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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded June 12 - June 16:

Dennis S. and Debra S. Grandle and The TJRB Joint Revocable Trust to Jennifer L. Hunt, 13810 Marina Drive, Little Rock, L1, Candlewood No.3, $810,000.

Mark A. and Ann M. Langston to Madison and Kelsey McClellan, 1 Iron Horse Road, Little Rock, L1, Iron Horse Estates; L4, John D. Shackleford, $729,000.

Thomas L. Jones to Aaron and Ashlin Spann, 42 Pebble Beach Drive, Little Rock, L6 B8, Pleasant Valley, $640,000,

Clinton D. McGue to Alligator Investments LLC, 300 East 3rd St.. Unit 1506, Little Rock, L1506, 300 Third HPR, $585,000.

Billy Hartness Construction Co. Inc. to Sarah M. Greenberger, 8 Flatrock Point, Little Rock, L50 B18, Woodlands Edge, $549,000.

Simmons Bank to Hodge Property Holdings LLC, 2924 Kavanaugh Blvd., Little Rock, Ls7-8, Manning- Pulaski Heights, $540,000.

JF Leasing LLC to Louie P. and Linda Sheppard, L1, Southern Star, $500,000.

Lillian F. and Michael J. Ray to Larry V. and Hannah Beene-Lowder, 28 Winthrop Point, Little Rock, L28 B15, Woodlands Edge, $495,000.

Stephen A. and Ashley Peeples, to Adam R. and Wendy C. Smith, 119 Valley Club Circle, Little Rock, L7 B18, Pleasant Valley, $455,000.

David J. and Heather L. Raymond to Robert C. and Madeline E. Pitcock, 12 Normandy Road, Little Rock, Ls46-48, Normandy, $444,000.

Sharlow Builders & Developers LLC to Gayle E. McNiece and Jake Honea, L6 B23, Woodlands Edge, $435,000.

Christopher L. and Donna R. Swindell to Nicolas E. and Whitney A. Corry, 3506 Doral Drive, Little Rock, L38 B9, Pleasant Valley, $415,000.

Martha Talbot to Samuel T. and Shelly Rayburn, 3 Beverly Place, Little Rock, L2, Walthour And Wilburn's Replat- Newton, $407,500.

Bryan and Lyndsay Hiller, to Jason L. and Jenna A. Muesse, 31 Woodstream Cove, Little Rock, L96 B2, Woodlands Edge, $394,900.

Robert E. and Sarah L. Blanz and The Robert & Sarah Blanz Family Revocable Living Trust to Bruce P. and Kimberly N. Hurlbut, 2112 Live Oaks Drive, Little Rock, L1, Live Oaks, $390,000.

Marvin L. and Kristi A. Parks and The Marvin L. Parks & Kristi A. Parks Revocable Trust to Samuel A. and Rachel Young, 4 Woodside Drive, Sherwood, L26, Bridgefield Estates Phase II Unrecorded; NW 31-4N-11W; Point E/2 SW 30-4N-11W, $384,000.

SDH Custom Homes LLC to Jeffrey S. and Michelle L. Baggett, 5925 Seminole Court, Sherwood, L12 B32, Overbrook, $380,500.

Haskell D. and Paula A. King to Jasminekumar Kansara and Jasmine Pardiwala, 26 Laval Circle, Little Rock, L33 B51, Chenal Valley, $377,400.

Elizabeth Black and Marie Sandusky to Jenna C. Bailey, 117 Crystal Court, Little Rock, L26 B14, Midland Hills; Point Blk 14, Midland Hills, $375,500.

ODS Enterprises LLC to Louis and Lula M Turner, 13025 Secretariat Drive, Scott. L17, Ashley Downs Phase I, $375,000.

Mary K. Snider, Scott M Snider (deceased), Yousef Fahoum to James and Leeanna Hungerford, 23 Bayonne Court, Little Rock, L34 B25, Chenal Valley, $362,000.

