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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more, deeds recorded 11/02/2015 through 11/06/2015:

EH Properties LLC to Bednad LLC, L6R, Burkhalter-Haas Commercial Development, $1,817,000.

Fair Park Gardens LLC to Pinnacle Rock Apartments LLC, 1100 Fair Park Blvd., Little Rock, Ls1-6 B1, Peay And Worthen, $1,344,067.

Brad and Amy Baltz to Bobby N. Rowlett, 3 Sologne Drive, Little Rock, L2 B92, Chenal Valley, $911,000.

Philip W. and Paula B. Schmidt to Patricia Bailey, 39 Saint Johns Place, Little Rock, L8R B6, Newton, $799,000.

Scott W. and Andrea L. Tharnish to Michael W. and Pamela J. Speraw, L92, Osage Terrace Phase 3, $780,000.

JV Holding Co. Inc. to Amerco Real Estate Company, L2R, Integra, $600,000.

Jason and Sarah Everett to David C. and Jennifer S. Bryan, 3 Highfield Cove, Little Rock, L17 B13, Woodlands Edge, $499,000.

Karen and Arthur R. Cleveland III to P5 Holdings LLC, 73 Marcella Drive, Little Rock, L75 B51, Chenal Valley, $480,000.

Timothy S. and Bethany R. Pickering to National Residential Nominee Services, L6 B39, Chenal Valley, $479,500.

Paul C. and Michelle M. Peek to William and Lawrence Young, 12 Highfield Cove, Little Rock, L10 B13, Woodlands Edge, $475,000.

300 Third LLC to Patricia A. Weed (aka Pattie A. Weed), 300 E. 3rd St. Apt. 702, Little Rock, L702, 300 Third HPR, $445,000.

John R. and Leslie V. Monroe to Michael J. and Jennie C. Stewart, L189, Foxcroft Fourth, $430,000.

Melanie M. and Rickey Ryals to Paul C. and Michelle M. Peek, 4 Highfield Cove, Little Rock, L14 B13, Woodlands Edge, $429,000.

Hepplewhite Apartments LLC to Stonekey Properties LLC, 1910 Kavanaugh Blvd., Little Rock, Ls3-5 B5, Auten And Moss, $421,800.

Edna L. Stauber to Dwellings At Bella Rosa LLC, SW NE 24-2N-14W, $400,000.

Jill Pryor to Christie M. Beck, L12, Townhouses In The Park HPR, $390,000.

Kathy I. Mobbs and The Everett & Kathy Mobbs Revocable Trust to Gerald Fitzgerald and Marcia Fitzgerald and The Gerald & Marcia Fitzgerald Revocable Trust, SE SE 19-3N-12W, $385,000.

Boyle Park Enterprises to Carco Properties Inc., NW 17-1N-11W, $384,000.

Melissa M. and Allen L. Campbell to Francis C. and Sally E. Baumann, L112, Brodie Creek Community, $345,500.

Graham Smith Construction LLC to Leslie A. Henry, 19411 Summer Shade Drive, Little Rock, L27 B4, Wildwood Ridge Phase II, $339,900.

Steven W. and Kim U. Hoffman to Rory Bass, 4 Mossy Rock Cove, Little Rock, L26 B2, Woodlands Edge, $335,000.

Abigail R. Jones and The Abigail Reaves Jones Living Trust to Rebecca R. Jackson, 5720 S. Country Club Blvd., Little Rock, L89, Forest Heights Place, $319,000.

Jeffery D. and Debbie J. Brown and Danny M. and Brenda M. Brown to Mark A. and Jacqueline E. Haines, 8816 Tall Pine Court, Sherwood, L57 B5, Creekside, $305,000.

Timothy D. Fox to CDM Properties LLC, 5506 Country Club Blvd., Little Rock, L13 B8, Newton, $300,000.

William S. and M. Harriet Robinson and The William S. and M. Harriet Robinson Family Trust to Summerwood Partners LLC, Lot B B5, McDiarmid, $300,000.

Stephen and Catherine L. Crane to Bret and Kelly Dague, 17 Talmont Place, Little Rock, L20 B65, Chenal Valley, $298,000.

