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— Police in Benton are looking for two men who robbed the Taco Bueno off Interstate 30 at gunpoint Monday night.

The agency said in a news release officers were called to the fast-food restaurant at 20742 Interstate 30 about 9:30 p.m. after two men entered the business, displayed a pistol and demanded cash.

The robbers fled in a small dark-colored passenger car after getting an undisclosed amount of money, police said.

The robbers are described as black men who wore blue-and-white flannel shirts with hoods, jeans, tennis shoes and bandannas over their faces.

Taco Bueno in Benton robbed at gunpoint

Benton Police released this video of suspects who robbed the Taco Bueno at 20742 Interstate 30 around 9:30 p.m. Monday.
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    February 21, 2013 at 8:18 a.m.

    Goodness!!! Everybody take a chill pill!! We have a crime problem just like many other cities. We need to get tougher on crime, period. Race!?! Let's stop discussing that and post solutions. Perhaps our elected officials and state attorney's will read the posts and take action. I think our crime rate is high becuase our punishment is light. Otherwise, the penalty would not be worth the crime. In prison, if they go there, three meals a day, hang with friends, watch TV, get in shape, etc..... How about chain gangs, hard labor, etc. To me, criminals lose their rights when they commit crimes.

  • Populist
    February 21, 2013 at 10:23 a.m.

    Kids who live with decent people, go to good schools, and have access to quality recreational activities, are much less likely to commit crimes. As Mark Twain said in 1900, "Every time you stop a school, you will have to build a jail. What you gain at one end you lose at the other. It's like feeding a dog on his own tail. It won't fatten the dog." If the social workers do not take kids away from neglectful parents, if truancy officers do not keep the kids in schools, if law enforcement does not crack down on drugs, and if the community does not provide quality schools and recreational activities for its youth, you have a high crime rate. Little Rock is inhabited by some of the wealthiest people in the nation. The governor, mayor, school board etc. should go to them and ask for help. I am sure that they would be happy to help pay for a decent bridge if they had some naming rights. I have no problem with the Jackson T. Stephens Bridge, the Winthrop Paul Rockefeller Youth Center, Dillard High School etc. The politicians just seem to be cashing their paychecks and not earning their keep.

  • drs01
    February 21, 2013 at 11:57 a.m.

    We've become a nation of wussies . If we enforced harsher punishments for those who commit crimes, we wouldn't have to waste money on feel-good prevention programs, unnecessary "youth centers" etc. Take these kids on a day trips to Tucker. Show them what we do to those who break the law. But before we do, let's make prison a punishment, not a social club. Paroles? Never! As to Little Rock, we have a school board spending our tax money on lawyers to prevent Charter schools, rather than trying to improve the quality of education. We have liberals in the leg who think everyone should have a college education, and that is the "secret to our success" when we can't get over the 25% remedial rate for those who think they deserve to attend. In other words, we can't educate some of these dummies today, so let's pawn the off on our colleges. It's no wonder college costs are skyrocketing. Meanwhile, back to the Taco caper: Someone should have been carrying and using...we could have two less "lottery scholarships" to finance.

  • Packman
    February 21, 2013 at 3:04 p.m.

    Hey morebeer - Stop being a chickenspit and answer my questions. Maybe I should have said respect for "innocent life". Now, does that make you feel better? Those who deserve two the the chest, one to the head made choices that have consequences. There is no hypocrisy in wanting to save innocent lives while promoting justice for those who choose to commit violent crimes against their fellow man. "Hypocrite" - you might want to look up the definition..... So, morebeer, is it prima facie evidence that you are a racist if you are also pro Roe v Wade?

    Someone said there was a need to talk real solutions to the violent crime problem in America, and I agree. The first and best step is to vote Republican for conservative candidates who will be tough on crime, promote self-reliance and personal accountability over government handouts, refuse to engage in class warfare pitting American against American, suppport 2nd Amendment rights for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves, and will work to protect unborn children as opposed to supporting abortion on demand that de-values human life. Want to address violent crime in America? Vote Republican. It's that simple.

