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Super Quiz: Peninsulas

August 15, 2016 at 1:44 a.m.
  1. Which large gulf and ocean are on opposite sides of the Baja California Peninsula?

  2. The Yucatan Peninsula separates which sea and gulf?

  3. Which gulf, ocean and straits border on the Florida Peninsula?

  4. Which peninsula borders these seas: Adriatic, Ionian, Mediterranean, Aegean and Black?

  5. Which ocean and sea border on the Iberian Peninsula?

  6. Into which large sea does the Crimean Peninsula jut?

  7. Which three smaller seas of the Mediterranean Sea does the Italian Peninsula border?

  8. Which sea and strait are separated by the Gallipoli Peninsula?

  9. Which two seas surround the Korean Peninsula?


  1. Gulf of California and Pacific Ocean

  2. Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico

  3. Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean and Straits of Florida

  4. Balkan Peninsula

  5. Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea

  6. Black Sea

  7. Tyrrhenian, Ionian and Adriatic

  8. Aegean Sea and Dardanelles strait

  9. Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea

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