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Legislative summary

January 21, 2015 at 4:06 a.m. | Updated January 21, 2015 at 4:06 a.m.

This is a summary list of bills (by bill number, lead sponsor and title) introduced through Tuesday in the 90th General Assembly, except for appropriation bills, which, along with other bills and resolutions, may be found at the legislative website:


HB1086, Branscum -- To change the qualifications for special needs local school district isolated funding.

HB1087, Bell -- To amend the law regarding social media accounts of current and prospective employees.

HB1106, Wright -- Concerning the membership of a Parks and Recreation Commission.


SB61, B. Sample -- To create the Arkansas Blue Ribbon Committee on highway finance.

SB62, J. Hutchinson -- An act for the Department of Education Teach for America Grant general improvement appropriation.

SB63, J. Hutchinson -- An act for the Department of Human Services' division of administrative services general improvement appropriation.

SB64, J. Woods -- To provide for an enhanced penalty for the offense of driving while intoxicated when a person causes an accident or drives without a driver's license in effect while intoxicated.

SB75, U. Lindsey-- To amend how private school service is recorded for purposes of retirement benefits; and to declare an emergency.

SB76, Hester -- To allow a public school to exceed the maximum class size as adopted by the state Board of Education under certain circumstances.

SB77, Hester -- To provide that building construction projects under $125,000 do not require an owner to secure the services of a licensed architect.

SB78, G. Stubblefield -- To eliminate physician supervision requirements in anesthesia administration; and to provide immunity in certain circumstances.

SB79, J. Woods -- To enact the Personal Rights Protection Act; and to protect the property rights of an individual to the use of the individual's name, voice, signature, and likeness.

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