  • HARLEY13
    February 21, 2013 at 3:12 p.m.

    drs01......your post is exactly right and I agree fully!
    Populist......did you read my post? I mean, did you understand what I posted? Don't fall into the group of stupid!!
    I started off with "I really didn't care if you answered" and that meant I didn't care and it was of no concern to me. I asked that question because of her continued argument of what is fact about crimes of the nature that is printed EVERYDAY in the ADG! If you read on I say my point is to show her how wrong she is on the criminal subject of black males. Then I said about her way of thinking and accusing me of being a racist, made me stand by that way of thinking was stupid! You, Populist, inquire and anyone else IS stupid if you call me a racist! I am not explaining why I am not a racist again because the two of you can't understand what I have already said! That in itself is stupid on both of yours part! NO I have said before, and it is no wonder you would make your comment about my maybe having issues with the fairer sex since you can't understand the racist issue, I only have issues with members of the fairer sex that would be like you two! Thank God most women ARE NOT like you two! Therefore I enjoy a great relationship with my lady friends!

  • HARLEY13
    February 21, 2013 at 3:29 p.m.

    Populist.....just read what you post! Kids who live with decent people and go to decent schools and have access to quality recreational activities are much less likely to commit crimes. NO KIDDING, did you come up with that conclusion all on your own?
    You do realize that it is impossible for ALL kids to grow up living with decent people don't you? How in hell's name do you propose that could happen? You are always trying to come accross as being smart and having the solution to the worlds problems but you NEVER actually say how you would go about accomplishing anything! Why haven't you adopted a whole lot of these kids currently living with less than decent people? Should the government decide who is a decent person and who is not and then take their kids from them and then give their kids to a decent person? EXPLAIN how it is accomplished Populist!!!

  • Garycmillerlawgmailcom
    February 21, 2013 at 3:33 p.m.

    The second amendment is not the only one. Also 5, 13, 14, 15, 19, 21, among others, might be relevant to current issues.

  • Packman
    February 21, 2013 at 3:59 p.m.

    Hey Harley - Liberals call conservatives "racist", "homophobe", "sexist" and other such names as a verbal bullying technique designed to stymie the exchange of ideas and meaningful dialect. Sadly, many people refrain from honest debate from fear of being tagged with such labels. Black males under the age of 30 are literally 20 times more likely to commit a violent crime than white males in the same demographic. Does stating this fact make me a racist? To anti-1st Amendment liberals, the answer is "yes".

  • Dontsufferfools
    February 21, 2013 at 4:24 p.m.

    packman, it would make me a racist if I had said, like Pat Robertson, that abortion is OK for the Chinese but not for Americans. But I'm not advocating abortion for minorities only. In fact I advocate for the legality of abortion so we don't end up as a gestapo nation that holds grand jury inquisitions when a woman miscarries, where police search women's medicine cabinets for morning after pills, and doctors serve prison terms for practicing medicine. As for Republicans being better on crime. What I see generally, is Republicans want lower taxes and therefore poorer schools, more unwanted children born but not cared for, and therefore, more young criminals that will cause some misanthropic Republicans to write things like, "two to the chest and one to the head" of teen thieves.

  • Populist
    February 21, 2013 at 5:05 p.m.

    Harley and Packman,

    You are not racist for merely pointing out that the crime rate is higher with black males than white males. O.K. I reread Harley's Post and I guess he meant to ask whether she was married to a "black thug" and not a "black man", and Harley does talk about how he knows some good black people. The point is that when one makes a big deal of the fact that blacks are more likely to commit crimes and when one makes a joke about hoodies every time a black person commits a crime, it does appear to many of us that you are implying that black people tend to be criminals. This simply is a racist thought and overlooks the socioeconomic problems which are partly responsible for high crime in the black male community. It also is frustrating that when one can demonstrate a correlation between education and a healthy community, so many people who post here seem to think that education is not important. Of course, not everybody can or should go to college, and it is pointless to send people to "college" in name only when they could not master the remedial courses in the lower levels. It is a simple fact, however, that communities which do fight for higher standards in education and social services for youth do have a better quality of life. There are many blacks who are enjoying higher education and higher standards of living, but they tend to live in areas of the country which have better schools and less racism. WHile I do favor harsher sentences for crime, people are wrong that if they think that people who grow up in squalor or in a drug or criminal culture are going to care only about the sentences imposed. If your life is horrible anyway, crime may not seem to be such a bad option.