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August 2, 2015 at 2:28 a.m.

Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more, deeds recorded 06/29/2015 through 07/03/2015:

Starmax Properties LP to Murphy Oil USA Inc., L2, Morris Commercial, $2,900,000.

Woodcrest Company LLP to MLAKE1 LLC, SW SW 19-2N-11W; NW NW 30-2N-11W; SE 24-2N-12W; NE 25-2N-12W, $2,000,000.

William W. Watt to Gumbo Properties LLC, 5501 Scenic Drive, Little Rock, L10, Grandview; Ls5-7 B10, Midland Hills; L6 B8, Pulaski Heights, $995,000.

Giant Oil Company Of Arkansas Inc. to Mustafa A. Almaqaleh, 5102 S University Ave., Little Rock, NE SE 24-1N-13W, $950,000.

Desselle Family Revocable Trust and Michael D. Desselle and Susan T. Desselle to Coffield Revocable Trust and Byron Southern and R. IRL Jones Testamentary Trust, L2 B4, Country Club Heights, $775,000.

Richard E. and Sharon K. Rogala to James B. Dunlap and Kelley M. Dunlap and The Dunlap Living Trust, 39 Germay Court, Little Rock, L6 B91, Chenal Valley, $690,000.

Brenda W. Mulhollan to Michael A. and Holly D. Crockett, 17 Cameronwood Road, Little Rock, L4, Cameronwood, $560,000.

James L. and Diane J. Hobson to Bobbye H. Dennis and Bobbye H. Dennis Revocable Trust, Lot A12 B13, Chenal Valley, $515,000.

Sharlow Builders & Developers LLC to Stephen M. and Joanne W. Ulmschneider, 2 Greymoss Cove, Little Rock, L32 B18, Woodlands Edge, $505,750.

Johnny D. Copeland and Cristi J. Copeland and The Copeland Living Trust to Freedom Holdings LLC, E/2 SW 7-4N-11W; W/2 NE 18-4N-11W; E/2 NW 18-4N-11W, $497,640.

Sunbal Zafar and Ifran Chaudhry to Muthu K. Veeraputhiran and Veena Sivakumur, 104 Courts Lane, Little Rock, L1 B122, Chenal Valley, $477,000.

Arkansas Development Finance Authority to Little Rock Historic Properties LLC, 715 Sherman St., Little Rock, Pt B3, Johnson, $455,000.

Premier Distributors Inc. to Prachi Investment Inc. 219 W. Capitol Ave., Little Rock, Ls1-2 B85, Original City Of Little Rock, $405,000.

Kristopher French to Kristopher French and Breanne Brakhop, NW SE 23-2N-15W, $392,500.

George L. and Rosemarie T. Lovato to Romona and Bennie Horton, 107 Jacob Court, Little Rock, L32 B15, The Villages Of Wellington, $390,000.

Warren L. and Amy M. Tayes to Eric and Marrisa Cockrill, 149 Challain Drive, Little Rock, L39 B61, Chenal Valley, $387,000.

Walden & Walden Property Managers LLC to Todd A. and Jody Eaton, L26 B6, Bradford Place; Ls1-2 B1, Stones; Ls1, 5 & 12, Shady Ridge; L19, Belwood Annex, $375,000.

Ricky L. and Charlotte M. Finkbeiner to Russell D. & Cheryl C. Rainey Joint Revocable Trust, SW NW 4-2N-14W, $350,000.

Ashley and Lee P. Moore to Michael Mitchell, 601 N. Spruce St., Little Rock, L6 B35, Pulaski Heights, $349,000.

Christopher Robinson to Ali I. Ahmad and Safiya J. Ghori-Ahmad, 31 Forest Valley Lane, Little Rock, L27, Forest Valley, $349,000.

John C. and Tracey Cash (aka Tracey Carruthers) to Gregory B. and Kristin D. Eanes, 18319 Blackberry Lane, Roland, SW SE 2-3N-15W, $344,900.

Ishvartal R. and Kailish Patel to Tarunkumar L. and Jastina T. Patel, L2, James Bona, $340,000.

Matthew and Julie Carpenter to James C. and Thandi Brown, 15 Challain Cove, Little Rock, L68 B61, Chenal Valley, $337,000.

Tracy D. Jones and Suzette F. and Duncan Jones and The Jones Joint Revocable Trust to Johnny Thein, 121 Crystal Court, Little Rock, L28 B14, Midland Hills, $330,000.

B&C Bindery Inc. to ER Asset Management LLC (dba Bes Bindery), Ls1-4 B11, Ruebel And Leymer, $330,000.

Willmark Homes LLC to Robert W. and Lindsey M. Williamson, 66 Wildwood Place Circle, Little Rock, L5 B1, Wildwood Place, $328,500.

