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The Neater Feeder is shown in this photo.

Neater Feeder


A Plant Buddy Ollas is shown in this photo.

What's to love: It stops sloppy dogs from spilling food or water on the floor.

What does it do: The upper layer helps contain bowls for food and water and its high back helps keep food contained. A filter system lets spilled water drain into a lower reservoir. This keeps dry dog food from getting mushy from spilled water. The feeder comes in small, medium and large for dogs and one for cats. A chart on the website helps one determine the size to buy. Priced from $35 to $66.

Plant Buddy Ollas

What's to love: Provides potted plants with a slow, steady water supply.

What does it do: We've written before about ollas -- unglazed terra cotta vessels that are buried in gardens to slowly release moisture into the soil. These are smaller versions designed to fit in container gardens or large pots. They work the same way. Bury the vessel near the plant and fill with water. The water slowly seeps as needed through the porous clay to the plant roots. These come with decorative toppers (bird, frog, leaf and rabbit) with attached dipsticks so you can check the water level. List price is $42.

-- Cary Jenkins

HomeStyle on 03/05/2016