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About those hog farms

May 18, 2016 at 3:06 a.m.

He says, she says, they all say, over and over again. Isn't this where we came in? This grand but not so glorious hog-tussle has to be the state's longest-running bore. It's been going on since the memory of man runneth not to the contrary, with the usual sides taking their usual positions on the not-so-great Hog Farm Question:

Shall we allow such operations to pollute/enhance the beautiful Buffalo River watershed? Pity the state's poor Pollution Control and Ecology Commission, which is always expected to referee this match that's been in overtime for approximately forever?

"Recent data on hog farm raise dust-up" read the headline in last Sunday's paper, which really ought to be kept in type. For it never seems to go out of date. But here's a way out of this nigh-eternal question: Why not lock both sides up in the same room and let 'em have at it? While the rest of us step out for a beer and never return?

It's a conceit of Cartesian man that science never changes, but the scientists certainly do. And despite their reputation for impartial analysis, they can get mighty personal about it, with one school taking on its opposite or maybe all comers. Who needs it? It's all as useful as hogwash.

Editorial on 05/18/2016

Print Headline: About those hog farms


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