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Real estate transactions

December 31, 2017 at 1:43 a.m.

Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded Nov. 27-Dec. 1:

iHeartmedia + Entertainment Inc. and Clear Channel Broadcasting Inc. to Timmons Property Management LLC, NE NE 21-1N-13W; SE SE 16-1N-13W, $4,600,000.

Mark R. and Karla B. Gibbs to Kristy D. Spann Revocable Trust, 24704 Kanis Road [Other Associated Address(es)], Paron. SW NE 25-2N-15W, $1,750,000.

Linda G. and Eugene M. Pfeifer III to City Of Little Rock, Ark., Ls1-3 B123, Original City Of Little Rock, $956,000.

Allison C. and John R. Waldo to Amanda and David Connell, 19 Saint Andrews Drive, Little Rock. L11 B13, Pleasant Valley, $750,000.

Meredith and Colin Pelton to Central Trust & Investment Company Of Jefferson City, Cole County, Missouri, Janet S. Fitzsimmons and The Meredith Leigh Looney Irrevocable Trust, Ls1-3, Pine View, $655,000.

Lynda B. and Norman Gaiser, Bonnie and James C. Bass Jr. and James Cooper Bass(dec'd) to Cypress Bend Properties LLC, SE SE 35-2N-14W, $533,000.

Eric M. Paul to Jamie M. and Allison M. Hoffman, 315 Crystal Court, Little Rock. L27 B15, Midland Hills, $480,000.

USAble Life to Central Arkansas Water, Pt S/2 NE 5-3N-15W; NE SE 5-3N-15W, $480,000.

William C. Bracas and The Bracas Family Revocable Trust to Steven and Lynn Goldberg, 6 Frecourt Lane, Little Rock. L4 B40, Chenal Valley, $471,000.

Charles and Erin Argo to Kylie and Brendan Frett, 1619 N. Taylor St., Little Rock. L10 B29, Mountain Park, $459,900.

Richard Frye to Eric N. Joseph, 10 Winthrop Point, Little Rock. L33 B15, Woodlands Edge, $445,000.

Ardoin Properties LLC to Steven D. and Danieal M. Hollister, 219 Lake Valley Drive, Maumelle. L38 B6, Maumelle Valley Estates, $444,700.

Country Club Development LLC to Cypress Bay Development LLC, SW NE 2-2N-13W, $438,000.

Paul R. and Susan R. Kuehn to Robin R. Smith and Barbara A. Stewart, 406 Riverland Drive, Maumelle. L3, Turtle Creek Cove, $437,900.

Jim Pace Homes LLC to Sinan Kockara, 20 Drew Drive, Little Rock. L26, Georganne Estates, $437,500.

Ronald G. and Jennifer M. Davis to Rameshbhai R. and Renuka Patel, 211 Marie Jeanne Drive, Maumelle. L1612, Country Club of Arkansas PRD Phase 23, $390,000.

James and Allison Hoffman to Ron E. and Clarissa D. Peters, 4109 Lee Ave., Little Rock. L3 B1, Pinehurst, $379,000.

MCAT, LLC to Harriet K. and Mark M. Kayanja, 116 Chelle Lane, Little Rock. L33 B61, Chenal Valley, $370,000.

Woodhaven Homes Inc. to Laura Scully and Michael Cima, 124 Crestview Drive, Maumelle. L16 B2, Majestic Pointe, $365,000.

Lake View Country Club Inc. to ICE 238, LLC and The Clifton Family Limited Liability Limited Partnership, Various Parts Section 14-1S-13W; Various Parts Section 14-1S-13W, $358,000.

First National Bank Of Eastern Arkansas to Robert Danecki and Debbie Freeland, 20 Crystal Mountain Lane, Maumelle. L68, Palisades Heights, $350,000.

Benjamin H. and Elizabeth N. Hartz to Patrick Murphy, 6 Cleveland Circle, Little Rock. L6, Pleasant Hill Replat, $345,000.

H. Allen Crouse to Phillip and Kimberly Cohen, 19024 Kryer Lane, Roland. 2 Parcels Being Pt E/2 SE NE 2-3N-15W, $325,000.

Jill R. McMahan to David W. and Felicia H. May, 118 Bayonne Cove, Maumelle. L807R, Country Club of Arkansas, $317,500.

Karla and Lucas Bradley and The JSW Revocable Trust to Greg O. and Laura D. Holland, 12900 County Line Road, Alexander. 2 Tracts Being Pt SW SE 17-1S-13W, $314,500.

Russell W. Horton and The Russell Winston Horton Revocable Trust to Thomas and Patricia P. Bond, L5, Bushwood Estates Phase II, $312,500.

Sax Homes LLC to Robert T. and Judith Strzelec, 12815 Saint Charles Blvd., Little Rock. L50, St Charles, $302,500.