Terry R. and Kelli A. Tiffee to Norbert and Carol D. Hoelscher, 4 Epernay Circle, Little Rock, L2 B79, Chenal Valley, $325,000.

Joanne W. and Stephen Ulmschneider to Daniel and Anne McPherson, 26 Rosaires Way, Little Rock, L23 B22, Chenal Valley, $322,000.

Grobmyer Builders LLC to Gregory and Dawn Schrader, 22 Valley Ranch Cove, Little Rock, L31 B1, Valley Ranch Phase II, $290,000.

Sumit Singh and Binu Chandra to George L. and Rosemarie T. Lovato, L156, Capitol Lake Estates Phase 1B, $290,000.

Bradley D. and Catherine L. Wood (aka Catherine L. Mann) to Clifford and Angela Haynes, 3 Chaparral Lane, Little Rock, L9 B40, Pleasant Valley, $282,000.

Karen N. and Michel Luneau to Sean R. Cox, Ls24-25, Brush Mountain Unrecorded, $269,000.

Adam and Karen Shockley to HBH Builders Inc., 2424 N. Grant, Little Rock, L12 B29, Park View, $268,000.

Scott D. and Jami W. Ellis to Tundra D. and Byron N. Harper, 16 Lucy Drive, Scott, Ls69 & 76, The Willows Phase V, $261,900.

Larry D. and Elizabeth A. McCraw to Nathaniel Hays, 12812 Grassy Drive, Little Rock, Ls44-46, Rolling Meadows, $258,500.

Richardson Properties LLC to Habibis Broadcasting LLC, L2, W E Clark, $250,000.

Victor M. and Joy E. Wallace to Kevin Wallace, 19623 Hunters Woods Drive, Little Rock, L688, Otter Creek Community Phase VI, $245,000.

Cedric A. and Delita S. Martin, to Kevin Keech and Tanya Rollins, 1907 S. Gaines St., Little Rock, L3 B2, Wright, $242,000.

Travis and Chere Raye to Les and Shara Turk, 126 Baronne Way, North Little Rock, L1638, Country Club Of Arkansas Phase 23, $241,250.

Jeff and Nicole C. Gilbert to Monica and Clay Waguespack Jr., 8424 Garnet Cove, Sherwood, L24 B12, Stonehill Phase V, $236,500.

Kristen T. Hitchcock and The Kristen Teeter Hitchcock Revocable Trust Declaration to Sandra M. Bryles, 3015 Circlewood Drive, Little Rock, L167R, Kingwood Place Replat, $236,000.

Allen F. and Marilyn J. Davis to Bryan Burks and Chicquita Hollister, 12704 Hunters Field Road, Little Rock, L6, Hunters Cove, $235,000.

Bridget S. and Laura Mosley to Troy E. and Vickie S. Willis, L11 B2, Hicks- Boone, $233,000.

Spicewoode LLC to Dills House LLC, Ls11-14 B6, Riffel And Rhoton’s Forest Park Highlands, $232,000.

Phyllis E. Hamilton to Joe and Deane Woodward, Ls13-14 B17, Newton, $230,000.

Steven and Tammie Saxby to Nathaniel Qualles, 519 Avery Drive, Sherwood, L61, Village East, $220,000.

Billy and Girtrude Simmons to Bobbie and Azar Montgomery Jr., L40 B5, Stonelinks, $219,000.

Rebecca J. Moore to Kelley and Bentley Vogelgesang and Tyler Nicholson, 2 Drew Lane, Little Rock, Ls609-610, Kingwood Place, $217,000.

Luke D. and Charlotte L. Vitolo to William J. and Katie W. Place, 2933 Rock Ridge Drive, Sherwood, L8 B14, Stonehill Phase V, $217,000.

James D. and Jennifer J. Lowery to Becca N. and Jason B. Webb, 27 Winona Drive, Maumelle, L64, Edgewater Phase I, $217,000.

John A. Rice to Robert T. Thweatt, 34 Ninth Fairway Loop, Maumelle, L17, Ninth Fairway, $216,000.

Robert B. and Mischa K. Martin to Brian R. Vos, 8808 Trail Creek Drive, Sherwood, L48 B4, Creekside, $208,000.

NuAge Residential Contractors LLC to Sterling L. Bowers, 1003 Barber St., Little Rock, L11 B7, Masonic, $207,800.

Christopher T. and Susan Parks to Scott A. Wheetley, 517 Midland St., Little Rock, L11 B1, Auten And Moss, $205,000.

D&T Homes Inc. to Mark W. and Raena G. Rawlinson, 2733 Chert Cove, Sherwood, L62 B5, Stonehill Phase V, $203,000.

