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A bill filed in the state Legislature on Wednesday would allow Arkansans to purchase alcohol on Christmas Day.

Rep. Karilyn Brown, R-Sherwood, filed House Bill 1216, which would repeal a law dating back to 1949 making it a Class B misdemeanor to sell "intoxicating liquors" on Christmas.

The law applies to liquor stores -- like the state's Sunday restriction -- as well as bars.

Brown said she got a single call complaining about the law this year, from an older constituent with no relatives who drove to Hot Springs for a "festive holiday meal" only to discover that that law was the same inside the national park.

The lawmaker said it does not make sense that bars can serve patrons on Easter Sunday but have to close on Christmas.

"I just think it's kind if an odd little law that time has passed," Brown said.

-- John Moritz


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  • hah406
    January 19, 2017 at 9:15 a.m.

    The Sunday restriction on liquor stores is also antiquated. Repeal it as well.