Wilmington Trust, NA and Bear Stearns ALT-A Trust II to Tahir Bilal and Irfan Mian, 3800 Ridgefield Lane, Little Rock. L57, Ridgefield Estates, $301,000.

Renaissance Homes Inc. to Erica M. Westbrook, 9616 Cliffside Drive, Sherwood. L1 B10, Creekside, $300,000.

Roni M. Cox to Julia M. and Theodore F. Brooks, 62 Wildwood Place Circle, Little Rock. L7 B1, Wildwood Place, $295,000.

Stephen R. Gelwix to Brendia Richard, 117 Napa Valley Loop, Maumelle. L29 B5, Maumelle Valley Estates, $294,900.

Ellen L. and Timothy A. Norvell Sr. to Allen R. and Nancy E. Thomas, 9609 Miller Road, Sherwood. Lot A, Pope Place, $293,500.

David R. and Tyra M. Rahbany to Lexicon Government Services LLC, L51A B17, Overbrook, $291,000.

Peggy Jones and The David Paul Crews Family Trust to Eric M. Paul and The LH Damage Revocable Trust, 3 Evergreen Circle, Little Rock. L2, McDermott Replat- Success, $290,000.

Jennifer M. and Robert J. Roling to Serge Yick, 3211 Mossy Creek Drive, Little Rock. L34 B7, Woodlands Edge, $282,000.

Bruce S. and Kelley W. Suskie to Robert and Christy Gant, 13711 Saint Michael Drive, Little Rock. L905, St Charles, $280,000.

Gary A. and Valerie S. Edwards to Brandon and Lillianne R. Barnum and Patrick D. and Gail D. Walker, 69 Saint Thomas Court, Little Rock. L491RR, St Charles Replat, $279,000.

Tyler J. Pierce to William and Emily Pierce, 3324 Breckenridge Drive, Little Rock. L24, Fawnwood, $274,000.

Rhonda R. and William D. Wenberg(dec'd) to SWG Holdings LLC, 13024 Stacey Drive, Little Rock. L15, Hillvale, $270,000.

Nitin and Neha Agarwal to Elizabeth G. Hubbard, 321 Parliament St., Little Rock. L23 B4, The Villages Of Wellington, $269,900.

Michael R. and Lynnette Watts to Michael W. Motley, 125 Johnson St., Little Rock. L18 B2, CS Stifft, $265,000.

Edward W. Bailey to Bradley Jakel, 7201 Amherst Drive, Little Rock. NW NW 1-1N-13W, $260,000.

JVRC, LLC to Margaret A. Bell and Casey A. Hughes, 5224 Lee Ave., Little Rock. Ls4-5 B29, Pulaski Heights, $251,760.

Lee A. Goff to Todd L. Powers, 2601 Whitewood Drive, Sherwood. L5 B2, Creekside, $250,000.

Kathleen Gilbert to Brian Caulfield, 323 N. Palm St., Little Rock. L18 B2, Elmhurst, $239,000.

Charles T. and Barbara L. Edwards to Gary E. and Karla K. Ward, L35, South Shore, $236,500.

Kevin W. and Patricia L. McClendon to Robert L. Page, 11713 Cannongate Drive, Cabot. L15, Cannongate Phase I, $233,000.

Daniel C. and Morgan Kleine to Gregory M. and Kimberly C. Pejakovich, 8 Buckthorn Drive, Little Rock. L4 B3, Woodcreek, $230,000.

Jason S. Vangilder to Thomas D. Bourne, 420 Garden Valley Loop, Little Rock. L8 B1, The Garden At Valley Falls, $229,900.

Glen Grant to Claibanne J. and Vito Chiechi Jr., 27 Westoak Circle, Little Rock. L14, Secluded Hills Phase V, $226,000.

Pamela S. and Paul B. Williams to Joe D. Woodward, 515 Ridgeway Drive, Little Rock. L14 B3, Auten And Moss, $225,000.

Debra J. May to Robert and Shannon McMath, 2916 Circlewood Drive, Little Rock. L154, Kingwood Place, $225,000.

Andre L. and Shelley K. Watson to Leah and Tony Thurman Jr., 301 Pumice Drive, Sherwood. L26 B8, Stonehill Phase IV, $223,000.

Terri R. and M. David Luneau Jr. to Natalie L. Freeman, 2514 Silver Maple Drive, Little Rock. L403, Otter Creek Community Phase III-B, $217,000.

Cristen L. and Lucius L. Clark IV to Don R Neldon, 804 W. A Ave., North Little Rock. L20 B72, Park Hill NLR, $217,000.

Jarrete and Stacey Hogue to Adam J. and Natalie N. Wagner, 2109 Meridian Drive, Sherwood. L4, Millers Valley Phase I, $210,000.

