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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more, deeds recorded 02/29/2016 through 03/04/2016:

Atkinson Properties LLC to 8114 Cantrell LLC, 8114 Cantrell Road, Little Rock, L1R, Foxglen, $2,610,000.

BH University Development LLC to CVS 10779 AR LLC, L192A, University Park North Plat 3, $2,000,000.

Morgan Farms to Horizon Capital Partners LLLP, 4-2S-11W; NE 5-2S-11W; NE 32-1S-11W; SE 29-1S-11W; 33-1S-11W, $1,499,400.

Bradley K. and Katherine W. Frieberg to Everette L. Martin and The Hearthside Revocable Trust, L30R, Overlook Park Replat One, $745,000.

Linda G. Riggs and The Linda Garner Riggs Revocable Trust and Lamar W. Riggs to Christopher J. Bequette, L2 & L3R, Elmo Walker Replat, $675,000.

Terra Firma Project LLC to Karl and Elizabeth Schultz, 2206 N. Garfield St., Little Rock, L3 B7, Altheimer, $662,400.

Loyd and Kaye Stanley to Nithin Karakala, 45 Bretagne Circle, Little Rock, L16 B11, Chenal Valley, $640,000.

Dennis R. Williams and Kathleen Williams and The Williams Revocable Trust to Thurston M. and Hannah Bauer, 2 Avignon Court, Little Rock, L1 B16, Chenal Valley, $610,000.

Donald F. Thompson and Mona L. Thompson and The DFT Trust to Dennis R. Williams and Kathleen Williams and The Williams Revocable Trust, Lot B4 B13, Chenal Valley, $595,000.

Yesican LLC to Hamilton Reid Real Estate LLC, 11601 Kanis Road, Little Rock, L1, Edwards, $522,000.

Tucker Raney to Jamie K. and Amanda Fugitt, 5111 Crestwood Drive, Little Rock, L7, Prospect Terrace, $520,000.

Anthony B. and Julie D. Carter to Meredith N. and Robert T. Zozus Jr., 17 Hoggards Ridge, Little Rock, L10 B16, Woodlands Edge, $515,000.

John E. and Kori Garner to Robert L. Clayton and Wendy L. Ward, 3625 Cedar Hill Road, Little Rock, L38, Cedar Hill Terrace, $480,000.

M & J Enterprises LLC to Mohammad Arshad and Mohammad S. Siddiqui and Khalid Rayaz, 300 S. Shackleford Road, Little Rock, L3, West Markham Street Replat, $435,000.

Jeffrey S. and Stacia W. Grimes to Elliott G. and Stephanie B. Chester, 11 Versailles Court, Little Rock, L6, Chamonix Square, $400,000.

Woodhaven Homes Inc. to Smiley R. and Patricia A. Hills, 102 Grenoble Circle, Maumelle, L570R, Country Club Of Arkansas, $393,000.

Randy James Construction Co. Inc. to Paula K. and Frank A. Porbeck III, 19318 Summershade Drive, Little Rock, L18 B3, Wildwood Ridge Phase II, $389,900.

M & M Custom Builders Inc. to Jimmy and Vicki P. Hammock, L2 B33, Chenal Valley, $389,000.

Paula K. and Frank A. Porbeck III to Eric S. and Jamie H. Bell, 139 El Dorado Drive, Little Rock, L203, Longlea, $365,900.

Clayborne S. and Melissa S. Stone to William C. and Devon M. Kalkbrenner, 50 Inverness Circle, Little Rock, L11 B11, Pleasant Valley, $358,000.

Max L. and Eva A. Rackley to Mary Z. Pate and Scott A. Silfies, 19 Woodsong Drive, Roland, L9, Woodsong, $354,400.

Joseph A. and Janet E. Canalichio to Monal K. and Kumar M. Patel, 12615 Meadows Edge Lane, Little Rock, L4 B7, Woodlands Edge, $351,000.

Keathley Properties Inc. to Chen Chen, 19301 Summershade Drive, Little Rock, L19 B4, Wildwood Ridge Phase II, $347,000.

Travis D. and Katherine E. Bare to Cydney Fullen, 10 Ranch Valley, Little Rock, Ls1-3, Ranch Valley, $345,000.

Johnny W. and Marilyn J. Watson to Winfred T. and Ruth E. Gray, L5F, Critter Hollow, $339,000.

George R. and Gerritt Z. Whittaker to Joshua A. and Emily A. Tennyson, 2407 N. Grant St., Little Rock, L3 B30, Park View, $335,000.