Kathryn P. Hagins and The Charles B. Hagins Jr. Irrevocable Trust to Brandi Hurtado, 6 Trent Jones Cove, Sherwood, L4, Fairway Park, $295,000.

David Wasson and Jessica McCrary (aka Jessica Wasson) to Patrick Beauvais and Olivia J. Lott, 20 Chalamont Way, Little Rock, Ls28-29 B73, Chenal Valley, $284,000.

Peacock Limited Partnership to Capital Holdings Of Arkansas LLC, Ls6-8, Goodsell Industrial; NW NE 25-3N-11W, $275,000.

Forrest B. and Melissa S. Reibe to Jamie A. Bazarow and Mindy M. Wirges, L1289, The Quarters Phase 20 The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD, $270,000.

Valrie and James H. Price (dba Love Construction) to Bruce F. Terry and Quyen Pham, 1 Wildwood Place Circle, Little Rock, L19 B2, Wildwood Place, $269,500.

WJS LLC to Dunhelin Properties LLC, L15 B9, Pfeifer, $265,000.

Eric Zhang and Minya Hu to Marybeth and Matt Dockery, 8 Trefny Court, Little Rock, L213, St. Charles, $260,000.

Robert Kuta to Ruth E. and Matthew T. Binford, L2AB B4, Shady Valley Replat- L2A, $260,000.

National Residential Nominee Services to Bobby E. Freeman, 101 Castellane Court, Maumelle, L626R, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $254,500.

E. Ward Construction Inc. to Richard Vu and Thi K. Lee, 2 Wildwood Place Circle, Little Rock, L43 B1, Wildwood Place, $253,500.

Farnia Amirnia and Mahmoud Kiaei to Heidi L. and Clint W. Speer, 11 Toulouse Court, Little Rock, L384, St. Charles, $244,000.

Nicole S. and Robert K. Lashbrook to Mark H. Brown and Jill E. Judy, 401 E. 10th St., Little Rock, Ls1-2 B58, Original City Of Little Rock, $240,000.

Icon Homes LLC to Nicole Capri, 5812 C St., Little Rock, Lot A, Edgemere Park, $238,000.

Renaissance Homes Inc. to Hank Klein and Muriel Klein and The Hank & Muriel Klein Family Trust, L38, Edgewater Estates, $235,061.

Ronald W. and Kimberly K. Wheeler to Emmanuel O. and Judith Okhurie, 123 Beaver Creek Lane, Maumelle, L12 B23, Maumelle Valley Estates, $231,200.

Todd and Virginia Barron to Nick R. Williams and Xin Li, 103 Chinon Court, Maumelle, L141, Country Club Of Arkansas, $225,400.

William F. Dunaway and John A. Dunaway and The Share 2 Trust to Benjamin P. Edwards and John R. and Vickie P. Edwards, Lot A & L1 B42, Park Hill NLR, $225,000.

Tonya R. Robinson to Terry and Brenda Kent, L1 B4, Johnson, $222,000.

David H. McCown and Allene Lane to Scott L. and Deborah K. Weidl, 63 Blue Mountain Drive, Maumelle, L214, Edgewater Phase II, $220,000.

Jonathan C. Carr to Patrick and Johna McNally, L53, Quail Creek Estates, $220,000.

Rene R. and Paula R. Alonso to J. Kelley and Dana M. Renard, 801 Shea Drive, Little Rock, L1, Leawood Cove, $218,500.

Andrew E. and Amber N. Cates to Phillip M. and Kelly O. Harris, 6208 Red Bud Lane, Little Rock, SW NW 30-1N-13W, $215,000.

Jamie A. and Eric F. Hymel to Jennifer M. Christman, 26 Pennsylvania Court, Little Rock, L16, Governors Manor PRD Capitol Lakes Estates, $215,000.

Timothy P. and Melissa S. Rafferty to Michael P. and Linda B. Rafferty, L953, St. Charles, $215,000.

Graham Smith Construction LLC to David J. Micheli, L15 B1, Villages Of New Bedford, $212,900.

Christy Properties LLC to Amy Fitzgerald Pelloquin LLC, L8 B15, Pfeifer, $205,000.

