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Convention resolutions

by Ginny Monk | June 15, 2016 at 3:36 a.m.

On the first day of the annual business meeting in St. Louis, Southern Baptist Convention members approved the first seven of 12 proposed resolutions. The remaining five will be voted on today.

A resolution states the convention's opinion on an issue and can request that churches take action, but that decision is left up to each individual congregation.

The resolutions that were approved are:

Resolution 1: On the Orlando Tragedy

This resolution supports prayer for surviving victims and families of victims of the Sunday shooting in Florida that left 49 dead. It also supports donating blood or other needed materials and condemns the "act of terrorism."

Resolution 2: On Appreciation

This resolution expressed thanks to God and to local churches for organizing the 159th session of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Resolution 3: On Biblical Sexuality and the Freedom of Conscience

This resolution expressed support for religious freedom and those "whose jobs, professions, businesses, ministries, schools and personal freedoms are threatened" because they oppose same-sex marriage. It also pledged that the convention would strengthen biblical marriages and said the denomination would pray for a return to a recognition of "the sanctity of marriage." An amendment commended churchgoers who are attracted to those of the same sex or who question their gender identity but have rejected that lifestyle and are "pursuing holiness."

Resolution 4: On Evangelism and Soul-Winning

This resolution encouraged Bible study leaders and pastors to clearly explain the Gospel message so that Southern Baptists can evangelize to people who do not subscribe to their faith.

Resolution 5: On Prayer and Support for Israel

This resolution urged church members to pray for Israel and stated the convention's support for the country as a sovereign state.

Resolution 6: On Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia, Caregiving and the Church

This resolution asked that churches treat people with Alzheimer's disease and dementia with dignity and include them and their families in the church. It also stated that there should be opportunities for those in Southern Baptist seminaries and colleges to learn about Alzheimer's and dementia.

Resolution 7: On Sensitivity and Unity Regarding the Confederate Battle Flag

This resolution discouraged Southern Baptists from flying the Confederate flag, in the name of racial unity.

Resolutions to be discussed today include:

Resolution 8: On Freedom of the Press

This resolution asks that entities of the Southern Baptist Convention make "reasonable accommodations to the news media," in order to honor freedom of the press. It also encourages young Southern Baptists who wish to pursue journalism to present balanced and fair reports of the news.

Resolution 9: On Voting as an Expression of Christian Citizenship

This resolution encourages convention members to vote in upcoming elections and urges political candidates to support biblical values.

Resolution 10: On Women Registering for the Draft

This resolution expresses the convention's opposition to women being required to register for the military draft because it would "increase the likelihood that women will be placed in harm's way."

Resolution 11: On Affirming "In God We Trust" as Our National Motto

This resolution states the convention's support of "In God We Trust" as the United States motto.

Resolution 12: On Refugee Ministry

This resolution encourages Southern Baptists to minister to and support refugees while encouraging the government to screen all refugees for security reasons.

Metro on 06/15/2016

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