Benjamin C. and Elizabeth H. Chandler to Johnny W. and Marilyn J. Watson, L19 B80, Chenal Valley, $329,000.

Tobias J. and Teri Vancil to Jum Investments LLC, L127, Forest Heights Place, $326,600.

Ted and Martha Mahaffey to Willie G. Buchanan, 7101 Lovia Lane, Little Rock, SE SW 30-1N-13W, $325,000.

Hal C. and Vicki Matthews to Bobby J. Whitfield, 24 Creekwood Cove, North Little Rock, L24, Creekwood HPR, $324,030.

Sylwester and Irena Pupkowski to Robert W. and Tracy M. Harrelson, 2800 N. Grant St., Little Rock, Ls7-8 B13, Park View, $310,000.

Sammy A. Marshall and Denise D. Stires and The Lawrence P. Primm Revocable Trust to Amber Geisler, 110 Marseille Drive, Maumelle, L396, Country Club Of Arkansas, $307,900.

Robin L. Lockhart to Elizabeth D. and Paul G. Nyhus L78, Leawood Heights Second, $305,000.

Herchel T. Gardner to JVRC LLC, 65 Quercus Circle, Little Rock, Lot C-13 B13, Chenal Valley, $300,000.

Herchel T. Gardner and The Herchel T. Gardner Revocable Trust to JVRC LLC, 65 Quercus Circle, Little Rock, Lot C-13 B13, Chenal Valley, $300,000.

Jeff Fuller Homes LLC to Jesse B. and Melissa Scherzer, 4 Commentry Drive, Little Rock, L36 B72, Chenal Valley, $296,000.

Kathryn K. Blair to Jeff I. and Cathy R. Watson, 525 W. 5th St., North Little Rock, Lot A B5, Justin Matthews, $293,620.

Karen V. Fikes to Cynthia Turnbo, 10 Sugar Creek Road, North Little Rock, L5 B10, Overbrook, $283,000.

Gloria Scoggins to Jason and Felicia J. Van Goor, 711 Loyola Drive, Little Rock, L410, St Charles, $276,000.

DeSalvo Family Limited Partnership to C.A.M. AR LLC, 7804 Delaray Drive, Little Rock, Ls11-12 B18, Bellevue, $275,000.

Dorothy J. DeSalvo and The Joe F. DeSalvo & Dorothy J. DeSalvo Revocable Trust and Desalvo Family Limited Partnership to C.A.M. AR LLC, 7804 Delaray Drive, Little Rock, Ls11-12 B18, Bellevue, $275,000.

Jaclyn A. and Christopher S. Muncy to Justin Vaden, 4401 Lochridge Road, North Little Rock, L23 B207, Park Hill NLR, $270,000.

Carol A. Honeywell to John D. Scholtens and Carol A. Scholtens and The John D Scholtens & Carol Anne Scholtens Revocable Trust, L14 B1, Altheimer, $270,000.

Michael T. and Karen P. Beach (aka Karen P. McCarver) to Carrie L. Gosslee, L9 B2, Valley Ranch, $265,500.

William C. and Devon M. Kalkbrenner to Joshua Johnson and Jennifer A. Gilley, 501 Midland St., Little Rock, L7 B1, Auten And Moss, $265,000.

Robert C. and Jill E. Porto to Bryon K. Dunn, 8 Cedar Cove, Maumelle, L16 B2, Ridgeview Phase I, $260,000.

W. Guy Delaney to John E. and Nancy E. Russ, 83 Hunters Green Circle, Little Rock, L20, Hunters Green Estates, $257,500.

Vincent M. and Melinda M. Teglia to Jonathan K. and Courtney Moore, 117 Breckenridge Lane, Maumelle, L9 B27, Maumelle Valley Estates, $256,000.

Jim Pace Homes LLC to Meera Mohan and Sreeju Sreenivasan, 10 Eds Lane, Little Rock, L10 B3, Valley Ranch Phase II, $255,000.

James H. and Lisa K. Fink to Ronald D. and Loyce A. Ray, 5912 Buffalo River Road, North Little Rock, L6 B16, Overbrook, $250,000.

Matthew S. and Melissa A. Claypool to Poetential Occupancy Enterprises LLC, 200 River Market Ave. Apt. 707, Little Rock, L707, Arkansas Capital Commerce Center HPR, $250,000.

Eleanor Settlers to Brandon Hood, 14401 County Farm Road, Little Rock, NE NE 18-2N-13W, $250,000.

