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Mainland China has adopted a new-old pose as a friend and ally of this country. But its latest fire-breathing masquerade has only one clear beneficiary: Beijing itself.

Unless that major power relents, American military power on the Korean peninsula remains at grave risk. So says Arkansas' junior senator and statesman Tom Cotton. The senator and captain warns that American military forces should beware as Pyongyang pushes this country ever so close to a military confrontation. There is no time to waste, for the clock is already running out, Senator Cotton warns. You can hear the clock ticking even now. Just the other day North Korea fired a long-range missile that the experts say could hit Washington, D.C.

So beware, fellow Americans and potential targets. Tick, tick, tick . . .

It's a clever game China is playing. For, according to Senator Cotton, it also includes "economic warfare" against this country in the contested South China Sea, not to mention Red China's "atrocious treatment of Christians" in its vast realm.

"That's why," says Tom Cotton, "they've been playing both sides of the street, saying one thing to Western officials in public but doing nothing to stop North Korea from getting nuclear weapons or now to get them to denuclearize."

Clever people, these Chinese. And their strategy is as transparent as it is dangerous to this country's national interests. It's a dangerous world out there--and it's not getting any safer. So keep your powder dry, for eternal vigilance remains the price of safety.

Editorial on 12/12/2017

Print Headline: Trail of the Red Dragon

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