Kenneth J. and Sheila A. Cook to Michael T. Johnson, 26810 Miller Creek Trail, Hensley. SW SW 19-2S-11W, $209,000.

Sara G. and Lukas M. Rocke to Matthew L. and Jana K. Law and The JML Joint Trust, 117 Taylor Park Loop, Little Rock. L21 B4, Taylor Park Phase II, $209,000.

Robert G. Walker to Aaron and Allison Simpson, SW NE 25-1N-14W, $203,500.

Deane T. Wallace and The Deane T. Wallace Revocable Living Trust to Kelsey M. Gilmore and Miles A. Brady, 4112 Lacy Lane, Little Rock. L2, Jesse S. Reed, $199,900.

Karen K. Howard-Woody and Jody Woody to Cristen L. Garrett Clark and Lucius L. Clark IV, 809 Cherry Hill Drive, North Little Rock. L3 B72, Park Hill NLR, $195,000.

Starr Family Trust No.1 and Deborah J. Starr to Martha Lackey, 7812 North Hills Blvd., North Little Rock. L1 B2, Windsor Valley, $190,000.

Ben Majors, Larry D. Majors, Shatawna Majors, Sherlene Majors to Phung and Trung Q. Phan 1 Antler Way Court, Sherwood. L70, Turtle Creek Phase 2, $189,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Hunter and Jessica Brown, 32 Bishop Place, Little Rock. L29, Bishop Place, $189,000.

Savvy Investment Properties Inc. to Catherine Burks, 6906 Carrilon Road, Little Rock. L176, Briarwood, $187,500.

Aaron L. and Kristy J. Henson to Allie M. Lewis, 29 Turquoise Drive, Maumelle. L159, North Pointe, $185,000.

Carolyn S. McDaniel to Joseph R. Hunt and Jessica R. Ginsberg, 24 Springridge Drive, Little Rock. L77 B4, Cherry Creek, $185,000.

Robert P. and Christie G. Cox (aka Paul Cox) to Madhu and Sandra D. Reniguntala, 4500 Austin Drive, North Little Rock. L1 B4, Lakewood Northeast, $185,000.

Antonio O. and Maricela B. Damian to Brenda and Marvin Pointer, 14 Conners Court, Little Rock. L544, Otter Creek Community Phase IV-A, $180,000.

Ricardo and Elsie Reyes to Laura Barrio-Vilar, 17 Courtside Place, Little Rock. L16, Courtside Place, $180,000.

Branch Banking And Trust Company to Vickie Keffer, 23 Durance Drive, Little Rock. L3 B28, Chenal Valley, $180,000.

James C. Smith to Belinda W. and Herbert G. Green, 57 Eagle Nest Court, Little Rock. L790, The Hills Phase II- Otter Creek Community, $179,500.

Walker F. Bass to Cypress Bend Properties LLC, SE SE 35-2N-14W, $178,000.

Logan A. Bass to Cypress Bend Properties LLC, SE SE 35-2N-14W, $178,000.

Robert W. and Deborah Bass to Cypress Bend Properties LLC, SE SE 35-2N-14W, $178,000.

Jennifer Kelly to Tracey A Schmucker, Sean D. Riddle, Jeffrey D. Utecht, 11708 Shady Creek Drive, Little Rock. L55 B3, Sandpiper West, $175,000.

Dorothy G. New (aka Dorothy G. Treglown) to Bethany R. and Donald Sprouse, 13000 Arthur Lane, Little Rock. L11 B6, Gibralter Heights, $166,700.

Dedrick A Callahan to Cheri Spurgeon, 5601 Aviator Drive, Jacksonville. L150, Base Meadows Phase 2, $165,000.

D. Duane and Deborah S. Hall to Harry L. and Mary F. Dumas, 600 Asbury Road, Little Rock. L7 B4, Parkway Place, $165,000.

George B. Clark to George W. and Christy M. Davison, L129, Lindenwood, $162,000.

Laura E. McKinney to Melanie Clanton, 3 Wild Cherry Court, Little Rock. L16 B5, Cedar Ridge, $161,000.

Bethany K. Siems to Michael B. Bumgardner and Kayla Cunningham, L44 B7, Parkway Place, $159,900.

CBL Properties LLC to Christopher Converse, 1700 Whitehaven Drive, Sherwood. L1 B2, Northbrook, $158,000.

Idalia Mendez to Allison Covington, 3 Glacier Cove, Maumelle. L63, North Ridge, $157,900.

Roy Taylor to Karl and Kaye Serbousek, L29 B24, Lakewood, $157,500.

Christian K. and Keely R. Malat to Jacqueline S. Powers Daugherty, 7812 Bunch Road, Mabelvale. NE NE 14-1S-13W, $150,000.

Robert T. and Amy Maxson to Megan M. and Broc Spradlin, 1618 N. Fillmore St., Little Rock. L2 B27, Mountain Park, $150,000.

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