John Wright Construction Co. Inc. to Aimee M. and Robert D. Provow, 7 Majestic Cove, Maumelle, L38 B1, Majestic Pointe, $249,900.

W I Properties LLC to Scott L. and Anna L. Maddox, 42 Wildwood Place Circle, Little Rock, L23 B1, Wildwood Place, $244,265.

Callie M. Layer to Melissa M. Wooten and David S. Martinous, 4 Stoney Brook Court, Little Rock, L344, Leawood Heights Fourth, $241,000.

Bradley and Michelle Hill to Jerry and Dorothy Hill, 144 Maumelle Valley Drive, Maumelle, L7 B6, Maumelle Valley Estates, $240,000.

Little Rock Builders & Realty Company to Robert L. and Rebecca S. Neighbors, 2916 N. Grant St., Little Rock, L10 B12, Park View, $239,500.

C. Rodney and Myra B. Harris to Gregory A. and Cynthia Williamson, L67, Pebble Beach Estates Phase I, $237,500.

Nicholas Y. Fotioo (aka Nick Fotioo) to Caleb and Stephanie Osborne, 3004 Breckenridge Drive, Little Rock, L39, Fawnwood, $235,000.

David P. and Brandi C. Bengston to Douglas C. and Jordan Clark, 9 Hogan Drive, Maumelle, L5 B8, Maumelle Club Manor, $231,500.

Joseph M. Lensing and Kelley N. Lensing to Summer B. Barnum, L2 B2, Silverwood, $227,000.

Tommy Scott Construction LLC to Andrew S. Rogers, L41, Millers Glen, $227,000.

Marshall A. and Elizabeth M. Freeman to Brian D. and Rebecca L. Hobby, 6405 Noble Road, Jacksonville, NE NE 21-4N-11W, $225,000.

Dustin Keathley (dba Drive Keathley Homes) to Kevin Lipsmeyer and Melissa Heard, 338 Apple Valley Drive, Sherwood, L8, Apple Creek, $215,000.

Randy James Construction Co. Inc. to Linda J. and William A. Vancleve Jr., L11 B3, Villages At New Bedford Phase 2, $213,900.

Glenn and Clara Clark to Jonathan L. Walterhouse, 12193 Southridge Drive, Little Rock, L16 B5, Walton Heights, $202,000.

Carla and Michael E. Vick Jr. to Jacquelyn Oliver, Ls4-6 B16, Jones And Worthen, $200,000.

PC Hardware LLC to Ben Davis Properties Management LLC, Ls39-40 & 41R, Garden Homes, $200,000.

Jeff and Sue Abramovitz to Iris D. Brooks, 57 Legends Drive, Little Rock, L942, Fairway Woods Phase IV, $199,997.

William C. and Ashley T. Fugitt to Anna E. Gorter, 13211 Morrison Road, Little Rock, L293, Marlowe Manor Phase V, $199,900.

Travis D. and Emma J. Justice to Kara L. and Steven J. Hilburn, 10 Barberry Lane, Little Rock, L257, Sturbridge Phase IV, $199,000.

Caleb and Kristen Shamlin to Heather C. Evans and Bradley J. Reynolds, 109 Basalt Cove, Sherwood, L51 B4, Stonehill Phase II, $195,000.

Kirk A. and Amy C. Gober to Phillip D. Hoppers II, 120 Auriel Circle, Maumelle, L1023, Country Club Of Arkansas, $193,500.

Kevin Hughes Construction Co. Inc. to Robert E. and Beverly Harrell, L10 B96, Chenal Valley, $193,000.

Cynthia Turnbo to Patricia A. Bird and The Bird Living Trust, 1512 Beresford Road, North Little Rock, L3 B3, Overbrook, $190,000.

Lisa M. and Joseph D. Cook to James D. and Sarah J. Mitchell, 3714 Lakeview Road, North Little Rock, L28 B203, Park Hill NLR, $189,000.

Russell W. and Helen Branstetter to Stacy B. Pickell, 38 Ninth Fairway Loop, Maumelle, L19, Ninth Fairway, $189,000.

Scotty E. Sparks to Carrie A. Jackson, 313 Alanbrook Ave., Sherwood, L23 B11, Country Club Park, $188,000.

Benjamin and Libby Harrington to Daniel P. and Anna M. Clark, 51 Summit Ridge Drive, Little Rock, L25 B1, Summit Ridge, $181,000.

