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The politician’s words captured the moment. “This is a historic time. . . and one side simply has to win out over the other.” It wasn’t Roosevelt describing the need to vanquish the Germans or George W. Bush echoing his call for a “war on terror.”

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Editorial, Pages 18 on 05/12/2012

Print Headline: Washington can’t be fixed


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  • Coralie
    May 12, 2012 at 11:23 a.m.

    Another propaganda/professor like Bradley Gitz only more mealy-mouthed.
    Hasen says "moderates of both parties are disappearing..." But what he doesn't say is that moderates in both parties are being replaced by Republicans or by more-right-wing Republicans. It's not like the Democrats are going farther Left.
    He says the two authors claim that Republicans are more to blame than Democrats for the extreme partisanship and inability to compromise-- "a charge which seems unfair."
    What on Earth is unfair about it? The differential is at least 70-30%. From Gingrich in 1994 to Mourcock in 2012.
    Hasen's notion is like this: if a fourth-grade bully is beating up on a first-grader, and the younger kid simply tries to defend himself, you haul them both off to the principal's office for fighting and both get the same penalty.