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  1. — Botany is the study of ———.

  2. Zoology is the study of ———.

  3. What are vertebrates?

  4. Insects are not vertebrates. What are they?

  5. How many legs have (a) spiders, (b) insects (c) lobsters?

  6. “Tabby” is a breed of cat. True or false.

  7. Some animals are able to regrow lost body parts. This is called ———.

  8. The leaves of ferns are called ———.

  9. What is the largest extant species of primates?


  1. Plants

  2. Animals

  3. Animals with a backbone (spinal column)

  4. Invertebrates

  5. (a) eight, (b) six, (c) 10

  6. False. Tabby is a specific pattern on a cat’s coat.

  7. Regeneration

  8. Fronds

  9. Gorilla

MovieStyle, Pages 39 on 11/02/2012

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Biology

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