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story.lead_photo.caption Grant Stieglitz of Fort Wayne, Ind., was the first full marathon runner to finish Sunday during the 40th Hogeye Marathon & Relays. - Photo by J.T. Wampler

FAYETTEVILLE -- The 40th Hogeye Marathon featured two winners Sunday with plenty of experience on the marathon circuit, although both arrived from much different parts.

Grant Stieglitz, 31, of Fort Wayne, Ind., was in his 44th full marathon and took first place for the 19th time in his career with a time of 2 hours, 59.09 seconds.

40th Hogeye Marathon & Relays




  1. Grant Stieglitz^Fort Wayne, Ind.^31^2:59.09
  2. Eric Heller^Little Rock^35^3:09.39
  3. Caleb Ault^North Little Rock^29^3:11.42
  4. Peter Beauvais^N/A^54^3:12.05
  5. Drake Foster^N/A^27^3:14.28
  6. Kevin Radle^Bartlesville, Okla.^31^3:15.22
  7. Christopher Berry^Russellville^30^3:15.38
  8. Daniel Arnold^Benton^31^3:21.40
  9. Travis Appel^N/A^32^3:24.04
  10. Sandeep Naidu^N/A^30^3:26.14


  1. Tia Stone, Searcy^37^3:10.19
  2. Natalie Ragsdale^N/A^35^3:28.56
  3. Sonja Bylak^Fayetteville^45^3:43.16
  4. Jacki Musgrave^N/A^44^3:46.33
  5. Angie Weinberger^N/A^44^3:47.50
  6. Vicki Bentley-Condit^N/A^58^3:48.21
  7. Ally Hunter^Springdale^29^3:52.55
  8. Jennifer Fedora^N/A^41^3:56.32
  9. Kristen Beavers^Fayetteville^36^3:56.56
  10. Jennifer Kurtz^Rogers^25^3:56.59

Half Marathon


  1. A.J. Smith^N/A^21^1:23.22
  2. Noah Billig^Fayetteville^39^1:25.09
  3. Kevin Thomas^Fayetteville^39^1:25.25
  4. Jeremy Provence^Winslow^25^1:25.53
  5. Nathan Sellers^Bentonville^17^1:26.52
  6. Henry Delaplane^Fayetteville^30^1:31.58
  7. Terry Kroh^Tulsa^48^1:32.35
  8. Alberto Basillo^Little Rock^33^1:34.03
  9. Mike Bolding^Fayetteville^38^1:34.04
  10. Jeff Leupold^Springdale^34^1:34.51


  1. Pauline Allen^Fayetteville^46^1:31.01
  2. Amy Demania^Bentonville^40^1:41.22
  3. Tammy West^Tahlequah, Okla.^39^1:41.28
  4. Alexandra McDonald^N/A^25^1:42.39
  5. Emily Stephens^N/A^22^1:43.54
  6. Natosha Crisco^N/A^30^1:44.00
  7. Margaret Griffing^Bentonville^33^1:44.31
  8. Laura Pankowski^Davisburg, Mich.^25^1:44.59
  9. Victoria Ballenger^Yarmouth, Maine^24^1:46.14
  10. Valerie Clark^North Little Rock^34^1:46.16



  1. Scott Lirgg^Fayetteville^19^18:57
  2. Keith Carvin^N/A^54^23:04
  3. Chad Thurman^Fayetteville^25^23:39
  4. Russ Ritchart^Jasper, Mo.^65^23:57
  5. Kurt Gastruck^Fayetteville^45^24:41
  6. Nate Lehr^Fayetteville^10^24:41
  7. Justin Hamblin^N/A^30^24:55
  8. Grant Blanchette^Springdale^15^24:56
  9. Avery Roton^Prairie Grove^17^25:08
  10. Justin Akers^N/A^23^25:33


  1. Caroline Rochelle^West Fork^41^22:52
  2. Kathy Ritchart^Jasper, Mo.^56^24:10
  3. Corrie Stout^Springdale^39^24:46
  4. Lana Drummonds^Springdale^37^24:58
  5. Sharon Florquist^Springdale^31^25:25
  6. Madison Sandig^Fayetteville^24^25:52
  7. Adalae Dickey^Fayetteville^7^26:50
  8. Lizzie Mabry^Fayetteville^9^27:15
  9. Elaine Baughman^Elkins^18^27:15
  10. Jalah Fuller^N/A^28^28:00
  11. Complete results at or

As the only runner to break the three-hour barrier on the rugged, hilly course, Stieglitz met his goals for the day in his first visit to an Arkansas marathon: beat the 3-hour mark and win the race.

"I had heard about the hills here, so in training back in Fort Wayne, I tried to tackle some hills and do some stairs and inclines and do some shakeup runs," Stieglitz said. "I also tried to take advantage of some of the hills close by to the hotel when I got here and just some of those curved roads and inclines, just working with stuff like that.

"I just wanted to get under three hours. I saw some of the course records, but I just wanted to get under three hours."

Eric Heller, 35, of Little Rock, ran a 3:09.39 for second place, and Caleb Ault, 29, of North Little Rock, was third in the men's division with a time of 3:11.42.

Stieglitz, who ran the Boston Marathon in both 2013 and 2014, has run three marathons this year counting the Hogeye. He hopes to hit all 50 states before he's done.

"It's number 20 for me on a 50-state journey," Stieglitz said. "It was a tough call for me to choose which Arkansas race to do. I've heard from many friends about this one, and since I wasn't going back to Boston and since I wasn't going back to Maryland, where I went last year, I just decided to go to Arkansas and see how it goes."

While Stieglitz made the most of his first Hogeye Marathon and his first trip to Arkansas as a whole, the full marathon female winner is no stranger in the state.

Tia Stone, 37, of Searcy has been on a tear lately, winning three full marathons in Arkansas over the last five months before making it a fourth title on Sunday. Stone, who was also running in her first Hogeye, ran a time of 3:10.19, 18 minutes ahead of runner-up Natalie Ragsdale.

"Sub-three (hours) is usually my goal, but I knew with the wind and the hills that would be tough," Stone said. "I was also sick last week and on antibiotics so I knew on this course sub-three would be hard."

Stone previously won the Mid South Marathon in Wynne in November, the Three Bridges Marathon in Little Rock in December and the Little Rock Marathon just last month.

After pushing herself to a fourth full marathon win in just five months, Stone will take a breather for a bit.

"I wanted to win. I wanted to be the top female," Stone said. "But now I'm ready to take a break."

Sports on 04/11/2016

Print Headline: Stieglitz, Stone capture Hogeye Marathon

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