W. W. Arnold Family Limited Partnership to Rogers River Holdings LLC, L5 B1, Shilcott’s Commercial, $200,000.

Smart Framing LLP to Kesean Thompson and Linda Tran, L50 B5, Stonehill Phase V, $199,900.

Scott J. and Alisa R. Lancaster to Mary G. Nash and The Jordan Irrevocable Trust, L38, Stoneledge Phase II, $198,150.

Roger L. and Claire E. Odell to Anthony Sellew, 2305 Middleton Drive, North Little Rock, L9 B31, Lakewood, $190,000.

Kristi and Robert Bradford IV to Joshua and Samantha Cockrell, 24925 Blue Gill Drive, Roland, L2, North Shore Oaks, $190,000.

T. Alvin Eanes Building Company Inc. to Parker C. Loy, L16 B3, Countryside, $190,000.

Adam S. and Shanara Cresswell to Antoinette Hodges, 136 Ridgeland Drive, Maumelle, L49, North Ridge, $189,900.

James A. and Tiffany J. McMinn to Andra T. and Melanie P. Williams, 2773 E. Maryland Ave., Sherwood, L37 B2, Stonehill Phase II, $189,000.

Arkansas Funeral Care LLC to RPS Holdings LLC, SE 33-4N-10W, $186,340.

Holland Eberle Properties LLC to Native Rock Apartments LLC, 5719 B St., Little Rock, L24 B2, Strong And Waters, $180,932.

Alexis and Ike Peters to Christina J. Pierce, 2908 Valley Park Drive, Little Rock, L84, Pebble Beach Park, $180,000.

Curtis J. and Angela Quickel to Bryan A. and Anna E. Lieber, 9 Cedar Branch Court, Little Rock, L7, Cedar Branch, $180,000.

Thomas G. and Jenny Massanelli (aka Jenny W. Robertson, Jenny R. Wilkes) to Lewis Omell, 4509 B St., Little Rock, Ls1-2 B8, Elmhurst, $176,500.

Danken Properties LLC to Mark B. Williams, 8050 Nora Lane, Sherwood, L6, Hidden Lakes Estates, $174,000.

Kyle and Gail Hayden to Chris Coker and Sandra G. Ott, 1705 Circledale Road, North Little Rock, L20 B1, Overbrook, $171,000.

Steven T. and Andria Yakoubian to Christopher C. Hankins, 13701 Woodbrook Drive, Little Rock, L3 B9, Cedar Ridge, $166,000.

Antione and Aaronda C. McNair to Erica S. Johnson, 17208 E. Mail Route Road, Little Rock, NW NE 34-1S-12W, $165,000.

Donna M. Jackson to Sean W. and Christina M. McCreight, 8707 Leatrice Drive, Little Rock, L79, Leawood Mountain, $165,000.

William J. and Anna K. Roehrenbeck to Michael and Sarah Marquez, L7, Virginia Downs, $165,000.

Andrew K. Mills to Amy J. Dyer, 4 Nob Hill Cove, Little Rock, L15, Brookfield A, $163,250.

Judy N. Wilbourn and The Wilbourn Moore Grandchildren Trust to Terminal Partners LLC, 5222 F St., Little Rock, L6 B42, Pulaski Heights, $160,000.

Terry J. and Darla K. Romine to Gerald L. and Gloria A. Schmelzer, 141 Diamond Pointe Drive, Maumelle, L154, West Pointe, $160,000.

Mark E. and Elizabeth M. Withee to Don R. and Marjorie M. Kesl, 3100 Woodruff Creek Drive, Sherwood, L44 B1, Woodruff Creek, $159,000.

Jonathan D. and Tara E. Ross to Joshua A. and Shannon E. Johnson, 14006 High Point Drive, Little Rock, L2 B9, Parkway Place, $155,500.

Susan K. Inman to Dylan W. Garrett and Rachel L. Graves, 19 Tortoise Park Cove, Little Rock, L57, Turtle Creek, $154,500.

Matthew Gracey and The Susan Judith Gracey Revocable Trust to James M. Moore and Amanda D. Moore and The James M. Moore & Amanda D. Moore Revocable Trust, SE NE 19-2N-14W, $150,000.



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