Graham Smith Construction LLC, to Thomas M. Watson, L2 B5, Wildwood Ridge Phase III, $362,000.

Menco Construction LLC to Matthew A. and Jodi Cross, 9301 Sunset Creek Cove, Sherwood, L5 B10, Creekside, $350,735.

Andrew R. and Jennifer A. Latshaw to Thomas E. Trippe, 9008 Johnson Drive, Sherwood, L48 B3, Creekside, $340,000.

Larry M. and Lynn L. Fortner to Michael J. and Michele L. Beasley, 400 Fork River Road, Sherwood, L8 B31, Overbrook, $339,900.

Brian Hohertz to John and Carolyn Bakalekos, L7 B12, Woodlands Edge, $337,000.

Jeff M. and Anna L. Heverling to Corey L. Nagel and Dominique S. Dubois, 1923 S Gaines St., Little Rock, L6 B2, Weldon E Wright, $335,000.

Joseph L. Madey and The Joseph L. Madey Revocable Trust to David C. and Jamie W. Shipley, 1020 N Palm, Little Rock, Ls3-4 B7, Hillcrest, $320,000.

Dwellings Inc. to Kevin and Leslie Case, 118 Bella Rosa Place, Little Rock, L10, Bella Rosa Place, $317,000.

W I Properties LLC to Mona P. Horton, 75 Clervaux Drive, Little Rock, L132 B72, Chenal Valley, $310,530.

Tara Scallion and Tevis E. Pappas to Kenneth W. and Amy N. Reynolds, 5212 Timber Creek Circle, North Little Rock, L13 B3, Timber Creek, $309,000.

William and Stephanie A. Falls (aka Stephanie Cunningham) to Charles R. and Ruth C. Wallace, 115 Chelle Lane, Little Rock, L29 B61, Chenal Valley, $305,000.

Alan J. and Charlotte Nussbaum to Katie and Bradley Eagle, 36 Heritage Park Circle, North Little Rock, L10 B37, Lakewood, $300,000.

Chad and Lisa Kaehr to Ruben A. and Tracy D. Griffin, 21205 Chalamont Drive, Little Rock, L2 B75, Chenal Valley, $299,900.

Donald L. and Rhonda Bradley to Adam E. and Alissa L. Sholes, 20 Berney Way Drive, Little Rock, L6 B23, Chenal Valley, $296,000.

Justin S. and Molly J. Woodruff to Scott W. and Shoko H. Kremer, 5 Echo Point, Little Rock, L57, Spring Valley Manor, $290,000.

Lawrence W. Parrish and Robin R Smith to James N. France and Kelly K. Gleson, 13410 Saddle Hill Drive, Little Rock, L145A, Hillsborough Phase V-B, $290,000.

Stephanie Ann Swann and The Stephanie A. Swann Revocable Trust to Meghan E. Kenyon, 1000 N. Martin St. Apt. 1, Little Rock, L1, 1000 North Martin HPR, $285,000.

Kenneth W. and Amy N. Reynolds to Robert Bemus, 9401 Millers Gardens Cove, Sherwood, L10, Millers Gardens Patio Homes, $281,000.

Ron C. Toler to Shelley W. and John R. Myers, 16 Foxhunt Trail, Little Rock, L45, Foxcroft, $280,000.

Ruben A. and Tracy D. Griffin to Andrew M. and Anna B. Allbritton, 11225 Rocky Valley Drive, Little Rock, L6 B26, Pleasant Valley, $279,900.

Carrie L. Gosslee to Jane E. Pettit, L9 B2, Valley Ranch, $275,000.

Gary W. and Nancy O. Weir and The Gary Wayne Weir & Nancy O'Roark Weir Revocable Trust to Paul and Kristin O'Hara, 15 Breezewood Cove, Maumelle, L27, Riverrun, $275,000.

Mona P. Horton to Xiaofei Wang, 15 Chalamont Way, Little Rock, L36 B73, Chenal Valley, $267,000.

