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David Kinnaman knows statistics. As president of the research company the Barna Group he tracks trends in matters of faith. While conducting interviews for his 2007 book unChristian, co-authored with Gabe Lyons, Kinnaman was startled to find that many young Christians shared the same negative views of the church as their nonchurchgoing peers.

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Religion, Pages 14 on 11/26/2011

Print Headline: Author studies why young Christians leave church

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  • NickieD
    November 26, 2011 at 6:50 p.m.

    Better education is one big reason for the falling away of youth from the make-believe.
    How could anyone with a decent education bring himself to believe in any of Christianity's (or any other Religions) rules, myths, and general unbelievable gibberish. There is no proof of a god, and surely, if there were a god someplace out there in space, he/she/it would have put in an appearance by now to help his/her/its creations out of the confusion they now find themselves. But no, no appearance by the all mighty, no burning bush or helpful words from the sky.... nothing.
    And that "nothing" speaks volumes, doesn't it?