Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more, deeds recorded 06/06/2016 through 06/10/2016:

Nicholas Max Mayer Jr. and Nancy M. and Louis C. Sheppard and Mid-Towne Center LLC to Leek Farms LLC, 105 N. Rodney Parham Road, Little Rock, N/2 2-1N-13W, $6,250,000.

Fourjay LLC to Sea Salt LLC, Lot B-8, The Ranch, $2,112,010.

John and Amber Meadors to Donald O. and Lucinda L. Phelps, L45 & L47, Edgehill, $1,800,000.

Brett A. and Amanda Bennefield to Matthew R. and Patricia S. Jones, 4 Valley Creek View, Little Rock, L40, Valley Falls Estates Phase II, $1,250,000.

David Walser and Barbara Greenfield to Grizzly Bear Investments LLC, Lot R1 B12, East Argenta, $890,000.

CBM Appraisals Inc. to Johnathan and Julia Goodwin, 15 Hickory Creek Drive, Little Rock, L49, Hickory Creek Phase I, $825,000.

Michael D. and Janet M. Huckabee to Billy C. Morden and Linda Sue Morden and The Morden Revocable Trust, L9 B1, Shady Valley, $660,000.

Thomas G. Buchanan III to Cynthia Gillespie and Becky Gillespie, 46 Robinwood Drive, Little Rock, L74, Robinwood, $640,000.

Lisa and Joel S. Poythress to John and Noemi Salang Ramsay, 157 Courts Lane, Little Rock, L28 B121, Chenal Valley, $528,000.

Stewart Road Estates LLC to Heritage Building Group LLC, 17801 Oak Creek Place, Little Rock, Ls9-11 & L13, Oak Creek, $519,600.

Vincent Calderon Jr. and Rosey Seguin-Calderon and The Vincent Calderon Jr. & Rosey Seguin-Calderon Joint Revocable Trust to Cynthia Moore Carpenter, 17300 Lamarche Blvd., Little Rock, L1 B41, Chenal Valley, $490,000.

Bill and Stacy Fitzer to Todd H. and Jessica G. Brogdon, 4 Latour, Little Rock, L80 B36, Chenal Valley, $487,500.

Joseph P. and Lori E. McKay to Richard T. and Patricia A. Farnsworth, 1619 Wetherborne Drive, Little Rock, L23R B8, Villages Of Wellington, $480,000.

Stephen and Jean A. Patterson to B. McDaniel and B. G. McDaniel and The McDaniel-Graves Revocable Trust, 8 Carriage Creek Drive, Little Rock, L97, Carriage Creek Phase II, $398,000.

J. Michael and Cynthia Leah Vollers to Melisa L. Smock, 8 Equennes Drive, Little Rock, L11 B32, Chenal Valley, $385,000.

Dustin Hennard Homes Inc. to Amanda D. Patterson, L1, Hennard River, $375,000.

Christopher D. and Kristin D. Nelson to Tracy R. and Robert L. Sapp III, 8414 Wolf Creek Court, Sherwood, L18, Valley Ridge Estates, $359,000.

Reese C. Wilson and Phylise Hixson-Wilson and The Reese C. Wilson & Phylise Hixson-Wilson Revocable Trust to Barry A. and Suzanne C. Sims, 103 Alsace Drive, Little Rock, L12 B7, Chenal Valley, $355,000.

Paul L. and Dorothy J. Farmer to Dale E. Fogerty and Betty Kay Fogerty and The Dale E. Fogerty & Betty Kay Fogerty Joint Revocable Trust, L10 B69, Chenal Valley, $353,000.

SJ Realty LLC and Janet Susan Baker and The Stanley A. Rushin Revocable Trust and The Norma Jean Rushin Revocable Trust to Hartz Realty LLC, 2600 Welch St., Little Rock, Ls22-24 B1, Barber Avenue, $350,000.

Richard W. and Marsha E. Mayorgas and The Mayorgas Living Trust to Meshach V. and Cathaline R. Samuel, L25, Eagle Ridge Estates, $347,000.

Christopher Miller and Elizabeth Miller and The Miller Living Trust to Anne S. Webb and Jess Logan Rush, 1615 N. Taylor St., Little Rock, L9 B29, Mountain Park, $337,000.

Saed Naji Qatoum and Aisha Kattom and Amjad and Sahar Kattom to ARA Properties LLC, 124 Eureka Gardens Road, North Little Rock, NW SE 28-2N-11W, $335,000.

Sandra J. Storment to Juliane Kinard Mathews, 1 Pointe Vista Drive, Little Rock, L46, The Pointe Phase III, $332,000.

ODS Enterprises LLC to Dareen and Takecia Campbell, 8701 Trail Creek Drive, Sherwood, L44 B5, Creekside, $327,399.

Jason Everett and Brooke Williams to Wenxue Jiang and Xuehua Li, L743, St. Charles, $315,000.

