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Hypocrisy by Clinton

Monday night during his serpentine talk with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, Bill Clinton offered these words of wisdom concerning his worldview: "Americans have a special, I think, responsibility to know about the country, to know what's going on and to help as they can."

But the sincerity of these words must be measured alongside the reality of Clinton's actions as president. According to Wikipedia, "Intelligence reports indicate that United States President Bill Clinton and his Cabinet were aware before the height of the massacre that a 'final solution to eliminate all Tutsis' was planned" in Rwanda.

Due to political expediency, then-President Clinton chose to turn his head as this "final solution" resulted in the slaughter of up to 1 million Africans.

Will the hypocrisy never end?



Finally speaking out

As we hear and watch the parade of women coming forward and saying how they were sexually mistreated by men, we hear people say, "Why didn't they come forward before?"

Women were not always able to speak out; they were told to stay in the kitchen and keep their mouths shut. Women now have found out they do have a voice and they are speaking out to younger women. God made us, not man.

As a Christian for 60 years, I cannot believe the so-called evangelicals are letting Satan use them with Roy Moore. People, do not put Jesus in that sickness. No born-again God-fearing human being would get involved in that sickness. It sounds to me as if these people believe in Satan more than they believe in God.

God does not dwell in unclean places. Keep God out of politics because politics is a sin. Where there is money, lying, hating, back-stabbing, etc., that is Satan's playhouse. If you drag God in this sickness, someone is going to pay a big price. Don't forget who controls the universe and, people, it sure is not man.

If some of these people live long enough, they will pay for their hateful deeds. Money does not buy God; it buys man.



Really sorry for that

I went to the store and I saw some bananas, so I put one of them in my pocket. Later as I shopped, I slipped a lip balm in my other pocket. As I left the store, I was stopped by a security officer and asked for a receipt for the bananas and lip balm, which of course I didn't have.

"Wh--, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to steal them. I mean I'm really sorry." The security was unimpressed with how sorry I was and told me I would be contacted for a court date.

I called the store back and apologized and said again how sorry I was. The next morning I got a call from the store and they talked it over and could see how I was truly sorry and decided not to prosecute.

As I hung up the phone, I smiled and said to myself, "Works every time."

I'm not the only one who knows how the sorry apology works.

P.S. This is a made-up story--except for the sorry part.



It's the best gift ever!

Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas, everyone. President Trump has a very wonderful, beautiful treat for you. A big fat Christmas turkey.

Yes, Uncle Donald has a really great tax plan, the greatest tax plan ever in the history of this country. And it's all for the little (white) guy, for the (legal) working men and women without whom he wouldn't have been elected by the greatest electoral landslide in modern times and with such an overwhelming majority of the popular vote. His tax plan is so great that your estate-tax exemption will double from about $5.5 million to over $11 million.

Whew, that takes a weight off my mind.

And this just in ... the tax bill will allow drilling for oil and gas in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. I guess the reindeer lobby wasn't as powerful as it used to be with Santa.

Father Christmas is going to increase the standard deduction for us middle-class retirees by $12,000. Now that is worth a double dose of eggnog, don't you think? Unfortunately, this gift will be accompanied by the loss of personal exemptions and other deductions that will leave many of us paying more taxes, not less. Of course, Medicare will probably cost more because something has to go up to pay for this largesse.

How much will the tax package help Trump and his family? Not much, I'm sure. He has been paying his fair share of taxes all along, hasn't he?

To paraphrase Dickens' Tiny Tim: God help us, every one. Happy holidays.


Little Rock

Be better role models

Maybe we can play a part in reducing friction in today's world of anger and conflict, which could help change the paradigm leading to violence.

Do differences in opinion need to include offensive language and behavior? Of course not. Differences needn't display acts of aggression. What we need are positive role models who display reasonable responses to the difficult questions that are always present in our society. Opinions needn't be communicated in confrontational, emotion-packed styles.

Obvious role models are parents, educators, and public personalities. Media activity gets a lot of attention. Many TV personalities these days display aggressive, interruptive styles that agitate and provoke their audience. We have a president who displays an inflammatory, insensitive style. Audience response also stokes the flame of presentation. Athletes and athletics need to be studied for their influence on behavior.

Young people often grow up emulating the role-model styles they observe. Friction and anger around them may influence their future way of life. Associating with a constant barrage of insults and verbal attacks will lead to a generation that acts out in violence.

Try displaying and teaching the act of walking away from potential friction. Choose words and actions that are less likely to provoke. Become a role model of the type you respect. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


Hot Springs Village

Editorial on 12/08/2017

Print Headline: Letters


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