Brandi T. and Robert Turner Jr. (aka Brandi T. Expose) to Abhijit M. and Dhanashri Gosavi, 1312 Lansing St., Little Rock, L161, Capitol Lakes Estates Phase 1B, $262,000.

Jean J. and Rosalyn Fiat to Michael and Sarah Wendel, 800 Lasalle Drive, Little Rock, L804, St. Charles, $260,000.

Oksana Roses (and Oksana Rose) to Steve English, 58 Wildwood Place Circle, Little Rock, L9 B1, Wildwood Place, $259,900.

Maxwell Cates to Andrew and Sarah M. Bethards, 14204 Saint Michael Drive, Little Rock, L647, St. Charles, $255,000.

William S. and Shannon M. Doerhoff to Jason W. and Rebekah J. Prichard, 1 Placeatte Court, Maumelle, L42, Riverland Heights Single Family Detached, $254,900.

Jill E. Judy and The Jill E. Judy Revocable Trust Declaration to Charles A. Smith, 1520 Louisiana St., Little Rock, L8 B187, Original City Of Little Rock, $250,000.

Troy D. and Gwendolyn S. Hayes to Mark A. and Kristy N. Alpert, 6816 Gap Point Circle, Sherwood, L54 B3, Gap Creek, $249,500.

Riviera Partners LLC to Herchel Cast Jr. and The Herschel Cast Jr. Revocable Trust, L703, Riviera HPR, $245,000.

Brenda Hartness to David L. and Kathy J. Reeg, 2805 Hinson Road, Little Rock, L902, Longlea, $244,000.

John Duce to Christopher C. Nestrud, 705 Ash St., Little Rock, L11 B17, Pulaski Heights, $237,500.

Dale M. and Jan A. Tussey to Anne M. Heid, 10 Ison Creek Cove, Little Rock, L12, Pinnacle Valley Court, $236,000.

Shrepre C. Blocker to Tory A. and Allison L. Wilson, 2216 Ingleside Drive, Sherwood, L63, Millers Valley Phase I, $227,400.

Lynn Dickey Construction Inc. to Gina Elder, 133 Summit Valley Circle, Maumelle, L13 B21, Maumelle Valley Estates, $225,596.

Joseph T. and Anna G. Phelps to Zachary R. Husband, 8129 Toltec Drive, North Little Rock. L17 B5, Windsor Valley, $225,000.

Cindy Bishop to Rodney and Margaret Norton, L283, Country Club Of Arkansas, $225,000.

Graham Smith Construction LLC to Michelle R. Rupp, 14900 Pride Valley Road, Little Rock, L11 B2, Kanis Creek, $225,000.

Donald R. Blair to Mike A. Robison and Zoila Ramirez-Robison, 136 Margeaux Drive, Maumelle, L832RR, Country Club Of Arkansas, $219,000.

John S. Ellis to Charles and Shuzhen Dilegge, 44 Courtside Place, Little Rock, L34, Courtside Place, $216,111.

Steve D. and Ashley N. DePreaux to Heather and John R. Theodore, 34 Kings River Road, North Little Rock, L5 B36, Overbrook, $215,000.

Justin A. and Samantha E. Monroe to Tommy and Vikki Hudson, Point S/2 NE & Point N/2 SE 30-1N-14W, $210,000.

Alan Holk to John and Vickie Gillespie, 300 E. 3rd St., Apt 809, Little Rock, L809, 300 Third HPR, $210,000.

Ileana R. Contreras to Mike Orndorff Construction LLC, 1917 S Scott St., Little Rock, L4 B416, DuVal, $210,000.

Zachary S. and Telicia D. Barnett (aka Telicia D. Cartwright) to Tanya S. Langley, 177 Deauville Drive, Maumelle, L221, Country Club Of Arkansas, $202,000.

Nicolas E. and Whitney A. Corry to Jerald Martin, 2009 Old Forge Drive, Little Rock, L140, Sturbridge Phase III, $198,500.

