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— Pine Bluff Mayor Debe Hollingsworth announced Tuesday that she is filing a complaint against former Pine Bluff Mayor Carl Redus Jr. as well as members of the Jefferson County Election Committee.

Redus filed to be placed on the Democratic ballot for the May 20 primary election, but in her lawsuit, Hollingsworth states the position isn't available.

“I was elected in 2012, and took office in 2013,” Hollingsworth said Tuesday. “There’s not an election for mayor in 2014, and he filed with the Jefferson County Circuit Clerk on Oct. 5, 2012.”

Hollingsworth said she wanted to announce her lawsuit to the public before the primary election on May 20.

Redus said he filed for the mayor’s seat this year because the “city’s highest office and those for clerk and treasurer are open this year because Pine Bluff’s population has dropped below 50,000, according to the 2010 Census,” the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette previously reported.

Redus’ request was approved by the Jefferson County Election Commission on March 7, despite opinions by Prosecuting Attorney Kyle Hunter and the Arkansas secretary of state’s office, which both said the next mayoral election shouldn’t occur until 2016, the story states.

“None of us realized [Redus was filing] when I was elected,” Hollingsworth said. “We were quite surprised that all of this had transpired.”

Hollingsworth is filing her complaint as a registered voter and resident of the city of Pine Bluff.

Read Wednesday's Arkansas Democrat-Gazette for more on this story.

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  • reality1963
    March 25, 2014 at 5:41 p.m.

    Thug, punk Redus needs to take his gangsta' rear back to Detroit,where he fits right in.He did nothing but take this once good city to new lows. He is nothing but a criminal, punk arse thug! May he he rot in H---!

  • RBBrittain
    March 25, 2014 at 7:45 p.m.

    She should win handily because Redus is recycling the SAME argument he LOST on two years ago when he tried to stop her election as mayor. The lawyers call it "res judicata": Once the judge rules against you & you don't appeal, you CANNOT retweak the case and use the same FAILED argument AGAIN!!!

  • TheBatt
    March 26, 2014 at 2:10 p.m.

    Redus is a product of many years of absolute corruption in the city of Pine Bluff. He represents a major portion of WHY the city's population has dwindled.

    And lest we forget, Redus filed lawsuits during and after the last mayor election in PB, using the same "under 50,000" argument to try to keep his job. The fact that the Jefferson County Election Commission "accepted" his filing for the office is just another sign of the corruption in the city of Pine Bluff (and Jefferson County).