Bruce Tanio, who studied at Eastern Washington University, compiled a list of frequencies that exist within human organs. For instance, the brain of a genius measures about 10 vibrational points higher than the normal brain. And the physics term known as “Schumann’s Resonance” addresses the frequency pattern of the Earth itself. Some scientists believe that has been increasing of late.

From all I can tell, these holy tones are fascinating at worst and-at best-far more relevant to lifting our awareness of everything around us than we humans have realized.

The Solfeggios range in frequencies from 396 to 852 hertz. Each frequency, according to information attributed in the article to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, can play a different role in aspects of existence that range from easing guilt and fear to repairing DNA-even to spurring a person’s intuitive nature.

Yeah, I know. It sounds kinda like a touch of New Age hooey. Yet these ancient tones are anything but from a new age. They stem from church rituals used some 1,600 years ago. They were lost for many years until Dr. Joseph Puleo rediscovered and reintroduced them to the world, the article says.

The original frequencies were apparently used in Gregorian chants, such as the great hymn to St. John the Baptist, along with others that were said to have been lost centuries ago, according to the story about their history and effects found at the website. The chants themselves are reported to have been named after Pope Gregory.

These chants and their varying frequency levels of tones, “were believed to impart tremendous spiritual blessings when sung in harmony during religious masses,” the article continues. “For example, the third note, frequency 528, relates to the note ‘mi’ on the scale. . . . Stunningly, this is the exact frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair broken DNA-the genetic blueprint upon which life isbased.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin believes we humans are actually spiritual beings having a human of-thisfallen-world experience that consists of very-low-frequency vibrational patterns, which manifest as seemingly solid matter, according to the article. Albert Einstein agreed. He said when it comes to physical matter, we are actually dealing with forms of energy(atoms) whose different vibrations are reduced enough to become perceptible to the senses. In that respect, there would be no actual “matter” as such in our perceptible reality.

Studies with sand and water do reveal how differing sound frequencies will form different, specific physical patterns. Colors also have sound frequencies. The color blue, for instance, corresponds to the musical key of D, or 587 hertz. Molecules of water exposed to different frequencies display different crystal patterns.

All this leads us back into the evolving field of quantum physics where our very conscious state is seen as a “unified field” where everything is everything else and there are no actual boundaries. It’s instead a pure field of awareness that provides the miracle of consciousness. Science has proved that our bodies, comprised of atoms and their smaller components, are indeed energy, constantly vibrating at varying and extremely dense frequencies.

For me, this simply says the creator of our conscious state also formed all of the energy frequencies such as the Solfeggio tones. The Bible told us how, “In the beginning was the word . . .” Isn’t that another way of saying this world all began with vibrational sound patterns?

I don’t know what to specifically make of these frequencies that comprise the Gregorian chants. But I have a sneaking suspicion they matter more than we comprehend.

Perhaps it helps explain why so many of us are repulsed by acid rock and other high-pitched screechings minus a melody that supposedly passes for music today.

I also realize that some folks could care less about all this “frequency, genetic, biochemists” stuff. That’s fine, too. But I believe it’s still an interesting and relevant topic to this mysterious and fragile experience we call existence. If you’d care to explore moreabout this, hit the Internet to find the in-depth piece.



Mike Masterson is opinion editor of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s Northwest edition.

Editorial, Pages 77 on 07/31/2011

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