Andrew Rausch and Merritt Rausch to Eric T. and J-Lynn Brock, 3 Bordeaux Court, Little Rock, L777, St. Charles, $296,000.

E. Ward Construction Inc. to Bruce E. Ross, 8 Bishop Place, Little Rock, L41, Bishop Place, $289,900.

ODS Enterprises LLC to Erik C. and Stephanie C. Martin, 12913 Secretariat Drive, Scott, L10, Ashley Downs Phase I, $282,687.

H. Gerald and Nina Hughes to Gail W. and Fred O. Roberson Jr., 12520 Gleneagles Drive, Little Rock, L33, Gleneagles, $279,000.

E. Ward Construction Inc. to Phu Huynh and Sara Shin, 46 Wildwood Place Circle, Little Rock, L21 B1, Wildwood Place, $274,600.

ODS Enterprises LLC to Mary D. Hartfield, 28 Marchwood Cove, Little Rock, L22 B1, Sienna Lake, $271,000.

Doug A. and Rhiannon Duke to Bobby J. and Nancy L. Faulkner, 4 Wildwood Place Circle, Little Rock, L42 B1, Wildwood Place, $270,000.

Paul and Sabrina McDonald (aka Sabrina Beasley) to Drew and Jamie Custer, 14205 Saint Michael Drive, Little Rock, L611, St. Charles, $262,500.

Arthur L. Neal to Ryan James and Katelynn Katherine Campbell, 12700 Meadows Edge Lane, Little Rock, L1 B8, Woodlands Edge, $260,000.

Richard Dale and Patricia Gray to The Gray Family Limited Partnership, L30, Country Place HPR Phase 1A, $250,000.

Jin Sup Jung and Kyoung A. Lee to Jennifer and Aaron Hardin, 4115 Forest Dale Drive, Little Rock, L38, Charleston Heights Phase I, $248,000.

Ryan T. and Amanda Brooks to Shawn Soucy, 5114 Woodlawn Drive, Little Rock, L11 B31, Pulaski Heights, $245,000.

Justin David and Andrea B. Fisher to David Helton, 24 Knights Bridge Road, Sherwood, L155, Silvercreek Phase V, $242,500.

David L. and Lisa K. Holland to Sunni M. Dunn, 1616 N. Grant St., Little Rock, L3 B25, Mountain Park, $240,000.

Regina Pacek to Raul A. Rojas and Matthew Lyndaker, L153, Capitol Lakes Estates Phase 1-B, $235,000.

Ann Hurley to Michael D. and Janet M. Huckabee, L4, Claremore Court HPR, $230,000.

John Andrew Simmons to Jenny Ann and Ebb W. Johnson Jr., L17, Round River HPR, $229,000.

Dana W. Venhaus to Richard C. and Callie E. Corbyn, 6708 Pleasant Place, Little Rock, L50, Hall Plaza, $227,550.

Melanie and Christopher Lyons to Ryan T. and Amanda Brooks, 423 Shamrock Drive, Little Rock, L30, Shannon Hills, $227,000.

Ruchi M. and Maunish Shah to Debora S. Inman and Sherry J. Williamson, 73 Cypress Cove, Maumelle, L113, Waterside Replat, $225,000.

Lowell Steve Jumper and Sheila Dianne Jumper and The Lowell Steven Jumper & Sheila Dianne Jumper Revocable Living Trust to Gregory R. Hogue and Felicia D. Hogue and The Gregory R. Hogue & Felicia D. Hogue Joint Revocable Trust, L76 B83, Chenal Valley, $220,000.

Bradley Ryan Lawson and Chelsea Anne Korfel to Candice M. Thomas and Giuseppina F. Dusio, 1014 N. Polk St., Little Rock, L2 B11, Hollenberg, $220,000.

Cindy G. Stear to Robert J. Glidewell and Jeannie L. Zermatten, L7 B2, Glenn Hills, $219,900.

Eric and Lauren Greber to Jerry Lamar and Tami Taylor Johnston, 1108 N. Spruce St., Little Rock, L14 B4, Hillcrest, $215,000.

Julia Brearley to Wes and Angie Wright, 6615 Kavanaugh Place, Little Rock, L18, Kavanaugh Place, $214,500.

Roger T. Steging to Debbie J. Scharbor, 110 Red River Drive, Sherwood, L21 B25, Overbrook, $211,500.

Bentley Court LLC to Kristin R. and William N. Fancher, 120 Bentley Circle, Little Rock, L130, Bentley Court Phase IV, $209,900.

Joseph R. and Allison M. Nottingham (aka Allison C. Maxwell) to Jonathan Arrington and Nicole E. Cisewski, 7810 Harmon Drive, Little Rock, L25 B1, Killarney, $204,000.

