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— About a year ago, someone brought a female redbone hound, along with her litter of puppies, to the Stone County Humane Society. Now, there are 15 redbone hound dogs at the shelter still waiting for someone to adopt them.

Although 2 acres along Arkansas 9 near Mountain View have been donated to the SCHS for a new shelter, the money isn’t available to construct the shelter. So most of the animals are being fostered at the homes of animal lovers. Out of the 35 dogs in the Humane Society’s care, 15 of them are redbone hounds, and Jane Malloy said she thinks that’s unusual for a shelter to have that many of one breed.

“The pregnant female was brought to us because of the economy, and the owner couldn’t take care of her,” Malloy said. “She had 11 puppies in that one litter. The other four were from another litter.”

The mother dog has since been spayed.

The dogs weigh from 40 to 75 pounds, Malloy said about the eight females and seven males.

“They are not easily adopted because they’re big dogs,” she said, “but they’re great family pets and companions.”

She also added that they are bred as hunting dogs.

And in order to adopt one of these dogs, Malloy said, potential parents must take a good look at their lifestyles.

“Our hounds are very lovable and would make an excellent family pet,” she said. “They enjoy being with their owners and family and are affectionate, as well as playful. Adult dogs grow to a large size and may not know how big and strong they are, when young, and could accidentally knock over an elderly adult or young child if [the dogsare] left untrained. They require a lot of exercise, and obedience training is recommended.”

Malloy said that before the SCHS allows dogs to be adopted, the adoptive families are interviewed.

“We talk to people and try to find out what their home life is like before we adopt any dog,” she said. “We try to match the dog with the owner.”

Malloy said she is also looking for qualified foster families to help with the rising volume of dogs.

With the help of Jerry Webber and the EAST Lab at Mountain View High School, Malloy said, plans have been drawn up for a 4,224-square-foot facility that will accommodate the currentstray-animal population and its projected growth over the next 50 years.

Malloy said now that the land has been secured and the plans for a shelter have been finalized, the Humane Society will continue to search and apply for grants to complete the proposed $650,000 building project. She said the facility will include a surgery room and prep area, an area in the lobby to view adaptable animals, and space for animalcare and education seminars.

For more information on the Stone County Humane Society or to donate to the shelter building fund, visit

To adopt one of the redbone hounds or any other dog at the shelter, call Carole at (870) 269-2704.

Staff writer Jeanni Brosius can be reached at (501) 244-4307 or

Three Rivers, Pages 47 on 03/15/2012

Print Headline: Homeless hounds

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