Michael D. and Jeana R. Stout to Dianne Skaggs, 2008 Stagecoach Village, Little Rock, L12, Arbors At Stagecoach Village Phase 2, $179,000.

Marcia C. Camp to Creative Heights Partners LLC, 5128 B St., Little Rock, L16 B3, Pfeifer, $175,000.

Marcia C. Camp and The Marcia C. Camp Revocable Trust to Creative Heights Partners LLC, 5128 B St, Little Rock, L16 B3, Pfeifer, $175,000.

National Residential Nominee Services to Mike Salim, 5 Justice Lane, Little Rock, L59, Bentley Court Phase II, $174,900.

Gerald E. and Lynda Hillge to William and Kristy Marshall, 2004 Stagecoach Village, Little Rock, L13, Arbors At Stagecoach Village Phase 2, $174,000.

Charles D. McFarlan to Jeanne R. McLachlin and David G. Krementz, L12 B4, Riffel And Rhoton’s Ridgeland, $170,000.

Susan L. Glenn (aka Susan L. Garrison) and The Susan L. Glenn Revocable Trust to Melvin Lawrence Jr., 3901 Dunkeld Drive, North Little Rock, L14 B70, Lakewood, $169,000.

John T. and Ashley R. Sawatski to Sergio J. Ramirez and Angelica Villamizar, 1412 Gamble Road, Little Rock, L33, Westhampton, $169,000.

David and Leslie Dunn to John and Marian Jones, 7401 Briarwood Drive, Little Rock, Ls72-73, Briarwood, $167,500.

Robert and Kristin Daniel (aka Kristin Byrd) to Tristan Summers, 1448 Waterside Drive, North Little Rock, L73 B127, Park Hill NLR, $166,000.

Marguerite L. Barger and The John & Marguerite Barger Living Trust to Sarah S. Riffle, 900 N. Coolidge St., Little Rock, Ls4-6 B15, Success, $165,000.

Melissa M. Wooten to Jessica A. Hambuchen, 5315 C St., Little Rock, L3 B15, Pfeifer, $165,000.

Staci N. and James R. Miller III to Bradley D. Green, 7518 Gibson Road, Sherwood, L3 B5, Sylvan Acres, $163,000.

Viful and Deepa Mhapsekar to Hany Abdin, 12601 Woodbury Drive, Little Rock, L14 B10, Cherry Creek, $162,500.

Becky J. and Steven M. Delrio to Jordan L. Tetens, 18115 Fawn Tree Drive, Little Rock, L194, Otter Creek Community Phase IIB, $159,900.

Jo Ann Knight to Corey L. Gilmore, 4301 Lee Ave., Little Rock, Ls1-3 B1, Glendale, $157,500.

Mark and Melissa K. Allen (aka Melissa K. Smith) to Corey L. Gilmore, 4301 Lee Ave., Little Rock, Ls1-3 B1, Glendale, $157,500.

Vickie L. Dubois to Sonya and Edward Williams Sr., 13710 Trethorne Circle, North Little Rock, L4 B6, Stonelinks, $156,500.

Compton Properties to Stanley Steward, L207, Cambridge Place HPR, $156,000.

Donna H. Foss and O. D. Hadfield III to O’Reilly Automotive Stores Inc., Ls5-8 B2, Petterfer, $155,000.

Secretary Of Veterans Affairs to Kesha Austin, 1305 Myrna Lane, North Little Rock, L49, Cypress Crossing, $154,500.

Janice K. Alexander and Carolyn S. Tolley and The Carlton Jackson Revocable Trust and The Charlie Mae Jackson Revocable Trust to Tracy and Robert N. Bailey, 1405 Wewoka Drive, North Little Rock, L12 B51, Indian Hills, $154,000.

Velma L. Crisp to Julie A. Bird, 7306 Dakota Drive, North Little Rock, L2 B405, Indian Hills Townhomes, $150,000.

Edward C. Luter and The Haley Luter & Joshua Luter Trust to Steven G. and Theresa Tiner, SE SE 21-2N-12W, $150,000.

Eric L. Milner to JVRC LLC, 11 White Oak Lane, Little Rock, L517, Kingwood Place, $150,000.

Bradley S. and Bethany McLaughlin to Brittney A. Kiefer, 11 Honey Locust Court, Little Rock, L30 B8, Cedar Ridge, $150,000.

James M. Schratz to Muhammad and Azra Farooq, 11160 Bainbridge Drive, Little Rock, L21 B6, Walton Heights, $150,000.



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