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  1. The largest North American freshwater lake by surface

  2. Lake shared solely by Ontario and New York State

  3. The southernmost of the Great Lakes

  4. A Great Lake shared solely by Ontario and Michigan

  5. Mostly in Vermont and New York but partially in Quebec

  6. It separates a small land area of Minnesota from the rest of the U.S.

  7. Named after Clare of Assisi and shared solely by Ontario and Michigan

  8. Lake Memphremagog is shared by Quebec and this state.

  9. A 360-square-mile lake between Ontario and Minnesota


  1. Lake Superior

  2. Lake Ontario

  3. Lake Erie

  4. Lake Huron

  5. Lake Champlain

  6. Lake of the Woods

  7. Lake St. Clair

  8. Vermont

  9. Rainy Lake

MovieStyle on 12/15/2017

Print Headline: Super Quiz: International lakes


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