Rick Sellars and The Walls Trimble Revocable Trust to Christopher and Laura Mayfield, 2821 Youngwood Road, Little Rock, S/2 NW 25-2N-13W, $199,000.

Patrick N. and Mary L. Rankin to James P. and Melissa G. Walsh, 7301 Deer Meadows Court, Sherwood, L20 B2, Gap Creek, $197,500.

Julie Mobley to Stuart and Courtney Pearson, 14705 Ridgewood Drive, Little Rock, L31 B4, Sandpiper West, $197,500.

John F. and Julianna J. Brandenberger to Wendy D. and Edouard J. Arsenault, 2017 S. Spring St., Little Rock, L5 B11, Fulton, $197,000.

William Jones (aka Tim Jones) and Mary K. Henry and Alex Jones and Logan Jones to Brian and Kimberly Lajewski, 30 Chicot Drive, Maumelle, L290, Edgewater Phase II, $191,000.

Judy J. Williams and The Williams Living Trust to Steven W. and Kebby A. McElhanon, 1516 Beresford Road, North Little Rock, L4 B3, Overbrook, $189,000.

Sondea R. Blair to Kelly M. Victory, 1917 Sage Meadows Circle, Sherwood, L3, Sage Meadows, $185,000.

Gerald A. and Dawn M. McCall to Daniel R. and Emily J. Shaeffer, 13206 White Fir Lane, Little Rock, L456, Pleasant View Phase VIIIC, $182,000.

James D. and Nancy L. Beene to Harold M. and Tommie J. Young, SW 10-4N-11W, $180,000.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark LLC to Brent W. and Rebecca Johnson, 5801 Little Elm Lane, North Little Rock, L407, Trammel Estates Phase III, $176,807.

Bradley and Michelene Meachum to Courtney L. and Ryan C. Carmack, 11 Brook Forest Court, Little Rock, L94, Sandpiper Creek, $176,500.

Charles D. and Ruth O. Mabry to Brooks C. White, 33 Burkwood Drive, Little Rock, L19 B7, Cedar Ridge, $174,900.

Jimmy J. Thompson to Steven A. and Cory D. Combs, SE NE 16-1S-13W, $173,000.

Benjamin and Kara Weigand to Neve Properties LLC, 133 Apple Blossom Loop, Maumelle, L78, Diamond Pointe Phase I, $168,000.

Jeremy E. and Annetta R. Smith to Blake O. Miller, L144, Riverland, $165,000.

W&V Enterprises LLC to Rena S. Roach, 6918 Skywood Road, Little Rock, L225, Kingwood Place, $165,000.

Mary S. Havens to Sondea R. Blair, 1616 Grove Hill Road, North Little Rock, L11 B9, Lakewood, $163,500.

Jon Callahan Construction Inc. to Elsa B. Becker and Sam T. Rainey (aka Samuel T. Rainey), 320 N. Schiller St., Little Rock, L15 B1, Virginia Heights, $163,436.

CJL Services LLC to Caeb Investments Inc., SW NW 9-1S-12W, $162,500.

Heather Parker (aka Heather Henschel) to Marty Page, 9804 Merlot Lane, North Little Rock, L15, The Villages At Merlot Lane, $160,000.

Travis E. and Shan Riley to Perry and Karen Reed, 4109 Bunker Hill Drive, North Little Rock, L6 B64, Lakewood, $159,000.

Jean L. and Catherine Mouton to Kelli D. Combs, L61 B2, Park Hill NLR, $155,000.

Lou and Lenore B. Schickel to Cara Mason, 7 Sams Cove, Little Rock, L484, Pleasant View Phase VIII-C, $155,000.

B. J. Bailey to Wilson Loggains and Georgia Cooley, 11525 Cedar Springs Road, Little Rock, L92, Sandpiper Phase II, $154,000.

Marsha L. Trammel to Joseph M. and Elizabeth L. Bresnahan, 14511 Ridgewood Drive, Little Rock, L21 B4, Sandpiper West, $154,000.

RC Maumelle LLC to Joseph R. and Pamela G. Gangluff, 2110 San Luis Blvd., North Little Rock, L10 B3, Villages Of San Luis, $153,357.

Gabriel P. and Jessica R. Campbell to Anthony R. and Termetrice Thomas, 7704 Hayley Drive, Sherwood, L21, Hayley Heights, $151,900.

Shannon Holloway to Nathan and Samantha Ashley, 3901 Glenmere Road, North Little Rock, L16 B1, Lakewood, $150,500.

Teri D. Cox and Teri Denise Cox Revocable Trust to Robert C. and Deborah A. Hutts, 3804 Ridge Road, North Little Rock, Ls3-4 B49, Park Hill NLR, $150,300.



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