James and Stacey Hammons to Adam and Cydney Grant, 12 Heritage Court, Little Rock, L405, Pleasant Tree, $203,500.

Juliana and Calvin Reynolds to Willas Sayre and Dawn Melton Mulkern and Dale R. Custer, 18711 Rose Hollow Road, Roland, NW NW 10-3N-14W, $196,000.

Caroline E. Puddephatt to Erik P. and Callen E. Ragsdale, L1, Shannon Hills, $190,000.

Brian J. Neukirch and Kristin L. Gannoe-Neukirch to Dustin Scott Swisher, 13001 Misty Creek Drive, Little Rock, L6R B13, Cherry Creek, $190,000.

Mary Susannah Monk to Sally Schonefeld, 4806 Lafayette Ave., Little Rock, L11 B1, Reutlinger, $189,900.

J. Hoffman Properties LLC to Jason Hunt and Anna Tang, 1821 Reservoir Road, Little Rock, L1, Reservoir Townhouse, $189,500.

Jason C. and Tinley Bone to Ashton Brock and Julya Hope Gandy, 1515 Tarrytown Road, Little Rock, L13, Sturbridge Phase I, $188,000.

Jayne B. White to Donna K. and James A. Kroskey Jr., L7, Village Way, $185,000.

Keenan Morris and Julie Ann Meyer to Sarah A. Auerbach, 1515 Gamble Road, Little Rock, L3, Westhampton, $182,000.

Laura J. Graham to Hari and Sudha Eswaran, 40 Springridge Drive, Little Rock, L85 B4, Cherry Creek, $182,000.

Shawn and Amanda Jackson (aka Amanda McReynolds) to Daniel A. and Stephanie L. Myers, 141 Miramar Drive, Maumelle, L107, Country Club Of Arkansas, $180,000.

John F. Gilbert and Dana R Parker-Gilbert (aka Dana R. Parker) to Joe Harvey Llanes, 116 Belmont Drive, North Little Rock, L17 B134, Park Hill NLR, $178,500.

Real Estate Commercial I Inc. to Autumn Leigh Allison, 207 N. Cedar St., Little Rock, L21 B4, Riffel And Rhoten's Ridgeland, $175,000.

Quinston and Adrienne Penn (aka Adrienne Green) to Donald R. Gilbert, 13617 Stonehenge Cove, North Little Rock, L23 B3, Stonelinks, $174,800.

Jonathan D. and Jessica J. Thames to Angela A. Porter, 168 Diamond Pointe Drive, Maumelle, L189, West Pointe, $171,000.

Gregory D. Eason to Robert W. Wright, 2423 Kavanaugh Blvd No. 3, Little Rock, L3, Kavanaugh HPR, $169,900.

Erin Lynch (aka Erin Jones) to Andrea Langway, L49, Park Ridge, $167,500.

Mary E. Gibson and The Gibson Living Trust to Billie Ann Moseley, 2316 Middleton Drive, North Little Rock, L24 B29, Lakewood, $165,000.

Lynda B. Sorrells and The Catherine F. Brownlee Revocable Trust to Phillip G. Doerner III and Madeline Taylor, 8305 Louwanda Drive, Little Rock, L250, Leawood Heights Third, $165,000.

Charles E. Staten and Keely Martin to O&L Properties LLC, 5110 Lee Ave., Little Rock, L10 B28, Pulaski Heights, $165,000.

Jonathon C. Bender and Lauren Nolen to Ari B. Filip, 214 N. Cedar St., Little Rock, L3 B3, Riffel And Rhoton's Ridgeland, $164,500.

LeKeisha Bernice and James Paul Adams (aka LeKeisha B. Porter, James P. Richard) to Bobby D. and Sarah C. Chapel, 9711 Merlot Lane, North Little Rock, L52, Villages At Merlot Lane, $162,000.

Rocket Properties LLC to Randy Wright Builders LLC, 500 Eagle Pass Cove, Little Rock, L7 B31, Woodlands Edge, $162,000.

Doris Johnson to Bobbie J. Langston, 112 Woodridge Court, Little Rock, L62, Woodridge Estates Phase I, $160,500.

Zach and Jessica C. Barnett to Shannon F. and Robert E. Beck Jr., 2709 Ottawa Drive, North Little Rock, L28 B5, Indian Hills, $160,000.

Theresa H. and Samuel Meredith and William David and Elizabeth Ann Holcomb and Timothy Edward and Margaret Holcomb to Viorel and Olga Ciocan, 7313 Choctaw Road, Little Rock, L336, Briarwood, $160,000.

Stacy Ann Rudnicki to Jeff Fuller Homes LLC, 236 Kings Row Drive, Little Rock, L494, Kingwood Place, $155,000.

Mitzi Kay Mosier to Bernard Ellington, 116 Holly Drive, Sherwood, L8, Autumnbrook, $150,000.

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