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It was a most bizarre wire flash a week ago today. Our favorite extreme Libertarian-leaning Republican crank, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, was apparently attacked in his yard.

Rand Paul, like his father, has always been entertaining. And let's face it: The Republican Party needs his type, pulling the party back to the right whenever it gets a little too cozy with the swamp. (Sen. Paul would have more credibility himself, however, if he'd be more consistent when it comes to his votes. He cast his ballot against Obamacare for years when it didn't matter; but get a Republican president in the White House and his purity suddenly keeps him from taking measured steps.)

We, like many, assumed one of the senator's neighbors didn't like his politics. So he tackled the ol' boy.

But the story keeps getting weirder.

Could this all be about a compost pile? Or falling leaves? And some sort of landscaping dispute? The lawyers on both sides aren't saying, but word around the campfire is that the argument could have been just that silly. Other dispatches deny all of thiat.

However this plays out, one thing is certain: This is bizarre.

Here's hoping the good senator's ribs heal fast and true. Along with the other fractures in that Kentucky neighborhood.

Editorial on 11/10/2017

Print Headline: Get well card

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  • gagewatcher
    November 10, 2017 at 6:31 p.m.

    I always thought that it was a tad juvenile yet funny when I would cover school board meetings and the board members would get so irate with each other they would go out into the school parking lot and beat the living snot out of each other. such class and decorum for the ruling adult class.