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  1. All that this king touched turned to gold.

  2. He flew too near the sun.

  3. These female monsters had snakes for hair and turned mortals to stone.

  4. This monster, half-man and half-beast, was kept in the Labyrinth in Crete.

  5. He fell in love with his image reflected in a pool.

  6. He eloped with Helen.

  7. Three-headed dog guarding the entrance to Hades

  8. This Roman god of passages is represented with two opposite faces.

  9. He was condemned to repeatedly roll a huge stone up a hill.


  1. Midas

  2. Icarus

  3. Gorgons

  4. Minotaur

  5. Narcissus

  6. Paris

  7. Cerberus

  8. Janus

  9. Sisyphus

Food on 11/15/2017

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Classical mythology

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