MAl Properties LLC to Mitchell C. Moorehead, 606 Parkway Place Drive, Little Rock, L15 B3, Parkway Place, $197,000.

Terry and Sheila L. Neal to Laura L O'Reilly, 913 Timberwolf Trail, Jacksonville, L198, Northlake Phase V, $197,000.

Erin Newbolt (aka Erin E. Hawley) to Sonya N. Pawloski, 12 Stonebrook Court, Little Rock, L22 B3, Cherry Creek, $196,000.

George and Jennifer Byram to Wesley White, 47 Summit Ridge Drive, Little Rock, L27 B1, Summit Ridge, $192,500.

Alfonso and Lauren Debeza to Caleb A. Peyton, 8720 Boulder Lane, Little Rock, L94, Leawood Mountain 2nd, $182,500.

Williamson Remodeling & Construction, Inc. to Erin K. and Jacob T. Huffmire, 9409 Oak Forest Lane, Sherwood, L5, Millers Glen Phase 2, $181,250.

Ronald Patton and The Levy Family Living Trust to Kathleen L. Sheridan, 12 Suwannee Cove, Maumelle, L56, Riverland, $179,000.

Commissioner In Circuit to Centennial Bank, 6500 Holt Road, North Little Rock, SE NE 28-2N-11W, $177,000.

Richard C. and Amy L. King and The King Family Trust to Charles M. and Julie C. Rozzell, 1813 Saratoga Drive, North Little Rock, L20 B30, Indian Hills, $176,000.

Craig B. and Bethany R. Chu to Janet H. Leach, 11617 Hickory Hill Road, Little Rock, L31 B2, Sandpiper West, $175,000.

Jackie T. and Mark D. McInturff and Rebecca M. Fletcher and The Reba Thevenet Revocable Trust Declaration to Georgeann Gresham, 1808 Old Forge Drive, Little Rock, L60, Sturbridge Phase II, $174,000.

Carsten Platz and Megan L. Moss to Richard Heflin, 114 Dennison St., Little Rock, L4 B3, Capitol View, $165,000.

Susan K Dalton and The Susan Kay Dalton Revocable Trust to Richard Tyler, 28 High Timber Drive, Maumelle, L36, High Timbers, $164,900.

Laurin and Phillip Guinee (aka Laurin Dodge) to Ashley Shippee, 4 Hunting Hill Lane, Little Rock, L249, Sturbridge Phase IV, $164,900.

Jerry W. and Ladona K. Miller to Sarah E. Klun, 3072 Woodruff Creek Drive, Sherwood, L119 B1, Woodruff Creek, $164,500.

Brad and Lisa Duke to Clinton I. and Barbie D. Wilson, L19R, Bella Rosa Estates, $162,000.

William M. and Pamela L. Dewitt (aka Pamela L. Struthers) to Caitlyn Brune, 11557 Ridgetop Drive, Sherwood, L51 B1, Woodruff Creek, $161,500.

Bren Simon to Adam and Mindy Burton, 5301 Lee Ave., Little Rock, L10 B20, Pfeifer, $160,000.

Neil Chamberlin to Katha G. Gray, 3124 Magnolia, North Little Rock, L7 B30, Park Hill NLR, $159,900.

Rita H. Anderson to Nathanael Smith, Ls59-60, Rolling Meadows, $157,000.

Brett and Rebeka Bohn (aka Rebeka Davila) to Alan and Lola Thomas, 304 N. Pine St., Little Rock, L12 B1, Riffel And Rhoton's Ridgeland, $156,000.

Tyler W. and Lauren E. Troutman to Keegan Doan, 702 Cedar Ridge Drive, Little Rock, L28 B6, Cedar Ridge, $155,000.

Austin S. Hudson to Caitlin Rich, 5517 C St., Little Rock, L4 B17, Pfeifer, $154,250.

Raul B. Beltran to Jashonta B. Thomas, L8, Whispering Hills Phase II, $153,000.

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